Gambling Sites in Australia That Accept PayPal

Paypal Casinos
Paypal Casinos

Paypal Casinos

1.How to open Paypal Account
2.How to make deposit with Paypal at casinos
2.Best features of Paypal
3.Paypal Casinos in Australia
4.Sports betting Paypal Sites in Australia
5.Alternatives to Paypal Casinos
6.Pros and Cons of Paypal Casinos

Paypal Casinos

PayPal Casinos are online gambling platforms that accept PayPal as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. PayPal is a widely used electronic wallet (e-wallet) and online payment system that allows users to send and receive money securely over the internet. Many online casinos offer PayPal as a convenient and trusted payment option for their players.

Here’s how PayPal Casinos work:

  • Account Setup: To use PayPal at an online casino, you need to have a PayPal account. Setting up an account is free and involves providing your email address, linking a payment method (such as a credit card or bank account), and verifying your account.
  • Deposit: Once you have a PayPal account, you can log in to your chosen online casino and navigate to the cashier or banking section. Select PayPal as your preferred payment method and enter the amount you want to deposit. You’ll be redirected to the PayPal login page to confirm the transaction.
  • Authorization: After logging in to your PayPal account, you’ll need to authorize the payment. This can involve confirming your PayPal password or using two-factor authentication, depending on your account settings.
  • Funds Transfer: Once the payment is authorized, the funds will be transferred from your PayPal account to your casino account. The deposit is usually processed instantly, allowing you to start playing right away.
  • Withdrawal: If you win and wish to withdraw your winnings, you can select PayPal as your withdrawal method. Withdrawal requests are typically processed by the casino and transferred to your PayPal account. From there, you can either keep the funds in your PayPal account or transfer them to your linked bank account.

PayPal is a third party e-wallet solution that allows you to make financial transactions online. PayPal and casinos work for the ease of the transaction process and the security it offers to people who are transferring money over the Internet. In order to use PayPal you just need an email address and a credit card or bank account.

How to open Paypal Account

How to Open Account
How to Open Account

So to fund your casino account with PayPal you must first have open a PayPal account. You just need an email address to do this. This is a fast and simple process and can be done online via their website. You will also need to fund your PayPal account and this can be done via a bank account or a credit card that you have attached to it. You can use wire transfer, VISA, Master Card, VISA Debit or Maestro Debit to fund your PayPal account. Once this is done, you will be ready to use PayPal at casinos that offer this payment solution.

Opening a PayPal account is a straightforward process that allows you to securely send and receive money online, make purchases, and manage your finances. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to open a PayPal account:

1. Visit the PayPal Website: Go to the official PayPal website by typing “” into your web browser’s address bar and press Enter.

2. Choose Your Account Type: On the PayPal homepage, you’ll see options to “Sign Up” or “Log In.” Since you’re opening a new account, click on the “Sign Up” button.

3. Select Account Type: PayPal offers two main types of accounts: “Personal” and “Business.” Choose the “Personal Account” option unless you’re opening an account for business-related transactions.

4. Fill in Your Information: You’ll be prompted to provide personal information, including your email address and a secure password for your PayPal account. Make sure to use a strong password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols.

5. Complete the Form: Next, you’ll need to fill in your personal details, including your legal name, date of birth, and contact information. Make sure the information you provide is accurate.

6. Link a Payment Method: After providing your personal information, you’ll need to link a payment method to your PayPal account. This can be a credit card, debit card, or bank account. PayPal uses this linked method to fund your transactions.

7. Verify Your Account: To ensure security and prevent fraud, PayPal may ask you to verify your account. You might need to confirm your email address by clicking on a verification link sent to your email. Additionally, linking and confirming your payment method helps verify your identity.

8. Confirm Bank Account (Optional): If you linked a bank account, PayPal might make two small deposits to your account. You’ll need to log back in to PayPal and enter these deposit amounts to confirm your bank account.

9. Explore Your Account: Once your PayPal account is set up and verified, you can explore the various features and settings. You can use your PayPal balance to make purchases, send money to friends and family, receive payments, and more.

