How to play video poker and wager max coins?

Video Poker

You can learn to play Video Poker casino game without much of any skill as the design of such online poker machines are easy and simple to understand. The basic structure of each of the many different variants requires you to first place a wager on the next game you wish to play and then click on the deal button.

Now you will be dealt out five playing cards from the deck, those cards are randomly selected and you will be trying to form one of the winning hands listed on the pay table of the game you are playing to win the associated payouts for that hand.

Once you have been dealt out you fist five initial cards you need to decide if you wish to hold and lock in place any of those five cards, and to do so you simply click onto the card or cards you wish to hold, the ones you do not select will be replaced by new cards from the deck once you click on deal a second and final time.

The way in which the pay tables of most video poker games are designed however is such that when you play maximum coins on each hand you play off, there could be an enhanced jackpot payout on offer if you are dealt out the highest ranked hand on the pay table.

It is always therefore advised to play maximum coin hands to take advantage of that jackpot payout when you are lucky enough to have been dealt it out.

When you will start playing video poker games  you will find that there are large and very varied range of different variants available to you depending on where you choose to play. Each variant is going to have a different pay table in place and as such there could be a range of unique hand combinations that you could form on one variant but not on another. As such always make sure that you check through the pay table of each variant you are playing to discover what hand combinations you can form when playing each one.

Also but note that often there are going to be some built in rules of play on one variant that may not be in place on another and it is both the unique payouts listed on the pay table of each variant coupled with the playing rules that will determine the long term expected payout of each variant.

There is a very valuable option setting available on most video poker games that is going to enable you to have in play the best playing strategy no matter how experienced you are or what variant of video poker you have chosen to play. That option setting is the Auto Hold setting, and when you click onto the options settings tab and then activate the Auto Hold the video poker game will then play out in such a way that once you have been dealt out your initial five cards, the game will automatically hold the best cards for you based on the optimum playing strategy for that variant.

As such make sure that you always have the Auto Hold option switched on and activated if you do have it available on the variant you are playing, as by doing so you will never make any game playing errors and over time you will be getting the payout percentage the game has been designed to payout, over your long term play.

So next time you enter any online casino to play video poker  make use of some of the many different free play variants  which can even be played with your mobile. You are of course going to be able to play video poker for real money if you so desire, but be aware that due most variants offering some huge payout percentages bonuses that can be claimed at many casino sites and can also be used on video poker games often come with a high play through requirement than bonuses that can be used exclusively on pokies machines. It is also better to choose the variants that offer the highest possible long term expected payout percentages.

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