What are eCogra Casinos?

What are eCogra Casinos
What are eCogra Casinos?

eCOGRA  (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation) casinos are online casinos that display the eCOGRA seal.  While playing pokies at casinos these seals are looked for by the players. It aims to raise the standards of online gaming and increase player protection. It is a not-for-profit organization with a focus on the betterment of the online gaming industry.

What is the history of eCOGRA?

It was founded in 2003 and based in London, eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is an independent agency that tests casino software and works as a player protection and standards group When it comes to online casinos and their software providers, it offers two main accreditations: The eCOGRA Safe and Fair Seal and the eCOGRA Certified Software Seal. Casinos that carry the Safe and Fair Seal generally are considered to practice responsible behaviors, offer fair gameplay, and offer services that protect players. This rating is audited by on-site visits by eCOGRA.

What is the eCOGRA Seal


You must have seen the Seal of Approval displayed on the home page of most of the casinos. This seal of approval was one of the most significant contributions that it has made to online gaming. The online casino that mee a high level of standards get this seal. All online casinos with the Seal of Approval are eCOGRA casinos meaning that they are members of the organization. Such casinos require reviews, inspections, and continuous monitoring. You can assure that when such casinos display their seal, they have met the high standards that eCOGRA expects.

What are eCOGRA Casinos Standards

It focuses on areas such as responsible business practices, player protection, security features, transparency, fairness of the random number generator, honest advertising, comprehensible bonus terms, timely payouts, and more. Though, it is not simple to meet all of the requirements of eCOGRA and such casinos display their Seal of Approval with pride.

What does eCOGRA Dispute Mediation Department Do?

The role of this department is to help player’s stand up for their rights. For instance, you have a dispute with an eCOGRA approved casino and you are unable to resolve the dispute through the casino’s channels, you can turn to this body for support.

How to play at eCogra Casinos?

How to play at eCOGRA Casinos
How to play at eCOGRA Casinos

Like you play at any other casinos the same way you can play at such casinos. The advantage of playing at such casinos is that you can rest assured that the casino meets certain high levels of standards. In addition, you can assure of support and assistance if you are ever in the unfortunate position of a dispute with the online casino you are playing at.

Are all online casinos members of eCOGRA?

Not all online casinos are eCOGRA casinos. Because it is a lengthy and difficult process to become an eCOGRA casino. And many online casinos choose not to begin this process. And if once awarded; the eCOGRA seal the casinos have to maintain the set standards. As there are spot checks from time to time by the eCOGRA team. In today’s age when security and player protection is an important issues. Therefore, more and more online casino players are seeking out such casinos to play at. In addition to the difficulty involved in finding a reputable online casino to play at; finding such casinos makes your search that much simpler.

What are eCOGRA Casinos?

Casinos; featuring the eCOGRA seal; are trustworthy and transparent in the industry. eCOGRA compliance requires among other things that games are fair. The casino operates honestly and behaves responsibly, and monetary deposits are safe.

Here is a list of a few eCOGRA Casinos

Any online casino with eCOGRA’s suggested practices will always be there to ensure the completeness of records of player and game activity.

Information such as the following should be available to eCOGRA. Although it may not be available to individual players for competitive reasons and business confidentiality.

  • All player details, including identity verification methods, maximum bet levels, exclusion status, account details, any previous accounts held, plus session information.
  • In addition, time stamp information of gaming and betting activity
  • Reports of players who have been excluded, self-excluded or disqualified
  • Additionally, whatever database the online casino uses should be capable of generating reports of the following significant events:
  • Exclusions of players
  • Account creation
  • Also account deactivation
  • Transactions above a certain level
  • Changes to player account details
  • Changes to player maximum bets

While it by no means offers any sort of guarantee, it is a good sign when you see a casino that carries an official eCOGRA certification. This means that the group has agreed to be independently audited to ensure they are playing by the rules. Without being able to inspect the machines yourself, this is one of the best ways to make sure that you are playing at a safe casino.

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