10. Keep Your Account Secure: Remember to keep your PayPal account secure by using a strong password, enabling two-factor authentication if available, and monitoring your account for any suspicious activity.

Opening a PayPal account is free, and the process typically takes just a few minutes. Make sure to read PayPal’s terms of use and privacy policy to understand how the service works and to ensure compliance with their policies.

Note that PayPal’s policies and account setup process may change over time, so it’s a good idea to visit the PayPal website for the most up-to-date instructions.

How to make deposit with Paypal at casinos

Paypal TAB deposits
Paypal TAB deposits

To make a deposit with Paypal at casinos, simply go to the cashier section of the casino and click on PayPal as your method of choice. You will then be redirected to the Paypal website in order to complete your transaction. You will need to fill in the required information in the fields provided such as your personal details and the amount you wish to transfer. Confirm the transaction and the funds will be transferred in real time to your casino account. You will be able to begin playing for real time pokies using these funds almost instantly.

PayPal also makes withdrawals possible although this option is not available at all online casinos. Some only casinos that offer PayPal may only allow deposits, while others may allow deposits and withdrawals. There may be a fee involved with using PayPal to fund your online casino account; however some casinos absorb this fee allowing you to use PayPal at no cost when funding your casino account.

The transactions are done in real time with PayPal which means that the transfer of funds is immediate from your PayPal account to your casino account. This allows you to start playing immediately with no delays of waiting for funds to clear that you might find with other payment solutions. The fact that you are transferred to the PayPal website in order to complete your transaction means that you do not need to share personal and financial details with the casino. The third-party solution helps to protect your privacy.

Best features of Paypal

Best features of Paypal
There are many options to pay with Paypal

PayPal is a widely used online payment platform that offers a range of features designed to make sending, receiving, and managing money easy and secure. Here are some of the best features of PayPal:

  1. Security: PayPal is known for its robust security measures. It uses encryption to protect your financial and personal information during transactions. Additionally, PayPal offers Buyer and Seller Protection to help safeguard your purchases and sales.
  2. Ease of Use: Creating a PayPal account is straightforward, and once set up, you can easily link your bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards to your account. Sending and receiving money is as simple as entering an email address.
  3. Accepted Worldwide: PayPal is accepted by a vast number of online merchants, retailers, and service providers globally. This makes it convenient for making purchases and payments across various platforms.
  4. Mobile App: PayPal’s mobile app allows you to manage your account, send and request money, and make payments on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  5. Splitting Bills: PayPal’s “Request Money” feature lets you split bills with friends or family members. You can send a payment request to multiple people, and they can easily contribute their share.
  6. P2P Payments: PayPal makes it easy to send money to friends and family. You can send money to anyone with an email address or mobile number, even if they don’t have a PayPal account.
  7. Online Shopping: When you shop online, you can choose PayPal as your payment method at many e-commerce sites. This eliminates the need to enter your credit card details on various websites.
  8. One Touch Checkout: With PayPal’s One Touch feature, you can stay logged in to your account on your trusted devices. This allows for quicker and more seamless checkout experiences on participating websites.
  9. International Transactions: PayPal supports transactions in multiple currencies, making it suitable for international money transfers and purchases.
  10. Merchant Services: PayPal offers tools for businesses, including easy integration with e-commerce platforms, customizable payment buttons, and the ability to accept credit card payments even if customers don’t have a PayPal account.
  11. Linking Bank Accounts: You can link your bank accounts to your PayPal account for easy fund transfers. This allows you to use your PayPal balance or directly transfer money from your linked bank account.
  12. Earning Rewards: Some credit cards offer rewards for using PayPal for eligible purchases. This can be an added incentive for using the platform for your transactions.
  13. Contactless Payments: Some stores and businesses accept PayPal QR codes for contactless payments. This can be especially useful for in-person transactions.

These features make PayPal a versatile and convenient payment platform that serves both individuals and businesses. It’s important to note that PayPal’s features may vary by region and account type, so it’s a good idea to explore the platform’s capabilities based on your specific needs.

