What do you Mean by Fixed or Optional Payline Pokies?

Online pokies are just fun to play and enjoy as well as win big. When you enter an online casino and visit the pokies games lobby; you are just overwhelmed to find so many pokies listed there for you to play instantly. But not all pokies games are the same and there is a great variety in such games too.

Some of these pokies games have a fixed payline playing structure; where you have no choice when playing in regards to the number of pay lines that you activate; and put into play.

Then there is a range of optional payline pokies; which you can put into live play as many; or as few of the pay lines attached on offer on such pokies.

You often get confused as to what are the fixed or optional payline pokies games. But once you come to know of the advantages and disadvantages of playing such kinds of pokies games online; you will find it much easier to decide which one to go for when playing at online casinos.

Fixed Payline Pokies Games

Arctic Fortune
Arctic Fortune Pokies

Fixed payline pokies are those games where you are unable to alter the number of pay lines. These pokies are known as fixed pay line; and when playing them you are to pay for each pay line to be sent in motion when playing them.

When you opt to play fixed payline pokies; you are going to have every single line activated on each spin, and; therefore; they are not going to be the types of pokies games you can play online for very low stake amounts.

However, what you will find attached to quite a number of those pokies are bonus games; that can be triggered on which those bonus games will take advantage of the fact; that you have every possible way of forming a payline offered on the pokies you are playing in live play.

So of you do want the best chances of winning not only via the base game but also when the bonus games are triggered on the pokies you are playing it may be very beneficial for you  play fixed payline pokies, more so those which have random wild reel bonus features on offer on them.

Benefits of playing fixed pay line pokies games

Benefits of playing fixed pay line pokies games
Benefits of playing fixed pay line pokies games

There is a variety of pokies games to choose from like being Microgaming; that have lots of different types of fixed lines pokies on offer.

You can play pokies offering the standard number of pay lines; such as 20 and 25 pay line pokies games, or you can opt to play All-Ways pokies; which can offer hundreds or thousands on fixed pay-lines on each spin you play.

In all ways structured pokies games there will often be a Wild Symbols based bonus game; which can be randomly triggered and awarded to you. This is where playing every possible pay line really can pay huge dividends.

When one of these bonus games triggers; you will find that pokies will randomly select one to five of the reels, and will then turn those reels into Wild Reels, and as such every single symbol on those selected reels then become Wild.

If you are playing one of the pokies offering hundreds or thousands of fixed pay lines; and all five reels turn wild then you are going to receive a truly massive winning payout; as each pay line you have in play will be a five of a kind wild symbol winning combination.

Optional Payline Pokies Games

Sun Quest Pokies
Sun Quest Pokies

The optional number of pay lines pokies game you can pick and choose just how many pay lines to put into play per spin you make. Having full control over the pay lines attached and on offer on any type and any category of pokies game is what many players look for and demand from any pokies they do start playing and there are thousands upon thousands of different types of optional payline pokies on offer to players.

Those players who only want to have a small number of pay lines in line play and are additionally seeking out very basic pokies will be best advised to consider playing the 3 reel pokies offering multiple paylines, for on the most commonly available 3 reel pokies you will find you can activate and put into play three or five lines per spin.

However, the video pokies games are the ones that will give you the most payline playing structures and formats and there will be some offering at little as five optional paylines and some pokies in the video pokies game category will let you play up to 100 pay lines per spin.

Just make sure you try and play every single line on offer as that way you will never spin the reels only to find a high paying winning combination that has been spun in but on a line, you didn’t put into play.

Benefits of playing optional pay line pokies

Benefits of playing optional pay line pokies
Benefits of playing optional pay line pokies

You can play from fewer than the maximum number of lines per with a much reduced bankroll, and by lowering the activated pay lines per spin then you will get the maximum play time from your gaming budget.

You can lower the number of pay lines per spin but will play the maximum number of coins or coin values on those pay lines. This means that whilst you have fewer chances of spinning in a winning combination, as you are not playing the maximum number of pay lines, should you spin-in a high valued winning combination on the pay lines you have opted to put into play you will get some high winning payouts due to the number of coins you have wagered on those pay lines.

Play pokies with bonus games

Play pokies with bonus games
Play pokies with bonus games

When you wish to play any video pokies with fewer than the maximum number of pay lines in play, always select those pokies which have bonus games triggered via scatter symbols as opposed to bonus symbols that need to line up on activated pay lines.

As scatter symbols can and do trigger bonuses games as long as the minimum required a number of them spin into view anywhere on the pokies game screen, you are not going to miss out on triggering those games when playing fewer than the maximum number of pay lines offered on any pokies game.

It is not that you should stick to one of the pokies of a kind but as there is a wide selection of pokies games to choose from when playing at online casinos you need to try and play lots of different kinds of pokies games and see for yourself how they offer and reward you and how perfect you become in your gameplay. If not willing to risk your money initially you can try the free play practice mode option to know these games and enjoy pokies unique playing structures, the winning combinations, the wild and the symbols how they reward you. You can then try to play for real money and have real-time experience as well.

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