Which Countries Have the Most Casinos?

Even though the gambling industry is thriving across the world, the amount of casinos per country is wildly disproportionate. Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, and it captivates millions of punters each year. These games generate massive profits, with global casinos reporting a gross gaming yield of $115 billion in 2016. In 2019, this number reaches $130, billion, which has caused casinos to pop up around the globe. Unfortunately, thanks to religious or political dogma, not everyone can gamble. Out of the five most populated countries, only two have licensed casinos.

This regional disparity in the casino industry has caused some countries to become gambling meccas. From larger-than-life integrated resorts to superstar feature acts, these areas go to great lengths to lure in tourists. Las Vegas received over 39 million visitors in 2017 while that same year Macau generated over $32 billion in gambling revenue. The stakes are high, so it’s no surprise that some countries opened their doors to a slew of casino companies.

Thanks to generous international investments, some countries have more casinos than most punters can imagine. As the stigma around gambling gradually fades away, even more casinos are opening their doors. The number of options for punters is absolutely staggering, and the countries that host the maximum number of casinos are equally intriguing. To help shed some light on this trend, we compiled a list of countries with the most casinos. These statistics are amazing, so prepare to make an unexpected vacation!

Countries with the Most Casinos

Country #3: Mexico (205 Casinos)

most casinos
Mexico has recently transformed into a punter’s paradise.

Even though this country is relatively new to the industry, they boast an impressive amount of casinos. Ever since the Aztec empire, gambling has been a part of Mexican culture. During the 30-year reign of Porfirio Diaz in the 19th century, French casinos construct across Mexico. This bonanza end during the Mexican revolution and gambling eventually become illegal in 1935. Another gaming law was introduced in 1947 and remains in effect to this day.

Defying condemnation from the Catholic church, Mexico’s gaming laws aren’t enforced. You will find thousands of illegal gaming venues across the country where locals wager on everything from cockfights to horse races. Over 205 semi-legal casinos are scattered throughout Mexico, which provides a robust amount of options for punters. Boasting 34 gambling facilities, Baja has many casinos out of any state in Mexico. This country ranks fourth on the list of favorite destinations for gambling, so don’t miss out on your next trip!

Country #2: Canada (219 Casinos)

most casinos
Canada is filled with breathtaking casinos.

When it comes to high-end casinos, this country is hard to beat. Thanks to picturesque settings and a strong local economy, Canada has become a hub for massive casinos. From the Casino Niagara in Ontario to the Casino de Montreal in Quebec, there’s no shortage of gaming options. In total Canadian casinos boast 2,013 table games and 73,933 pokies machines. This impressive amount of games is causing punters to flock to the United State’s northern neighbor. Canada is already an appealing country for tourists, so don’t forget to visit one of their beloved casinos!

Country #1: United States (1,953 Casinos)

most casinos
The United State’s casino industry is larger than life.

When it comes to land-based casinos, America is king. This rebellious gambling haven boasts more casinos than the next ten countries with the many casinos combined. In total casinos in the United States have 25,115 table games, 907,466 pokies machines & 6,194 poker tables. Unsurprisingly, this massive industry makes a profound impact on the local economy. U.S. casinos & game makers employ 1.7 million people, which makes a $240 billion economic impact. This staggering amount of profit ripples throughout the entire country, so American casinos aren’t going anywhere.

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