Where Can I Play Pokies in Bendigo?

Pokies to play at Bendigo
Play Pokies in Bendig

Bendigo is a big city located in the middle of the state of Victoria. It is about 150 KM from Melbourne, the state capital. It is an inland city which means that many people will assume that it does not have much to offer. Those that think this is very wrong. The city has plenty to offer its residents and visitor and one of the favorites activates of both is playing the pokie machines that are so popular throughout all of Australia.

While many people know how to play the pokies, there is something else they have to find out about in Bendigo. They need to find out where they can play the pokies. There are usually a few places that people choose to play the pokie machines at.

Places to Play Pokies

  • Casinos
  • Sports Bars
  • RSL Clubs
  • Bowling Clubs
  • Bars and Pubs
  • Hotels

It is a good idea to find out the best places to play the pokies in Bendigo and that means looking at the different venues.

1. Casinos


These are very popular for pokie players in Australia. They offer a lot of machines and they offer progressive jackpots that can reach substantial amounts. Casinos also have other forms of entertainment, good food, great bars and entertainment, and often a hotel for people to stay at while they get their fix of pokie machines.

\While casinos are a great place to play the pokies if a person in Bendigo wants to find a good casino, they may have to make the trek to Melbourne where they will find the Crown Melbourne Casino. That casino does offer everything that a pokie enthusiast could want, but it does require a little travel to get there from Bendigo.

2. Sports Bars

Sports Bars
Sports Bars

Watching a live sporting event on a big-screen television can help match the level of excitement found in casinos and the ability to play the pokies at the sports bar makes them a great alternative for many people. The combination of the sports, the food, the drink, and the pokies makes this a very good place to spend some time.

  • All Seasons Hotel
  • Tom and Fayes Bar of Beer

3. RSL Clubs

RSL Clubs
RSL Clubs

Returned and Service league clubs are a great place for people to meet, relax, enjoy some food and play their favorite pokie machines. The RSL clubs often have a number of different pokies to choose from and are a favorite place for many of the pokie enthusiasts to play their machines.

  • Bendigo RSL Club

A trip to Melbourne will allow a person to find many other RSL clubs to play at.

4. Bowling Clubs

Bowling Clubs
Bowling Clubs

These clubs are another place where people in Australia like to meet and play. The game of lawn bowling is one of the attractions, but another attraction of the bowling clubs is the pokie machines. A day of bowling followed by time spent in front of a pokie machine is something that is enjoyed by many. There are many bowling clubs that can be found in Bendigo.

  • Bendigo Bowling Club
  • East Bowling Club
  • Bendigo Vri Bowling Club

5. Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs
Bars and Pubs

Also, pokie enthusiasts can turn to the bars and pubs that can be found in Bendigo. These locales offer a nice alternative to the crowded scene at other venues for pokie machines. Some of the favorite bars in Bendigo include:

  • Metro and Pugg Mahones
  • Bakers Bar & Cafe

6. Hotels


There are many hotels in Bendigo that offer pokies machines for visitors.  Here are a few best ones to explore:

  • Rising Sun Hotel
  • Hotel Shamrock
  • Foundry Hotel
  • Cambrian Hotel

Last but not the least, online casinos are the best choice for many gamers at Bendigo to play pokies. Like land venues, online casinos offer some of the great gaming machines. You can play and gamble or bet or punt in real-time with real AUD. Also, you needn’t go anywhere outside but sit in the comfort of your own place be it your house or office or park or any place, and play pokies.

online pokies at Star Casino in Australia
Online pokies at Star Casino in Australia

All you need is to pick your gaming device be it mobile, tablet, or PC. Have the internet or WIFI connection on. Now type the online casino URL on your web or mobile browser be it chrome or safari and hit enter to visit the online casino in seconds.

At the online casino homepage you will find two options :

Play for real


Play for free

Playing for free means all the pokies are free to play without spending any money. The only thing playing for free doesn’t fetch you real money wins.

Play for real money means all the pokies can be played with real cash. For this, you need to make a real cash deposit at the cashier with any of the online banking or payment options. Make a deposit of $10 as the minimum amount to play pokies for real money. You can use POLi, Neosurf, Neteller, or any other payment option to make a deposit.

Once done, grab the welcome bonus or free spins bonus to play pokies at online casinos.

