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Winning At The Casino
Is it Possible to Win a No Deposit Bonus at a Casino?

You might have seen that many casinos offer “No Deposit Bonus” to its players from time to time. These bonuses usually range from $10 to $60 and they have pretty good wagering requirements.  As the name suggests you do not need to deposit anything to redeem the bonus. All you have to do is sign up with any online casino and claim it on the banking section or at the cashier.

The terms and conditions of these bonuses include minimum and maximum cash out requirements as well as wagering or play through requirements. It is to prevent the casino from a huge loss if you hit a massive jackpot win. In Casinos the bonus has to be wagered 30 times on games like on pokies and scratch cards before cash out is requested. That is why it is always good to carefully read and consider the bonus terms and conditions.

So is there any possibility to win from a no deposit bonus at the casino? The answer to the question is a mixed bag both “Yes” and “No”.

Yes it is possible to win- As you know it is all a game of chance and probability. It has been found out that when a player starts playing up to 50 casinos with an average bonus amount of $20, he/she is bound to win at least once. The chances of winning at least once out of 50 casinos is very high, and the average is somewhere around one cashout win in every 15 no deposit bonuses.

Strategies for Winning No Deposit Bonus

Strategies for Winning No Deposit Bonus
Strategies for Winning No Deposit Bonus

There is no set strategy for winning no deposit bonus. But certain things taken into consideration can help a lot.

As said above there are plenty of online casinos that offer various no deposit bonuses: different amounts, different play through and different maximum cash out. Before you visit the casino, spend time in searching for the option that gives you the best odds.

The three parameters to look for

1. Maximum Cash Out

This states the amount you can withdraw using the free bonus. As an example if you take an amazing no deposit bonus of $50 with very low wagering requirements of $100, it won’t help you if the maximum cash out is $5. The common rule is that the maximum cash out is 5 times the bonus amount. So if you have something better then stick to it and if not look further.

2. Bonus amount

In most cases, higher bonus amount will lead to higher max cash out. $20 no deposit bonus in most cases will have a $100 cash out.

3. Wagering requirements

This is the total amount of bets you need to place before you can make a withdraw. The amount is usually represented by the number of times you need to play the bonus. The common wagering requirement varies from 30 to 100 times. Lower wagering means better odds that you will be able to clear the bonus.

How much to Bet

How much to Bet
How much to Bet

Bet neither too much nor too less. As an example you get a $10 bonus. If you bet $10 per spin, you have only one opportunity to hit something, which is obviously not good. If you bet $0.01, the amount is too small, meaning even if you hit something, in most cases it won’t be enough to give you a significant amount to complete the wagering. Set the bet per spin so it will allow you to make 40-50 spins.

While playing pokies, make sure you are betting the full lines whether it is a multi line pokies like 10, 20 or more pay lines. By not betting the full set of lines, you might be missing out on a larger jackpot win or chance to catch a win.

Do not Cash out winnings Before meeting Wagering Conditions

Do not Cash out winnings Before meeting Wagering Conditions
Do not Cash out winnings Before meeting Wagering Conditions

If you do win big and want to cash out, make sure you don’t cash out before meeting the wagering requirements. When you cash out and don’t meet the wagering, the casino will simply nullify your win and not pay anything and cite the terms and conditions were not met. If you don’t know how much you have wagered or need to know how much more to go, ask live chat or email customer support to double check.

If you do win and cash out, you are required to make a deposit before withdrawing which is part of all casinos terms and conditions to make sure you are a real player so be sure to create a real account and don’t fake anything. In case you do and win, the no deposit casinos will use that as an excuse not to pay out.


Finally you must have got the answer. You can win if acted attentively while playing no deposit bonus. Though there is no sure way to win but it is a free bonus to enjoy the game and learn to play like a pro.

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