What to do in Case Casino Doesn’t Pay your Wins?

You have Won but your Online Casino is not Willing to Pay
You have Won but your Online Casino is not Willing to Pay- What to do?

“Jackpot winner angry he was refused his winnings” reports AOL. “A man who won $57 million from a slot machine is taking the casino to court after it told him it was a software error and refused to pay up” –reports a Swiss magazine.  Such news is often found from time to time where it is reported that the winner of a casino is not paid his winning amount.

Casino Doesn’t Pay your Wins

If you have Won but your Online Casino is not Willing to Pay- What to do? In this situation, you may be worried about what to do? Here are the few suggested steps you can find to resolve.

Steps to Resolve

1. Gather your Documents


While playing at the online casino you must have registered at the casino website.  You should gather all your registration information together when online Casino is not Willing to Pay. Having the details of the particular games and the winning amount, the email received from the casino if any from the beginning to the end. Now send these documents together to the casino or fax them to remind the casino of your winning amount and its delay. Note not to send original documents.

2. Communication with Casino

Communication with Casino
Communication with Casino

You can call customer support at the online casino; or use the live chat option if it is available, and speak to customer service Online Casino is not Willing to Pay. Ask them politely about your rewards; and do not forget to ask the person with whom you are speaking for an explanation. If the person you’re speaking with is not being helpful, just ask to speak to the customer service manager. If possible record your conversation or screen capture live chat. Avoid emails for support regarding money and payment issues. You can use an email effectively to confirm the content of the conversation in writing; and secure a backup record of your complaint in writing.

3. Stay Calm and Positive

Stay Calm and Positive
Stay Calm and Positive

Be calm and do not make threats and show your anger. Online casinos do not like or react to rude behaviour, and may “blacklist” with their casino and their affiliates.
If all the options run out at first attempt; the option of back charging your credit card remains open to you. Even if you do feel there is no other recourse and resort to back charging, this is an option to discuss with your banks like all your banking options and decisions and not with merchants, or customer service representatives with the casino.
If still your issue is not resolved then follow the following four options.

4. Report to the Licensing Jurisdictions

Stay Calm and Positive
Stay Calm and Positive

Approaching the Australian laws regarding misrepresentations and fraudulent transactions might be a futile exercise. Because many of such casinos that play fraud online might not be registered or licensed in Australia. If you but do think of the Australian Law; then first search about this online casino whether it is registered here or not.  And if not then contact the casino’s licensing jurisdiction.

It is probably in your best interests; after reporting the matter of the complaint to the licensing jurisdiction, to proceed on to other suggestions; rather than waiting for anything to be resolved by the licensing jurisdiction. Because you may not want to wait for such a long time.

5. Report to Online Casino Forums

Report to Online Casino Forums
Report to Online Casino Forums

This can be the best deal. At once go to various online casino forums; and start posting about your problem, informing other players of what has happened to you. You will start getting feedback on your problem with useful advice. Maybe some advice is helpful to you.

6. Go to a Casino Advocate Online

Go to a Casino Advocate Online

Several online casino websites offer help to players who feel that they have been duped by an online casino.  Known as Casino Advocates; these websites will ask you to make a statement; and provide it to them after you have thought carefully; and declared that your complaint is a matter of financial impropriety.  Be patient and wait for them to tell you what is going on with your complaint.

Do not contact the casino- after you’ve given the casino advocate website the complaint; they will inform you whether the issue is resolved and a cheque is coming your way, or whether they were unable to persuade pressure or force the casino to pay up.

7. Banking Help- The last Resort

. Banking Help- The last Resort
. Banking Help- The last Resort

If all the above fails it is better for you need to get in touch with your bank, credit card company or the provider of the eWallet service or another online payment system that you used to make the transactions. Keep in mind that chargebacks are too used as a last resort not so popular in the online gaming world. Your bank will nearly always be on your side in the dispute and may suggest options available to you before a chargeback is necessary, but will likely suggest this option after all else has failed.

They will apply pressure on the online casino and such attempts at persuasion may be more successful.

Remember after all your attempt you ultimately need to contact your bank and arrange a charge back, if you have documentary proof of your attempt to negotiate with the casino, perhaps you can show this to future casinos that may attempt to deny your registration due to the charge back on your financial record.

It is always better to search and find out about any fraud associated with casinos you visit for play or many illegal casinos working still though might have been banned. Next comes safe and secure online transactions. Just click on the “security” link or similar given on the website and if such information is not accessible, this is a good warning sign not to spend your money there.  Always find and play on the best online casinos that have good reviews and game ratings. Have a safe and secure play!

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