Two Exciting Bonus Features to Find in a Pokies Machine

Two Bonus Features in Pokies
What are the two Best Exciting Bonus Features to Find in a Pokies Machine?

You look forward to some of the best features when you start to play on a pokies machine. When you see any pokies machine offering you some of the unique features you are obviously tempted to play it and began looking for such more features in many other pokies machines too.

Many pokies machines have the bonus features and the actual bonus features that can be triggered and awarded to you when playing a  pokies game  and this will make the difference in regards to whether you do find one pokies game much more exciting and potentially high paying than another one.

Here are the best two exciting bonus features that you will find on offer on a range of different pokies machines. You can find such pokies games in different casinos even at online to enjoy to play with these wonderful features. One such feature is wild reels bonus feature and the other is random progressive jackpot bonus features.

Best Exciting Bonus Features Pokies Machine

1. Wild Reels Bonus Feature

Wild features bonus
Wild Reels Bonus Feature

The first type of pokies machine bonus feature ensures you have a very exciting pokies playing session; when you come across a pokies machine offering it is a wild reels bonus feature.

It is often the pokies games that offer an ‘All Pays or All Ways’ type of playing structure; that could offer this type of bonus feature; and as such when playing such a pokies you could have 243 ways of forming a winning combination on each and every single spin you play off.

How the wild reels bonus feature is triggered; is completely at random so you will never know when it will be awarded to you; until it has been randomly triggered.

When it is triggered; one to five of the video reels are then going to be turned into completely wild reels, and as such; as you will be playing at least 243 ways to win; what you will be hoping for when that bonus feature has been awarded to you is that all five reels get turned wild; as you will then have spun in 243 jackpot-winning payouts.

2. Random Progressive Jackpot Bonus Features

Random Progressive
Random Progressive Jackpot Bonus Features

The other is to look for exciting pokies machines that have some of the most exciting to play off bonus games; and you need to look for some of the progressive pokies machines; that offer a randomly awarded bonus game on which you then can play off one of several different bonus game; but by doing so you are guaranteed to win a progressive jackpot.

There are random progressive pokies machines ;offered by many different pokies machine developers that can be played online; such as the Real Series pokies from Real Time Gaming that do award their jackpots completely randomly; but with no bonus games to be played off.

If you play some of the Marvel Jackpot pokies available at Playtech software powered online casino sites; then at random when playing those pokies games you could trigger a pick; and match type bonus game which once you are playing it off as soon as you uncover and match three of the same jackpot logo symbols you win that corresponding progressive jackpot.

Microgaming powered casinos also have a range of such pokies and those are the Mega Moolah pokies series on which a spin and win bonus game can be triggered and when it is at random you are guaranteed to then win one of four progressive jackpots!


It is better to join an online casino and first play many of pokies games for free and find the best features or bonus games in the game play and then choose to play for real money.

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