Now select the pokies game you wish to play and spin the reels for winning combinations.

A few of the Australian friendly online casinos to play pokies are:

And various others.

There are many other online casinos to play pokies. Remember if you find any online casino that doesn’t accept your own currency that is Australian dollars to play pokies with real money, then don’t worry as these online casinos also offer various cryptocurrencies as deposit options. Among which Bitcoins are popular options these days to play pokies with. You can easily buy bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange, store them in a wallet and later deposit it at the casino to play pokies. Note that you can even cash out bitcoins if you win playing pokies.

Where to play free pokies?

Heart of Vegas free pokies app

Free pokies can be played at online casinos as mentioned above. Or you need to download and install free pokies app on your smartphones be it Android or iOS to play free pokies.

Free pokies doesn’t cost a penny to play. All you need to join these social casinos on mobile and you are offered free coins as virtual money to play pokies all free. There is no time limit to this. You can keep on playing for as long as you wish. These pokies games are powered by top brand gaming companies that provide real money pokies too like Aristocrat and others.

Popular free pokies to play are Cashman Casino, Heart of Vegas, Slotomania, Zynga pokies and poker games, Double win, Double Down, Cash Tornado, Jackpot Party, and various others.

Types of Pokies to play in Bendigo

Mega Moolah Progressive 5 reel pokies
  1. Classic pokies are 3 reel pokies. They are considered the simplest type of online pokies.They are ideal for first-time pokies players because they are fast, easy to learn and easy to play. Players win a jackpot when they land on three similar symbols. These classic pokies have the low number of reels, since this reduces the possible number of combinations. Also, the variance of a classic online pokies is relatively high which means you can either lose everything fast or win big.
  2. 5 Reel pokies  are the most widely used today. Unlike classic pokies, five-reel pokies where a player needs to do is press a button. They have attractive graphics with videos and sounds geared toward attracting players. Five-reel pokies are an advancement of the classic pokies machine. They have more pay lines and that increases your odds of winning than if you were playing a classic pokies. The maximum coin count starts from one or more for a prize line. Also, bets last longer and typically have higher jackpots. One of the defining features of five-reel pokies is the free-spin mode which includes diverse mechanics such as bet multipliers.
  3. 6 and 7 reel pokies mostly follow the same grid structure as the five-reel pokies, meaning 6×3 and 7×3 setups. More reels mean that players can create longer matches. When you combine a six- or seven-reel with the features of a five-reel pokies like re-spins or wild symbol stacks, it can make for an exciting experience. In these pokies there is a better shot at having three or more scatter symbols show up in this game and trigger free spins mode, thanks to the reel structure.
  4. In progressive pokies, whenever the player makes a wager, part of the amount contributes to the jackpot. That implies the jackpot is made up from the players playing the game at that particular time. On most platforms, operators will display the total progressive jackpot accumulated via their progressive pokies. In these pokies the players have to use a maximum wager to qualify for the jackpot. Therefore, you must be ready to wager more money than you would otherwise for a more conventional online pokies.
  5. Multi-pay line and multi-reels have a different format from most other online pokies. They harness the features of modern computing devices to give players the power to craft their own expanding storyline. So other than the conventional component of a reel pokies game, certain plays in multi play pokies will trigger bonus stages where players can participate in a mini-game such as mini-golf. The mini-game provides an avenue for the player to increase their winnings.

Important Things To Do When Playing Pokies

Whether you play pokies at Bendigo land venues or play at online casinos, remember the following important things to do when playing pokies:

  1. Play pokies responsibly and don’t form an addiction to pokies. You should consider the fun part to entertain yourself while playing pokies and don’t think of winning it.
  2. Set an amount aside to play pokies and stick to that bankroll. Don’t ever chase wins or losses. This means if you win then stop playing pokies for that day and if you lose then also stop playing pokies. Never go for the temptation to play pokies for wins.
  3. Play pokies only if you have the budget to lose. As pokies are a game of chance it is not sure nor anyone can predict that you will win or lose. So play pokies if you can afford it and don’t be under debt.
  4. If you have formed an addiction to pokies then seek immediate help in Australia. Because pokies addiction can ruin you and your family.
  5. Prefer playing pokies online as online games are free to play and there is less risk of losing money.

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