Which are the Worst Casinos in Vegas?

Despite being home to some of the best in the world, not all Las Vegas casinos are up to par. Whenever Sin City is brought up, punters can’t help but think of glamorous venues like the Venetian. These larger than life casinos may have stolen the spotlight, but they can’t hide the fact that Vegas isn’t perfect. Like any bustling city, Las Vegas has its dark side. Not all casinos are setting the standard, & some should be avoided at all costs.

There are plenty of great venues to see in Vegas, but avoiding shady casinos is easier said than done. Many struggling casinos lure in bright eyed travelers with lavish promises that they have no intention of backing up. By the time tourists realize that they have been duped, it’s already too late.

Everyone is running on a time deficit, so spending time in the right places is essential. To make the most out of your trip, it’s important to know what places to avoid. For this reason, we have compiled a list of Las Vegas casinos that are horrible. They have repeatedly proven that they can’t be trusted, so prepare to be blown away by these horrific venues!

Worst Casinos in Las Vegas

Terrible Casino #1: Tropicana

Worst Casinos
This casino didn’t make it into modern times.

This may be an iconic part of Las Vegas’ illustrious history, but it hasn’t evolved with the times. Many visitors claim that when entering this venue they feel that they have gone back in time. This isn’t a refreshing retro look, it’s literally never been changed. Being trapped in the 70’s isn’t appealing, & it hasn’t impressed recent guests.

It isn’t just the first impression, this casino is outdated from the inside out. Peeling paint, stained wallpaper & an inedible buffet are some of the many unwanted surprises awaiting new visitors. When reviewers claim that it feels like death is waiting in the corners, it’s time to go to another casino.

Terrible Casino #2: Siegel Slots & Suits

Worst Casinos
Wear a bullet proof vest when visiting this casino.

In many reviews, this downtrodden casino has earned the coveted title of the “nastiest place in the world”. This shouldn’t be too surprising, since it’s located in one of the worst neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Even though it’s a place worth avoiding, many tourists get tricked into renting cheap hotels there online. Once they are dropped off in the hood, they end up flocking to this brightly lit casino.

Staying away from the strip has its price, & before long visitors realize that they have made a big mistake. The place is filled with low level prostitutes, shady drug dealers & copious amounts of cockroaches. If you want to avoid visiting Las Vegas county jail, you’re better off going to a different casino.

Terrible Casino #3: Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino

Worst Vegas Casinos
This venue falls far from expectations.

Say what you want about Trump’s political antics, but normally he is a good businessman. His name has become a staple of luxury, but that went horribly wrong with this casino. Unlike most of his entrepreneurial ventures, this one shows that even billionaires make bad decisions.

Even before his name was steeped in controversy on the election trail, users had nothing but complaints about this casino. It has been described as a dingy venue with little to no charm. One reviewer even went as far as saying that there was urine leaking from the ceiling. These shocking reviews are enough reason to visit one of the many more vibrant casinos in the area.

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