Sites in Australia That Accept PayPal

At present there are no gambling sites in Australia that accept PayPal to play real pokies. There are very few offshore UK gambling sites that do accept PayPal but may or not accept players from Australia. There are but social online casinos and their apps that offer free pokies to enjoy without the involvement of any Australian dollars. These online casinos give you free credits to play pokies. But when your free credits exhaust or are all used up playing pokies for free you can then buy more credits. To buy more credits you can then purchase them with real dollars doing online transaction with PayPal.

If you do not find sites in Australia that accept PayPal of choice you can use other deposit methods like Neteller and enjoy your games.

Sports betting Paypal Sites in Australia

Neds Australia bookie
Neds Australia bookie

Though sites in Australia that accept PayPal are very few that allow Paypal deposits, sports betting paypal sites in Australia are popular. Some sports betting operators offer PayPal as an option.

Here are a few sports betting sites in Australia that accept PayPal as a payment method:

  1. Bet365: Bet365 is a well-known sports betting site that often provides PayPal as a payment option for Australian customers. They offer a wide range of sports and betting markets.
  2. Unibet: Unibet is another established sports betting platform that occasionally accepts PayPal payments from Australian players. They offer various betting options and promotions.
  3. Ladbrokes: Ladbrokes is a popular sportsbook that may offer PayPal as a payment method for Australian bettors. They cover a wide range of sports and events.
  4. William Hill: William Hill, an internationally recognized sports betting site, has been known to accept PayPal payments from Australian customers for sports wagering.
  5. PointsBet: PointsBet is a unique sports betting operator that offers a different kind of betting experience with its Points Betting feature. They might occasionally accept PayPal as a payment option.
  6. Sportsbet: Sportsbet is one of the largest online sports betting platforms in Australia. While PayPal might not be as commonly accepted, it’s worth checking their current payment options.
  7. Neds: Neds is a top-notch betting site for betting on the races with lots of statistics and racing features. The sports odds are always competitive.
  8. Palmerbet: Palmerbet is 100% Australian-owned is able to compete with the big boys thanks to their aggressive odds and range of racing tips, comments, stats & previews.

Alternatives to Sites in Australia that accept PayPal

Ripper Casino Australia
Ripper Casino

If you’re looking for alternatives to sites in Australia that accept PayPal for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, there are several other secure and widely used payment methods available. Here are some popular alternatives:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards: Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted at online casinos. They offer a straightforward way to make deposits and withdrawals, and many players are already familiar with using these cards for online transactions.
  2. Skrill: Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is another popular e-wallet that’s widely accepted at online casinos. It offers fast and secure transactions, as well as additional features like a prepaid MasterCard linked to your Skrill account.
  3. Neteller: Neteller is another reputable e-wallet commonly used in the online gambling industry. It provides secure payments and offers a prepaid MasterCard for convenient access to funds.
  4. Paysafecard: Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher system that allows you to make deposits without needing a bank account or credit card. Simply purchase a Paysafecard voucher with a specific amount, and then use the voucher code to fund your casino account.
  5. ecoPayz: ecoPayz is an e-wallet that offers various features, including international money transfers and a prepaid card. It’s accepted at many online casinos and provides a secure way to manage your funds.
  6. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Some online casinos accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. These digital currencies offer anonymity and can provide faster transactions compared to traditional methods.
  7. Bank Transfers: Some players prefer traditional bank transfers for making deposits and withdrawals. While they might take a bit longer to process, they offer a secure way to move funds directly from your bank account.
  8. Apple Pay and Google Pay: If you’re using a mobile device, you might have the option to use Apple Pay or Google Pay for transactions at online casinos that support these methods.
  9. Trustly: Trustly is a direct online banking payment method that allows you to make transactions directly from your bank account. It’s particularly popular in Europe.
  10. Entropay: Entropay is a virtual prepaid card that can be used for online transactions, including at online casinos. It offers an extra layer of security by not directly exposing your credit card details.

