Does eCogra Really Stand Behind the Best Online Casinos?

What is eCogra? Do they really stand behind the best online casinos?

eCOGRA is an organization that is based in London. The company has the accredits internationally as a testing agency for player protection and standards. Emphasis is on responsible and fair gambling. (

All requirements are put to place by continuous monitoring and all onsite reviews. When a casino meets all the requirements and standards it will receive the eCOGRA safe and fair seal.

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eCOGRA safe and fair seal

Safe and Fair Seal

All gambling operators that are online are open to getting accreditation. In order for the gambling operator to get the eCOGRA Safe and Fair Seal of Approval they need to meet the following circumstances:

eCOGRA’s seal’s compliance committee has to approve any operators and software providers

eCOGRA has eGAP, Generally Accepted Practices, in place and the operator and software providers have to comply

eCOGRA has a vision towards responsible and fair gaming and the operator and respected providers of their software have to share the same vision, and not only prove, but have the highest level available of integrity.

Process for Certification


When an operator applies for the eCOGRA Safe and Fair Seal, both eCOGRA and the operator will sign an agreement. The process is as follows:

In order for the operator to maintain the said Seal, they have to submit to annual compliance reviews that are ongoing.

In order to ensure all policies and procedures are in place by the operator for protecting player, responsible operator behavior and fair gaming follows the best standards for practice, eCOGRA will conduct annually factual finding reviews on-site to make sure the operator is following relevant eGAP Standards applicable to the casino, bingo, sports-book operators, and poker at the premises of the operator.

Investigative Compliance Reports will have the documented details of the review findings

The operations manager reports to about any non-compliance areas and eCOGRA is happy to help with rectifying the areas when reasonably possible.

When areas rectifies back to eGAP Standards and eCOGRA can make the confirmation then they get the Seal once again.

Requirements of eGAP

All requirements applicable are there, in each eGAP area, with a checkmark in the O column of eGAP document.

Who Owns eCOGRA?

Who Owns eCOGRA
Who Owns eCOGRA

In March 2011, eCOGRA was bought out by their management, and Andrew Beveridge, who was the Chief Executive, led everything. It is still considered ownership of independence.

Even though there is no particular person instead there is a group of management who owns eCOGRA and keeps it running smoothly.

eCOGRA is in place for helping players when there is a dispute with one of the approved casinos. The measures for filing a dispute you can find at or the following:

  • Problem needs to be a minimum of two weeks old and there have been attempts for negotiating a solution
  • Players with multiple accounts or have participated in nefarious behavior should not request assistance
  • Case terminates immediately if you seek help elsewhere or post on forums
  • Keep all correspondence between you and casino until we ask for the documents
  • Enquire should be to the point
  • They will contact you within two business days and you get the update once every two weeks
  • eCOGRA is in place to help with mediation between the two parties
  • If a grievance volatilities the eGAP your seal of approval is cancel
  • Players jurisdiction could prohibit us from becoming involved
  • If eCORGA feels the disputes is not valid, you get information and we back out of the dispute

For more information on disputes and our policies visit

Importance of eCorga Approved Casinos

When playing at eCOGRA approved casinos players can rest knowing their payments are prompt, information is stored safely, games are random, advertising is honest, and the operator has responsible behavior.

Instead of trying to guess which casino is good or bad eCORGA has done all the work for you. When the Seal of Approval is given to a casino they will be checked and rechecked periodically. If there is a dispute eCORGA has a resolution process in place. So playing at eCORGA approved casinos puts players’ minds at ease. Below are the two major gaming software providers.



When it comes to providers of casino solutions Microgaming is quite popular. Because of their unending commitment to improve players’ gambling experience on the Internet, players just love the brand.

Microgaming was actually the first to enter into the business of launching casinos and now has 120 that they power along with 40 different poker rooms in more than 24 languages.

There are more than 600 games players can enjoy and every month about four new ones are there to play. Players will need the technology Flash for playing the games and you can enjoy the software that is free to download.



It is been around since 1999. They are popular for the gaming software development they provide. When casinos pair with Playtech they know the company is capable of conquering platforms and making them a cross-platform. This means players all around can enjoy games since they can access them online, through broadcasts, gaming terminals that are online, or through the mobile device all this with only a single account. Some of Playtech’s top gaming applications are:

  • Poker
  • Sports betting
  • Casino
  • Bingo
  • Casual games
  • Fixed odd games
  • Live gaming

Casinos are opening up all the time and offering their games online. If a player feels uneasy about the casino then look for the eCORGA Seal. Once players see the Seal they have come to realize this means the casino handles their games fairly and players can enjoy their winnings quicker.

eCORGA is in place to make sure things are done fairly for the players by the casino. If there are problems that are found the casino will have to fix how they are doing things or risk losing the Seal that players look for. When there is a dispute between a player and a casino then reach for eCORGA. They are in place for making decisions, but as a mediator to help both sides come to a fair conclusion about the problem at hand. Even well know software providers will have to follow any guidelines that eCORGA has in place. This helps keep everything honest and running smoothly at all times.

It is true the only managers are those who own eCOGRA, but these managers were already in place before they purchased the company. This is still an independent company that is based in London and on the same Mission today that it was when they first appeared on the scene for casinos years ago.


So if you are looking for a casino that you know can be trusted with money, gaming, and your personal information then always look for the backing of eCOGRA. Not all casinos have met the requirements for earning the Seal and that is why you will not find them linked to eCOGRA. What are you waiting for? Get ready to gamble at some of the top spots the Internet has to offer and win a jackpot or two along the way!

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