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Couch Potato
Couch Potato pokie

Couch Potato plays out over three reels; and just one payline and it’s similar to some of Microgaming’s older pokies in that the reels take up the entire screen space; leaving no room for any sort of background image. The only real clue to the theme when you first load the game up is the appearance of a slouching, anthropomorphic potato, lounging above the reels.


There are a traditional selection of symbols on the show and the most valuable symbol is the Couch Potato television ; which can be worth up to 15000 coins. It’s also the wild symbol; and one or two contributing to a winning payline will multiply that win by 5x or a hefty 25x.

You can bet between 0.25 and 15.00 per spin, a single payline and wild wins. The wild symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game. 3 of these in a row will reward you with the biggest payout you can get, but that’s not easy thing to do in this game. As standard, the wild symbol will multiply by 5 any wins it’s involved in.

The theme might be a little weird, with a sprouting spud lazing about on the couch, but this single reel, 3 reel pokie provides plenty of classic action and entertainment.

Betting Range

A betting range from 0.25 up to 15.00 per spin might not provide the biggest range for betters, but what it does offer you is three levels of payouts depending on if you choose to play with 1, 2 or 3 coins.

That means if you get two wilds in a winning combination of symbols, you’ll be rewarded with 25 times the original win, due to the wilds multiplying each other. You can go a good 20 spins without a single win, and even when the win comes it can be not much more than 2x to 5x your bet.

Remote Control at the Ready

Remote Control at the Ready
Remote Control at the Ready

Couch Potato has a great user interface, so you are not going to want to get out of your seat when this title is in full flow, as this game is made so easy to play. The control system for this game is found at the bottom of the screen, this interface is fantastic as it has all the buttons you need to be laid out in an organised fashion. You can see the display options for lines, coins, bet, and win above the buttons. The buttons below are bet one, bet max, and spin.

To the left of all this, you can find your total balance, along with numbers related to payline activation. If you are wondering what coin is, it is basically a bet multiplier. So, if you have 3 coins and you are betting $5, you will be betting a total of $15. Simple in execution, even novices will find Couch Potato easy to play.

Effortless and Good for Players

Couch Potato is a three-reel pokie with one pay-line, which sort of tells the story regarding the degree of gameplay it offers up. When you spin these reels, they move so fast that it comes complete with a motion blur effect. On your land reels, there is a satisfying knock sound, which works very well with this pokies game, fitting in with the theme. When you look at the right of the reel, you can look at the pay-table in all its glory. This pay-table has three different columns that show different monetary values for symbols featured on the reels.

1-2-3 and A-B-C

You may be wondering, how does this work? How can this game be so versatile through its minimal number of paylines? Well, when you have only one coin in the pokies, you will have column one lit. When you have two coins, you will have column two lit. When you have three coins, column three will be lit. As you can expect, the third column will be worth the most, but you will also have to bet the most.

Easy Going but More Active Than Ever

Easy Going but More Active Than Ever
Easy Going but More Active Than Ever

Before we forget to mention, there is a bonus feature in these pokies. The wild symbol in this game is the Couch Potato. This couch potato is rather powerful in this game, as one wild will substitute itself to complete any active payline. Plus, it will pay 5x the winning combination too. If you get two wilds to substitute, you will get 25x the winning combination. He may be a couch potato, but he sure puts in the work when it comes to big wins.

The Most Exciting Couch Potato Around!

This classically styled pokies will not let you down, as Couch Potato proves to be a surprisingly active title. So, if had any plans to do anything later, forget them because they are gone, as this new Microgaming release is sure to have you hooked. In all seriousness, this is a really fun game and if you enjoy classic pokies, then you will love Couch Potato.

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