How To Play Bingo Bonanza At Online Casinos In Australia?

How to play Bingo Bonanza
How To Play Bingo Bonanza At Online Casinos In Australia?

Bingo Bonanza is a bingo-style game that is made up of numbered balls. Powered by Microgaming Bingo Bonanza is available to play at online casinos in Australia.  This game was launched in the year 2014 and still is one of the most popular games to play at online casinos in Australia.

There are lots of ways to play bingo, you could of course visit a land based bingo club, or log on from your home computer, but now thanks to advances in modern technology you can play bingo on your smartphones as well. This means that you will be able to get stuck into lots of different bingo games no matter where you happen to be.

How to play Bingo games online?

You get free bingo bonus when playing bingo online

One online bongo software company, that being Microgaming, are one of the very few to offer players this brand new bingo playing medium, and to ensure that you have a hassle free bingo playing session even on their mobile bingo platform works in just the same way as their online bingo site software, and as such it has been fully tried and tested.

You may be wondering just how easy it is to play bingo online, when playing at a Microgaming software powered site, well thanks to this leading software company having one of the most robust and player friendly bingo software’s, there are lots of little extras included in the software which ensures users have a great bingo playing session no matter when they log on to play.

Below are some of the major advantages of using and playing bingo online on any device, so have a read through them to see if they tickle your fancy.

  1. Pre Buy Tickets – One of the best things about the online bingo software is that it will allow you to pre buy tickets for bingo games starting anytime later in the day, So when you have a few moments spare you can log in on your gaming device, pre buy your tickets in advance and never miss out on any up and coming big money games.
  2. Auto Dab Feature – Another feature of playing bingo on your gaming device is that the software automatically dabs off all of the numbers for you, and this means you can simply sit back and watch as your tickets gets dabbed.
  3. Bingo Called for You – If you have a winning ticket when playing bingo on your gaming device then the software is also going to call house for you, and this means that you will never make a false call and will never miss out on a winning ticket.

New Player Bonuses – As all online bingo sites which have a bingo platforms available are ever so eager to get you to become a new player, they will all offer you some excellent and very generous bingo bonuses to get you to sign up, and this is another major benefit of playing bingo online.

What is Bingo Bonanza?

The Bingo Bonanza game is actually a combination of bingo and online scratch cards. Bingo Bonanza is a fun and simple game to play and you will have no problems in learning the winning combinations. In this game, you need to match two bingo balls to win, and the fewer you choose to get your pair, the more you win! The betting range in Bingo Bonanza goes from $0.50 to $10, which makes this scratch card game adjusted to most wallets and bankrolls. Make a few bets and go for a maximum multiplier of x20,000! With some nice timing on your bet size, you can win loads of cash in this game!

How to Play Bingo Bonanza at online casinos in Australia?

How to play Bingo Bonanza
How to play Bingo Bonanza

Join any Microgaming-powered online casino to play Bingo Bonanza at online casinos like Rich Casino, 7 Reels  Casino, and others. After completing the formalities of registration at the casino you can play this game. If you are a new player or simply log in with your username and password and get going to make a deposit to play real money Bingo. Or you can opt to play free Bingo Bonanza.

Generally, this game can be found under bingo games or scratch card games. The catalogue or section of games that list this game is called specialty games at online casinos. Tap or Click on that section and you will find Bingo Bonanza to play. Or else simply type the game on the search bar given at the casino games page to locate this game at the online casino where you wish to play.

Bingo Bonanza looks like bingo but has more in common with scratch cards. Choose one ball from the six you’re given at the beginning of the game, then choose another. Match any two balls to win, and bonus multipliers will come in if you don’t need all six balls to do so.

Bingo Bonanza Multipliers
Bingo Bonanza Multipliers

The player receives six balls at Bingo Bonanza. If he or she finds two balls with the same multipliers, he or she becomes the owner of the payout. Its size is calculated by multiplying the bet size by the multiplier shown in the balls. It may vary: x1, x2, x5, x10, x40, x250, x5,000 of x20,000.
The results of each round in Bingo Bonanza are fixed in a special table. As soon as the ball appears, a dot is put in the corresponding line. If two of them are in one line, the player wins.

Are there any bonus features in Bingo Bonanza?

There are no bonuses in Bingo Bonanza neither are Progressive jackpots provided in Bingo Bonanza.

