Will Unibet Ever Stop Robbing Players

All these games attempt to cover up this website’s troubled past.

When gambling online, you need to do your research. Even though there are plenty of online casinos & sportsbooks, not all of them are legitimate. What makes things even more complicated is the shocking lack of regulation in the online casino industry. Pretty much anyone can open up a string of websites that accredit each other. With enough money, you can have an official-looking online casino up & running in no time. There are also many strategic countries to register your online casino to make prosecution impossible. Since online companies can be based anywhere in the world, there are many loopholes for scamming casinos to evade the law.

Just because a casino looks flashy doesn’t mean that they are honest. Since they don’t pay out their players, scam casinos have plenty of cash to create an awesome web design. They can even pack their site with cutting edge games that could entice even the most speculative player. With all these masks the only way that you will see an online casino’s true colours is through research.

For this reason, we are featuring rogue casinos that are still operating to this day. We don’t want them to continue sullying the name of online gambling. So take a look & be prepared to be blown away by what you see.

Scammer of the Week: Unibet Casino

This company has destroyed its credibility with its actions.

This is one of the most infamous sports books in the history of the industry. They have earned this unwanted attention with their ruthless business tactics. Since they close their client’s accounts with impunity, they have used this extra money to acquire more sportsbooks. This has made them incredibly difficult to track & they are still ripping off players to this day.

Unibet is a malevolent pioneer of the online sports books industry. They have been in business since 1997, making them one of the first industry powerhouses. They have attempted to cloak their nefarious operation by trading publicly in Stockholm, donating to charity & lobbying for responsible gambling. Unite also has a good looking site that’s absolutely packed with games.

Don’t let this charade fool you, Unibet only wants to steal your money. Ever since 2010, watchdog sites have been bombarded with complaints about Unibet. They are notorious for closing people’s accounts, confiscating their winnings & giving no explanation.

Option of easily close and freeze any account by casino

All these options are meant to create the perfect trap.

Even though countless people have filed complaints, nothing has happened to Unibet & they continue to operate. This is because Unibet is strategically licensed & has themselves covered by an outrageous clause in their terms & conditions. They are licensed in Malta, a country where customers have no legal clout against online casinos. However their most powerful weapon is section 3.2.1 in their terms & conditions:

“3.2.1 Unibet reserves the right at its own discretion and at all times, to:
a. decline to open a Unibet Account and/or to close an existing Unibet Account without any explanation whatsoever
b. decline to accept deposits without any explanation whatsoever;”

This gives Unibet free reign to randomly close people’s accounts & freeze their assets. It’s basically a license to do whatever they please & they are taking full advantage of it. They have ripped off countless players, refused to give explanations & repeatedly evaded prosecution.


To this day Unibet continues to scam unsuspecting players. They have used their illicit funds to acquire multiple online sportsbooks. To date they have acquired MrBookmaker, Betchoice & Bet24. This has allowed them to tap into more client bases & rip them off. Do yourself a favor & stay away from this dangerous group of criminals!

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