Which Canadian Casino Companies Are Pioneering The Industry?

Even though it routinely flies under the radar, Canada’s gambling industry is booming. Boasting lotteries, casinos, and online gambling, this selection of gaming options are too robust to fail. In 2017, Canada’s gambling industry grew a 4.9% to CA$17.3 billion. Out of this impressive figure, over half of the winnings are in the province of Ontario. In the past year, this area experienced a welcome 12% increase in gaming revenue. This prosperity is echoing throughout the country, and Canada is poised to become North America’s next gambling mecca. Let’s find out which Canadian casino companies are leading the industry?

Unsurprisingly, this shocking amount of revenue is fueling a gaming renaissance. Out of all the facets of Canada’s gambling industry, none are experiencing more progress than online casinos. Now that the stigmas are fading away from online gambling, more Canadians are switching to playing online. As the options continue to get more robust, this trend is only going to increase at a more frantic pace. While this is an international effort, a few Canadian companies are fueling this revolution.

To understand which companies are making the biggest impact, exploring Canada’s top casino companies is crucial. Many of these companies are dabbling in both land and online ventures, which is a distinct difference from their neighbors down South. While the United States is ignoring online gambling, Canada is helping pioneer this new trend. For this reason, we compiled this list of the most influential Canadian casino companies. These corporations have recently enjoyed exponential growth, which is leading to some innovative releases. Each company has the potential to impact the global market, so discover which companies every punter should keep an eye on!

Top Canadian Casino Companies

Canadian Casino Company
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Company #3: Gamehost Inc.

Even though its revenue pales in comparison to the other entries on this list, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about Gamehost Inc. When gambling throughout Canada, it’s impossible to miss casinos run by this respected company. They operate multiple properties that range from hospitality to gaming. Gamehost Inc directly manages three casinos that have top-of-line pokies, lottery, and table game options. Their food and beverage segment extends its reach to various casinos, while their hotel segment manages two midrange hotels.

Last year, this company generated $77.4 million and boasted a market cap of $284.4 million. While these figures are impressive, their expected year-on-year revenue growth is where the action is at. Set at 14%, this is one of the fastest-rising casino companies in Canada. Their enterprise value to sales is 4.5x, so the time is right to invest!

Canadian Casino Company
This company has made a valiant transition online.

Company #2: Intertain Group Ltd.

When it comes to online gaming, few Canadian companies can compete with this group. Formerly known as Aumento Capital II Corporation, this online gaming company has leveraged its many sites to create an empire. They currently manage Costa Bingo, Jackpotjoy, Starspins, Botemania, InterCasino, VIP Casino, and many more. 

This impressive catalog of gaming sites allowed them to generate $384.5 million in revenue last year. While their $180.6 million market cap is tantalizing for investors, their year-on-year growth is even better. Intertain Group Ltd. Is expected to enjoy a 25% growth for the next few years. This sensational amount of progress makes it one of the most promising casino companies Canada has to offer.

Canadian Casino Company
From television shows to casinos, this company’s presence is profoundly felt in Canada.

Company #1: Great Canadian Gaming Corp

When examining Canada’s gaming industry, one company manages to stand out. This gaming, entertainment, and hospitality conglomerate manage facilities in Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Washington State. This impressive amount of territory comprises 20 gaming properties consisting of 4 racetracks, 10 casinos, 3 community gaming centers, and 2 four-diamond resort hotels. Even at 7% year-on-year growth, their $566.4 million annual revenue can’t be beaten. This corporation has a staggering market cap of $1.462 billion, which makes it the undisputed king of Canada’s gambling industry.

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