Can Pokies Machine Play with Me and not Let me Win?

Is pokies machines playing with me
Is Pokies Machine Playing with me and not Letting me Win?

Wow, this question seems to be really interesting. Also the answer to this is quite amazing. Like many humans playing tricks on you and making you fool, pokies machines also do the same. But like some so called tricky humans not all humanity is to be blamed; and so all pokies machine do not play with you but you play with them and win big too. Let’s find out if pokies machine playing with you?

Pokies Machine Play with Me

Many a times you must have felt that you are almost there to win the huge jackpot; but your reels stopped just short of your winning line or symbol. The frustration in you speaks up some bad words cursing your luck or the machine. This is the many little tricks that casino pokies machines use to keep you playing. Once in a while such incidence can happen where you got short of a few lines to win; but if it happens again and again, certainly the machine is just playing with you and not letting you win.

Near Miss Tactic

This pokies machine tactic is called a “near miss” and is “supposed” to be illegal in most instances; it’s been deemed by regulatory officials years ago to be very intentionally misleading for the player. However, that doesn’t seem matter one bit because pokies machines do this all the time, everywhere. Many players will often say “it’s trying to give me the jackpot”; and they will keep putting money in, over and over.

Even though there are rules in place for the pokies machine industry you can count on every pokies machine out there to basically play by their own rules. The thousands of lines of code inside a pokies machine are designed “most of the time” to let you win a little, feel an adrenaline rush and then take all your money.

What you need to do?

Is Pokies Machine Playing with me and not Letting me Win?
What you need to do?

Obviously you don’t need to let the pokies machines play with you isn’t it. Also you needn’t curse yourself or the machine. What you need to do is if you see that a certain pokie machine is gobbling up your money and you are not winning simply change the machine and hop to other one to try your luck.

Understand that pokies have to pay out big sometimes or no-one would play them, that’s the game- but if you are playing a machine and it starts to dangle a big jackpot near miss in front of you over and over, this is actually a great time to switch machines because as long as it’s playing that game with you it’s not letting you hit smaller good stuff like free spins and bonuses because its focused on tantalizing you to stay and put more money in.

Also though you initially stake low you need to understand that to really win big you have to hit the max bet  and if you win make a stop and do not wager more as you might lose also.

Note that pokies machines surely take advantage of people with addictive personality types and people who are easily tricked so you need not form a habit but play occasionally for fun. Such pokies machines mislead you so you need to judge the pokies play wisely and do not allow such machines to take away your money in the hope that they will allow you to win.

Always spin and play responsibly is what is advised in the end.

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