10 Best Places To Play Pokies in Melbourne

Pokies in Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital and most populated city in Victoria has more than its fair share of pokies hot spots! Below you will find a list of our top ten favourite places for pokies in the city.

Top 10 places for Pokies in Melbourne

10. Boston Sub’s Jungle Boy

Boston Sub's Jungle Boy
Boston Sub’s Jungle Boy

Just the name of this establishment alone was enough to make it onto our top ten list but the fact that it sports one of the best sandwich shops in the city not to mention a pretty damn good selection of craft beers and its freaky tiki ambience make it a sure-fire hit with your family and friends.

9. Clever Polly’s Pub

Clever Polly's Pub
Clever Polly’s Pub

If you like good wine, REAL Sake, thinly shaved bits of cured pork, and more beer than you could ever drink in 10 lifetimes – Clever Polly’s Pub is the place for you to be.

8. Pallino


The real simple premise here, they got beer and they got bocce (not to mention some damn fine Italian-style eats). Built in the ’50s as a trendy espresso bar, it remains true to the original owner’s artistic vision. With the addition of several of the best pokies machines available, this establishment is sure to be one of your favourites.

7. Huey Long’s

Huey Long's
Huey Long’s

This is THE cocktail establishment in Melbourne (and the prices reflect it). Be expected to pay upwards of $15 per mixed drink but rest assured you are getting a steal of a deal when considering they use nothing but the finest top-shelf spirits in their drinks. Try their Gin Fizzes or their Mickey Finn if you are looking to forget the last 18 hours of your waking life!

6. Forgotten Worlds

Forgotten Worlds

Not only do they have retro arcade games but they even have a selection of impossible to find anywhere else pokies machines. The atmosphere is distinctly American and you will feel like you entered a time warp into 1980’s Silicon Valley. Be prepared to deal with more than a few “hipsters” as this establishment is anything but “forgotten” among the trendiest trendsetters.

5. Bar Americano

Bar Americano
Bar Americano

Melding the best in American and Italian cuisine, this fusion restaurant and pub boasts one of the most delectable eggplant parmigiana you will ever have in Australia. Make sure to sample their imported wines and cheeses from the Old Country as well.

4. The Catfish

 The Catfish
The Catfish

Hearty American “Bar food” at its BEST. They have the MEANEST Philly Cheesesteak in town and some of the best damn jalapeno fries you are ever going to see this side of Tijuana. Coupled with a killer selection of craft beers on tap, wine for the discriminating foodie in your group, and some fantastic pokies machines scattered throughout the pub – you and your friends are going to have a blast at The Catfish.

3. Howler


Live entertainment at its raucous, rowdy best – this place has one of the most jumpin’ parties every weekend in town. The last thing you are going to want to do is to play pokies while you are at Howler. This place is just too much fun! Make sure to bring a nice stack of cash or a credit card or two because this place is not for cheapskates.

2. The Everleigh

The Everleigh

The classy, classic cocktail lounge environment is perfect for local businessmen to knock back a few drinks and play a few rounds of pokies. Everything about the Everleigh just screams 1960’s panache and style. If you are looking for the type of establishment James Bond would be seen drinking in, you are in the right place. A definite winner in our book.

1. Hihou


Any pub that you need to push a buzzer to gain entrance into (after several minutes of standing there wondering what is going on) is going to rank HIGHLY on all fronts once you have gotten into the establishment. An Aussie/Japanese fusion experiment in ultra-trendy, modern drinking and dining, the ambience is almost like it was plucked straight from the pages of a Japanese manga magazine. We have heard more than one person say that “the bathrooms in Hihou have more style than the majority of venues in Melbourne”. Don’t take our word for it though, go check out Hihou for yourself!


This concludes our list of the top ten pubs to play pokies at in Melbourne. We hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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