  • The balls in Bingo Bonanza are marked with numbers ranging from 1 to 20000.
  • The player places a bet which can range from 0.50 credits up to 10 credits per game.
  • Once the bet has been placed all that remains is to hit the Play button.
  • The computer will then randomly throw out numbered bingo balls which bounce across the screen.
  • Six bingo balls are revealed and if any of the numbers on the balls match then a win is achieved.
  • The amount won is calculated by the value of the bet placed multiplied by the matching numbers that appear on the two balls. In this way, a player can win unheard of amounts of money if by luck, the matching numbers are 20000!

What can I find at Bingo Bonanza Interface?

The design of Bingo Bonanza imitates real bingo. There is a raffle drum with balls in the upper right corner. The chute in which they are rolled out is located below. The paytable is present on the left side. There are two sectors for markers near each multiplier.

The control panel of Bingo Bonanza has just a button Play that starts the game, Plus and Minus signs next to the window Stake, which is used to select the best size, and a window Win, in which the payout is shown.

The only user setting in Bingo Bonanza provides the opportunity to turn off the sound. If you click on the question mark, this will open the Help section.

Where to play Bingo Bonanza?

Rich Palms
Rich Palms Casino

You can play Bingo Bonanza at any Microgaming-powered online casino in Australia be it Rich Palms Casino, Casino Ozwin, or any other. When playing Bingo Bonanza at online casinos there are exciting and generous promotions to enjoy including sign-up bonus offers and ongoing deposit bonus offers.

Also at best online Australian casinos, customer service is available at the casino 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there are a number of secure and easy to use banking options for deposits and withdrawals.

There are various other bingo games to play at online casinos in Australia. Similar to Bingo Bonanza is the Dragon’s Fortune game.  Dragon’s Fortune is a Chinese-themed game with a fiery dragon spewing out balls, whereas the Bingo Bonanza game is a cheery game of colored numbered bingo balls.

Both of these games can be played for fun or practice before placing real money bets, giving each player a chance to get to know the game. As bingo doesn’t need any strategy to play, the games of Bingo are simple to play, without much money to spend. Also, there are games of chance played in between your skill-based games of Blackjack or any other such casino games. To change your mood from the skill games you can play bingo and have fun.

Other instant games to play at online casinos in Australia

Some of the other instant games to play at online casinos in Australia like the game of Bingo are:

1. Keno

Keno a game of chance
Keno – a game of chance

It is like Bingo is a wonderful and fun game to play instant at online casinos. Therefore, here you play with numbers, and you are given a table of numbers that range from 1 to 80. For instance, players have to choose 1 to 10 numbers from the given table, much like Bingo. The numbers are then drawn and depending on how many of them you got right, you get a payout. It is simple to play and doesn’t need any winning strategy like a Bingo game.

2. Scratch Cards

Scratch card games to play
Scratch card games to play

It is like lotto games that you play at The Lott Australia. At online casinos instead of paper cards, you are given video scratch card games or scratchies where you reveal the right combination and get the prize instantly. In addition, there are hundreds of scratch card games at online casinos that are powered by different top-notch gaming providers.

3. Dice Games

How to win the game of dice - Craps
Craps – a dice game

Dice games are also instant fun games to play at online casinos. Two popular dice games to play are Sic Bo and the game of craps. Both the games are games of chance.

Sic Bo is played with three dice, where you have to place your bets by putting chips on areas depicting outcomes you want to bet on The dealer shakes three dice closed in a tiny chest (or the game software “rolls” the dice and shows their random outcomes). You win for every number or sum you have predicted and lose if your predictions were wrong.

Craps on the other hand are played with two six-sided dice are used in the game. The player who throws the dice is called “the shooter,” and if you play in a live casino, every player at the table can have the opportunity to roll. In a single roll of the dice, there are a number of combinations in which a player can wager.

There is the main game, known as the “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass” line, but there are many different combinations where you can try and predict how the dice will land. The video should get you started and able to walk up to your first craps table with enough knowledge to shoot the dice and play to win.

4. Roulette

Fair Go Casino - European Roulette
European Roulette

Roulette game is played at online casinos. This game has many game variations like Mini Roulette, French, European or American Roulette. In addition, there is a spinning wheel with a small ball and a game table where you place your bets. Once in your game, you’re ready to place your first bet. You’ll need to select the chip size that you’d like to bet with. You can then click on the table layout to place your bet.

Once your bets are placed, click the “Spin” button. As a result, the wheel will come to a stop and the ball will settle in a pocket. After that, the wheel is spun and the ball is dropped into the wheel. If you’ve correctly predicted its final landing place then you’re a winner!

In addition, there are other mini-games that can be played in between a big game round of Blackjack or pokies and enjoy the games like Bingo.

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