Progressive Jackpots to be Won on Jackpot Deuces and Supajax Video Poker Games

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How Long does it Take for the Progressive Jackpots to be Won on Jackpot Deuces and Supajax Video Poker Games?

When you play video poker games online at casinos you always think that how long it will take to win on average for the jackpots attached to these games. If you know this answer as to how often progressive video poker game jackpots are won then you will be able to wait until the jackpot reaches a certain amount to find out when a jackpot has become overdue and may just be about to be won. Let’s find out How Long does it Take for the Progressive Jackpots to be Won on Jackpot Deuces and Supajax Video Poker Games?

The progressive video poker games are like any other variant or video poker in as much as each game is completely random so the jackpots could in theory be won at any time.

The payout for the best video poker hand is not fixed at a specific amount, but “progresses” and grows. The progressive jackpot is initially set at a certain amount, and then, every time anyone plays the video poker game in any online casino, more money gets added to the pot. You can actually see the jackpot grow as the numbers turn on the Jackpot Meter on your screen.

Progressive Jackpot has no limit

There is no limit to the size of the progressive jackpot. It just keeps growing until one lucky video poker gambler hits the winning combination and takes home the money. Then the progressive jackpot goes back to its original setting and immediately starts growing again.

Here find the best two played online progressive jackpot video poker games and get to know when and how much on average each jackpots takes in time to be won and also how large those jackpots do become before on average they are awarded to players playing each of them.

Jackpot Deuces Video poker

Jackpot Deuces
Jackpot Deuces Video poker

This Deuces game is one of the oldest online progressive video poker games developed by Microgaming  to be played at casinos. This game offers to play with different currencies according to the country casino in which you wish to play.

The way this progressive video poker game has been designed and structured; is that when playing it for maximum coins; if you are dealt out the Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds in any order; then you will win the current value of the progressive jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter.

One thing to note however about this variant is that the coin values are fixed at 1.00; and as such a maximum 5 coin hand will cost you 5.00 per game; to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

The average amount that the jackpot grows to in value before being won is £35,738; or whatever currency you have to chosen to play it for; and on average that jackpot paying hand is dealt out once every 29 days in total; so keep that in mind if you decide and wish to play this game online.

Supajax Video poker

Supajax Video poker

The Supajax video poker game is another progressive jackpot; paying video poker game, however, that game comes with a special additional playing card in the deck; and the way in which you will win the progressive jackpot is to be dealt out that one playing card along with all of the Jack playing cards in one single hand.

That game has paid out some very large amounts of cash over the years; however; on average the amount of cash won by each player is £50,322; and the jackpot tends to be awarded on average once every 45 days.

So, if you do fancy putting that progressive video poker game to the test; then look out for when the jackpot has grown in value to around the amount mentioned above; and then give it a try as it is much more likely to award its jackpot; when it has become overdue that it will pay out its jackpot when another player has recently won it!

Note that though much like the game above the coin values on the Supajax progressive jackpot video poker game are fixed at 1.00; and you do have to play all five coins per game to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Note that the stakes you are playing for will determine the value of the progressive jackpots; for the very low stake variants tend to have much more modest jackpots on offer on edge; unless of course those jackpots have not been won for quite a while.

Progressive video poker payout is lower that non-progressive ones

Progressive video poker payout is lower that non-progressive ones
Progressive video poker payout is lower that non-progressive ones

The payout percentages on offer on progressive video poker games are usually not as high as the payout percentages on offer on some of the more standard types of non-progressive video poker games; so if you do want the best chance of winning you will probably be best off playing those more standard variants.

Remember that when playing at internet casino sites; or at online casino as you say; you will find both single hand and multi-hand video poker games on offer.

It is better to always bet the maximum amount. It is the max bet that makes winning the progressive jackpot possible. As said in Jackpot Deuces and SupaJax video poker games; the coin size is fixed at 1 credit, and the maximum bet is 5 coins or 5 credits. (A credit means the unit of currency you are wagering in; so 5 credits could be 5 dollars, 5 pounds, 5 Euros, etc.) Also, the progressive video poker rules say that you must place the maximum bet to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot.


The whole point of playing progressive online video poker games is to try to win the progressive jackpot. You might not succeed, but you have to at least try which  means bet the max to win the max.

Even if you’re not lucky enough to win the big progressive jackpot, you can still find many other ways to win real money playing progressive video poker games. You can win with 3 or 4 of a kind, with a straight or a flush or a straight flush, or with a full house. In Jackpot Deuces, a hand of 2-6-6-King-King counts as a full house, thanks to the wild card, and pays 15 coins on a 5-coin bet. It might not be a progressive jackpot, but tripling your money is always a good thing.

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