When choosing an alternative sites in Australia that accept PayPal, consider factors such as transaction fees, processing times, availability in your region, and the level of security provided. Always verify that the online casino you’re considering accepts your chosen payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. It’s also a good idea to review the terms and conditions associated with each payment option to ensure they align with your preferences.

Pros and Cons of sites in Australia that accept PayPal

Sites in Australia that accept PayPal offer convenience and security for online transactions, but they also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of using PayPal as a payment method at online casinos:

Security: PayPal is known for its strong security measures, including encryption, fraud protection, and buyer/seller protection. This makes it a safe option for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.Limited Availability: While PayPal is widely accepted, it may not be available at all online casinos. Availability can vary based on your location and the casino’s policies.
Ease of Use: Creating a PayPal account is easy, and using it for transactions is straightforward. You only need to provide your email address and password to complete payments.Transaction Fees: While many casinos don’t charge fees for using PayPal, some may pass on transaction fees to users. Additionally, currency conversion fees may apply if you’re using a different currency.
Speed: Deposits made through PayPal are usually processed instantly, allowing you to start playing casino games without delay. Withdrawals can also be relatively fast compared to some other methods.Verification Requirements: PayPal casinos often require verification of your account before allowing withdrawals. This can involve providing documentation to prove your identity and ownership of the linked payment method.
Privacy: When you use PayPal, the casino only receives your email address, offering a level of privacy and reducing the need to share sensitive financial information.Withdrawal Timeframes: While deposits are generally processed quickly, withdrawal times can vary. Some casinos have a pending period before processing withdrawals, which can result in longer waiting times.
Accepted Worldwide: PayPal is widely accepted by online merchants, including many online casinos, around the world. This global acceptance makes it a convenient choice for international players.Alternative Verification: Some players might find PayPal’s verification process cumbersome or challenging to complete, particularly if they encounter technical issues.
No Additional Fees: Most online casinos do not charge extra fees for using PayPal as a payment method. However, be sure to check the casino’s terms and conditions for any potential fees.Transaction Limits: PayPal may impose transaction limits on your account, which could impact the amount you can deposit or withdraw from an online casino.


Sites in Australia that accept PayPal provide a secure and convenient way for players to engage in online gambling activities. The widespread acceptance of PayPal as a payment method, coupled with its reputation for stringent security measures, makes it a preferred choice for many individuals. The ease of use, quick transaction processing, and privacy features further enhance the appeal of using PayPal at online casinos. But unfortunately, there are very few Paypal casinos in Australia. You can choose alternative deposit methods at online casinos to play pokies at real time.


Q1.  Can I use PayPal to make deposits and withdrawals at all online casinos?

While PayPal is widely accepted, its availability varies from casino to casino and can also be influenced by your geographical location. For example in Australia there may be very few Paypal casinos. Before signing up, check the casino’s banking options to ensure PayPal is offered.

Q2.  Are there any fees associated with using PayPal at online casinos?

Many online casinos do not charge fees for using PayPal as a payment method. However, PayPal itself might impose transaction fees, particularly for currency conversions or international transfers. Always review the terms and conditions to understand any potential fees.

Q3.  Is PayPal a secure payment method to use at online casinos?

Yes, PayPal is known for its strong security measures, including encryption and fraud protection. It offers an extra layer of security as your financial information is not directly shared with the casino. PayPal’s Buyer and Seller Protection can also provide added peace of mind.

Q4. How long do PayPal deposits and withdrawals take at online casinos?

PayPal deposits are usually processed instantly, allowing you to start playing right away. Withdrawal times can vary depending on the casino’s processing times and any pending periods they may have. On average, withdrawals through PayPal are relatively quick compared to other methods.

Q5.  Can I use my existing PayPal account for online casino transactions?

Yes, you can use your existing PayPal account to make transactions at online casinos. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you’ll need to sign up for one. Keep in mind that the account should be verified and linked to your preferred payment method for seamless transactions.

Q6. Can I use Paypal at Australian online casinos?

Unfortunately no. You can otherwise use alternative methods to play pokies at Australian online casinos.

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