What is a Live Casino and What are Live Dealers?

What is a live casino and what are live dealers?
What is a live casino and what are live dealers?

The internet has greatly transformed the world of games and entertainment in various ways. In modern-day society, the internet has provided an interface through which individuals can access, develop and play games online. One of the most affected entertainments that have incorporated the internet into its operations includes Casino games. Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos or Internet casinos are online versions of traditional (“brick and mortar”) casinos.

Online casino games are different in functions and features so as to meet user demand. There are two main variants that come with online-based casinos. The two categories include Virtual casino games and live dealer casino games. The Live online casinos have remained to be most favorable as they do allow for the running of the game in real-time by a human dealer. This makes this type more enjoyable and real than the virtual casinos which are run by machines.

Live Dealers

Live Dealers
Live Dealers

It would require that the dealer be a real person. And that all transactions between the dealer and the players of the games; take place via the internet; including providing players with their chips; dealing with the cards; presenting the payouts; and all the other duties of a regular dealer.

The costs of the operation of a live casino are generally high. Making the game to be relatively expensive as compared to the ordinary casinos and online casinos which are virtual and machine-based. To this end, virtual casinos can indeed offer hundreds of games, an aspect that is not feasible with live casinos.

For live casinos, the dealer sits in a given location. And be placed within a studio in which all transmission would be made to be real-time through the interment (Battle-Jude, 2002). Depending on the company, the hosting of the live casino may be through a television channel; and /o through the company’s website.

It vary from casino to casino, Playboy Bunny dealers are now available at some Microgaming casinos.

Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games
Live Casino Games

The nature of the internet does not allow for all casino games to play within the context of live games. In this respect; there are three major types of casino games that are popular and available at online casino dealers. This includes live roulette, live craps, blackjack, and live baccarat. To play these games, the dealer must be positioned in an allocation that is developed to have a minimum of a three-room setup.

This setup would comprise of a live studio, a server; which is put in the software room; and an analyst’s room. The rooms would then be configured in different ways ranging from one casino to the other. The configuration of the casinos in most cases would depend on the need to create or develop and sustain the bared name of the company offering the games.

Roulette is most popular game

Roulette is the most common game that virtually all casinos provide for live streaming and playing. Whereas many casinos would have varied games, this game tends to be synonymous with all the live casinos. The roulette is for the player to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers. In order to determine the winning number; the croupier would be tasked with pinning the table in one direction and the ball in an opposite direction. As the ball loses speed or momentum, it would fall on one of the 37 roulettes.

For live casinos; the croupier and the player would have to use the mouse and keys or numbers; to move or spin the ball or the roulette. Blackjack is yet another game available in live casinos. It involves the comparison of cards between the dealer and the player. You need to compete against the dealer and not against each other. Players are therefore tasks with using their technological tools including a mouse or virtual keyboards to move and choose cards as threw game goes on. Whereas the Blackjack and the Baccarat have shred characteristics, both involve the use of cards, the Baccarat is a game of chance rather than skills.

What are the Live casino’s hours of operation?

What are the Live casino's hours of operation
What are the Live casino’s hours of operation

Live Casinos like Bitstarz, develop with a given time schedule for playing the games. The time is of the essence as the games taking place are real-time and, therefore, call for physical presence. This is yet another difference between live casinos and virtual casinos.

For virtual casinos, the dealer is machine-based and the games would always have game information. However, the nature of the live casino games calls for the presence of dealers in the studio, hence time limits are there on when the game starts and when it closes. Many live casinos operate between 12-18 hours a day and would always remain open as from 6:00 am in the morning. However, as time goes b, more and more casinos are coming up with greater operational timeframes with some like the Maryland Live Casino going for 24 hours (Kilar & Dresser, 2012).

Deposit bonuses and VIP rewards

Deposit bonuses and VIP rewards
Deposit bonuses and VIP rewards

As part of marketing strategies, virtually all live casinos offer bonuses to new players as an incentive to play the games. The bonuses would always range from $200 to $5000, depending on the casino and the size of the company offering the games.

According to statistics, Titan Casino is the best in terms of live Casino entrance bonuses with a high of $5000 for new players. 138Sungame is second which offers a bonus of $ 4164 as a reward to new entrants.

The Dublinbet and the Fairway live casinos are the least offering $100 for new entrants. Bodog88 is amongst the few live casinos in the world that have no bonus at all for new entrants. Casinos offer bonuses considering different factors. There are other bonuses that are available to VIP players.

This would in most cases depend on the turnover made by the player. In many of the live casinos, you need to turn the money over a number of times. This would vary from one casino to the other but is usually between 290 to 30 times. This measure is put in place in order to avoid rogue players who visit casinos for a cash cow rather than earn from their skills.


Software technology
Software technology

Live casinos require many technologies and software to use in different gadgets to work comfortably. For one to access and play live casino games, you need to download the necessary software that makes the interfaces between the live studio and the operational machine to be compatible. Casino software may also be provided by other company’s other than the one that owns the casino. It depends on the interfaces in playing different games and the capacity specifications of gadgets for accessing and playing the games.

Playtech and Microgaming, are some of the best software companies that offers live dealer games. Other companies that offer live casino software include Evolution Gaming, Mirada Gaming, Vuetec, NetPlayTV, and Casino WebCam.

The software used in Cason gaming is as important as is the casino gaming experience (Gainsbury, 2012). Depending on the software, the user gets the treatment that they get from the Live dealer. In many cases, software with numerous transaction features that are visible would make it easier for the user to easily interact with the dealer, making the gaming experience much better and enjoyable.

Top live casinos

Top live casinos
Top live casinos

Maryland live casino is the best Live Casino across the globe, offering a variety of games including Play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, casino hold ’em poker and sic bo (Maryland live casino, 2013). This live casino is also amazing for offering variations for real money based on high-definition real-time video feeds.

Other popular casinos include; 888 Casino, SpinPalace, Smart Live casino, and Titan Casino.

Spin Palace is positively rated because of provides for better operational terms and a wider scope of games. This casino offers all the major casino games including Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo, and Live Poker (Live dealer. Org. 2013).

888 Live casinos are rated positively for the provision of an easy-to-operate interface, thereby making the gaming experience much faster and enjoyable (888 casinos, 2013). This is the reason why 888 is rated positively, despite it proving for only three (Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack Live Roulette), live games.


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