Can I Predict the Outcome of Pokies Machines Online?

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Can I Predict the Outcome of Pokies Machines When I Play them Online?

Playing pokies in land casinos is quite different from playing pokies at online casinos. At land based casinos you hear of many stories; where pokies cheats use their cunning mind to predict the outcome of the pokies machines. Because in land casino you are interacting with a live pokie machine; and such pokie cheats are able to predict the outcome of the random number generator attached to some older styled video pokies.

This is illegal thing to do; and also these cheats are well trained to do such a crime; where they hack a computer program that runs these machines; and when playing it such people have been able to pinpoint accuracy; and predict when to press the start button on that pokies to get a winning spin.

But playing a pokies game in an online casino there is a central random number generator; and when you click onto the spin button to send the pokies reels spinning it is at that moment in time a random number will be generated, and and that number will then be used to determine if the next spin will be a winning or losing spin.

Pokies Machine is Fool Proof

Pokies Machine is Fool Proof
Pokies Machine is Fool Proof

That system is foolproof and highly secure, and as the random number generator is in a highly secure area with no one having access to it; then you can rest assured that you are going to be playing fair, and random pokies machines when playing at any of online casino site of repute.

Many licensed and regulated casinos are also required to have their random number generators audited once a year at least, and when they are a report is produced which certifies that they are producing completely random; and unpredictable numbers which in turn guarantees the pokies; you are playing linked up to that random number generator are fair and true.

You may Lose or Win

Often there are both winning and losing session; when playing pokies game online but above all else each spun will be random.

All the online casinos that are well reputed; maintain high secure standards and are fully licensed; and regulated in at least one jurisdiction and offer certified fair and random pokies games. That means you are always going to have a very wide; and varied selection of different pokies game to play with various themes and structures. As such you are going to find three reel; and classic pokies on offer at such casino sites; along with plenty of video pokies games fruit machines and progressive jackpot paying pokies games too.

Pokies Machine outcome is Unpredictable

Pokies Machine outcome is Unpredictable
Pokies Machine outcome is Unpredictable

Now that you must have understood  that you cannot predict the outcome of pokies machines when you play them online, only thing is that you have full control over the stake levels you can play any of the pokies games at these best casino sites. You will also find that if you play them via the free play options; the free play demo mode pokies have the exact same payout percentages; as the real money versions of each of those games too; so you can play them for free and get a true feel for how they will all play; and pay when you switch over to playing them for real money.

So when you opt to play pokies games at online casinos, then look up the long term potential payout percentages that each pokies machine has to return to players over the long term. There will be lots of different payout percentages; however, what you should ideally be looking for are the pokies games that have a payout percentage of at least 96% as those pokies will; over your long term play give you more winning spins and more of your stake money back as winning payouts.

Online casinos thus offer completely fair and random pokie machines of different styles and themes for you to win and enjoy playing.

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