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When it comes to gambling, it seems like some people have all the luck. Every year, millions of people test the odds in Vegas. Out of all of them, most walk away without their initial cash. Even though the odds are against us, some people hit it big. This made their trips to Vegas well worth it, making them instant millionaires. They are the much needed inspirational stories for the millions of tourists who flock to Las Vegas every year. Beating the casino isn’t easy, but it is possible. Here are the biggest Las Vegas pokies Payouts.

On top of achieving unbelievable jackpots, a few people have managed to hit them multiple times. These wins defy the odds, which has made these players gambling legends. Their stories need to be showcased since they are so remarkable. For this reason, we created an article that highlights the most sensational wins in Las Vegas history. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer amount of cash these lucky players won!

Biggest Payouts in Las Vegas History

Payout #3: $680,000 & $27 Million

Las Vegas Payouts
These jackpots are astounding!

Out of all the elderly women gambling in Vegas, this one stole the show. She didn’t only win big one time, she used the cash from the first win to hit an even bigger jackpot. Her first victory was achieved at the Palace Station Hotel’s Wheel of Fortune machine. This won her a whopping $680,000, but her gambling career was far from over.

Armed with plenty of cash, she stayed in Vegas for months playing with the money. Just when it seemed like it was a bad investment, she hit it big once again. After entering a Megabucks jackpot, she managed to win over $27 million! For security reasons, she withheld her name from the public. That’s understandable since she became a millionaire in just a few months. This daring strategy proves that perseverance is key to having a winning mindset.

Payout #2: $4.6 Million & $21 Million

Payout #2 $4.6 Million & $21 Million
Payout #2 $4.6 Million & $21 Million

Hitting multiple jackpots that exceed a million dollars isn’t just impressive, it defies all reason. The odds say that this is impossible, but one World War II vet did it in the same jackpot. When the Mirage first opened to the public, 76-year-old war vet Elmer Sherwin was on the scene. Only 10 hours after it opened, he hit his first jackpot while playing the Megabucks jackpot slot machine.

This netted him a staggering jackpot worth $4.6 million. Even though this was plenty to retire on, Elmer kept playing. On his trips around the world, he continued to play slots twice a week. To many people, his goal to become the first player to hit 2 jackpots sounded absurd. That didn’t stop him from trying, & he proved everyone wrong 16 years later. While playing the same jackpot, he hit a massive $21 million jackpot. Still rich from the first jackpot, he ended up giving most of his second winnings to charity.

Payout #1: Between $20-40 Million

Payout #1 Between $20-40 Million
Payout #1 Between $20-40 Million

Kerry Packer is more than just an Australian billionaire, he made gambling history. On a 1997 trip to Vegas, he managed to win consistently at blackjack & baccarat. By the time this winning streak was over, he had accrued $20 to $40 million. This allowed him to tip his doorman a million dollars, which undoubtedly changed his life.

Even though he was one of the luckiest players ever, his luck ended up running out. Two years later, he lost $28 million in a casino in London. You need to know when to quit, even when you’re a billionaire!

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