Advantages of Playing Live Casino Games

Advantages of playing live dealer
What are Advantages of Playing Live Casino Games with a Live Dealer or a Virtual Dealer?

At online casinos live casinos offer live dealer games to be enjoyed with real money even on your mobile or tablet. The games offered are mostly table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and many others. 

Many online casinos have started offering virtual dealer games which is essentially software that’s programmed to deal cards and give out chips. Here you can find the advantages of playing either with a live dealer or a virtual dealer at online casinos.

Types of Virtual Dealers

But first, you need to understand the types of virtual dealers. You will see that lot of online casinos have software-based virtual dealers that either can’t be seen or is depicted with a static graphic. An example of the latter is when online casinos put a dealer graphic at the top of a table, but the dealer doesn’t move. Software-based dealers are the oldest and most common type found at online casinos. You see these versions available in basic online table games.

The benefit of software-based dealers is that you can focus on the game without worrying about special effects like virtual reality dealers moving around or a chatty casino dealer. The downside is that these software programs don’t add anything to your game experience.

Live dealers on the other hand are real live human beings that you can see and interact with as you play casino games The best thing about live dealer gaming is that it brings the land-based casino experience to your mobile device or PC. The downside is that you don’t have the same freedom as you do with software-based dealers, where you control the game.

VR dealers create more realistic experience

Then there are these days so called Virtual Reality dealers that is soon gaining momentum at online casinos with more of VR games being provided to players. As opposed to the software-based versions, VR dealers will look and move like a human. The advantage of this is that VR dealers create a more realistic experience. But some players may opt for the simpler software-based approach.

Electronic or virtual dealers provide table games that make all of your moves on a small blackjack screen. The dealer is featured on a big screen in the middle of all the smaller blackjack screens.

The dealer will either be a detailed software-based figure or a prerecorded human dealer. In the case of the software-based dealer, they behave and act much like what you’d see in virtual reality.

The pre recorded human dealer will say and perform a number of actions. But these are all generic things that are programmed to play out based on each situation.

Advantages of Playing Live Casino Games

Live dealer games at online casinos

As now you have understood from above description the types of virtual dealers the advantages of playing are as follows:

You can control the speed of the game. As human dealers need to keep games moving at a reasonable speed, because this helps casinos increase their profits. Though many players want the game to move in a steady pace as done by human dealers; but there’ll be times where you’d like to control the game speed yourself.

This is where virtual dealers are great because they don’t decide the game flow. Instead, you decide when hands are dealt, chips are laid down, and actions are taken. This advantage is more often suited when you either don’t feel like playing at a quick speed; or want to take breaks in the middle of the action. The latter is great because you don’t have to cash your chips in; and leave your seat to take a break.

Then there’s the fact that you can minimize theoretical losses by dealing less hands per hour. This is good for when you want to avoid the previous situation, where you’re losing more money because you’re seeing so many hands per hour.

The only time when you don’t control the game speed online is in live dealer gaming. But you can control the action in software-based, VR, and land-based virtual games.

You don’t need to tip your virtual dealer or tip live casino online dealer.

You needn’t carry chips around when changing games because the software automatically tracks your chips. This means that you can move from table to table; and your chips (bankroll) will appear instantly when you sit down.

Like land casinos; you also don’t have to give your players club card to the dealer at virtual dealer game; or online live dealer game.

How to play Live Dealer Game

How to play Live Dealer Game
How to play Live Dealer Game

All you need is to sign up at the online casino of your choice make a deposit; and place your real money bet and the software automatically doles out your VIP rewards accordingly.

Virtual dealers are emotionless and so don’t have feelings, coworkers, or personal lives. Even in the case of live dealer casinos, the dealers are generally more affable than your average land-based dealer. The reason is that they’re supposed to keep a fun, party-like atmosphere going. So you needn’t worry about how they will treat you because they have neither seen you nor met you; but only play online and make your gameplay more thrilling.

Also with virtual and live dealer games online your game cards are dealt instantly. Cards appear instantly whenever you click “deal.” This is nice for times; when you want to cut out the extra wait time and get straight to playing hands.

They make gambling sessions a fun

A fun human dealer can turn a good casino night into a great one. Some dealers have a great sense of humour or interesting personality and liven up the table. This is another area where live dealer gaming can almost be like the real thing. After all, live casino dealers are supposed to make gambling sessions a fun affair.

All things said it’s your choice ultimately to play with a virtual dealer or live dealer at online casinos. For me, virtual dealers are not fun as they don’t interact; but to practice the game I don’t know or understand virtual dealer games are boons for me. But on the other hand; live dealers online at live casinos are the best way to make friends with them, chat with them, play with them and of course, admire them; and their skill to place cards on the table and politely talk over your losses and wins.

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