Will Oddsmaker Ever Pay Their Players?

Unknown to most players, nefarious casinos continue to operate openly after scamming bettors. Even though these casinos have racked up negative reviews in every watchdog group imaginable, there are still more people to prey on. To avoid falling into this trap, educate yourself with this article.

Oddsmaker Ever Pay Their Players

The players who fall victim to casinos scams are those who put their trust in fancy sites. Just because an online casino has a flawless design & many actions packed games doesn’t make it legitimate. Since they are refusing to pay out their players they have plenty of spare cash to embellish their site & create top of the line games. Upon visiting these stylish sites, some people automatically assume that they are playing by the rules.

This fresh influx of naïve players allows rogue casinos to continue operating with impunity. After the first group gets ripped off they quit playing & another group of bright-eyed players comes in to replace them. There’s no official regulation of online casinos, so the only thing that will shut them down is when their business dries up.

To break this vicious cycle, we must spread the word about malicious casinos. For this reason, we are showcasing online casinos scammers who are still in business to this day. Take a look so you can steer clear of these criminal organizations.

Scammer Casino of the Week: Oddsmaker Casino

The dream quickly turns into a nightmare with Oddsmaker Casino.

When it comes to blacklisted casinos, few have ripped off more players than Oddsmaker Casino. Over the years they have caused an uproar throughout the gaming community with their shenanigans. It doesn’t matter how big your payout is, you will never see a dime. They have stolen indiscriminately from every player who has been unfortunate enough to play with them.

Oddsmaker is the child company of FutureBet Systems, one of the most notorious scammers in the history of online gaming. They have stolen millions from players worldwide with their wide network of online gambling sites. With hundreds of sites at their disposal, they have used their vast network to cover up their crimes. They have rebranded multiple times to avoid detection, recently becoming IGaming Software (IGS) and GameTech Solutions. Even though they have many names, Oddsmaker is still their flagship brand.

Oddsmaker has Impressive Site

Oddsmaker has Impressive Site
Oddsmaker has Impressive Site

When you first visit Oddsmaker you are greeted with an impressive site. It’s extremely well designed & showcases hundreds of different betting opportunities. Don’t let all the glamour fool you, it was paid for with the hard-earned cash that they stole from their players.

Throughout the year’s Oddsmaker has racked up more bad reviews than we can mention in this article. They have repeatedly shown that once you deposit, you can kiss that money goodbye. Oddsmaker uses a system of questionable cash out policies that ensure that you aren’t eligible to collect your winnings. Even if you don’t break one of their many rules, they will deactivate your account if you manage to win big.

$1000 Deposit Bonus


One of the ways they encourage new players to join is through their $1,000 deposit bonus. This 100% match deposit is enough to turn heads. Unfortunately, it’s a trick to get you to deposit. One player used this bonus to win $45,000, & when he tried to cash out his account was deactivated. Oddsmaker claimed that they confiscated the winnings because the victim was a professional bettor & ran his gambling site. This couldn’t have been further from the truth, but that doesn’t matter to Oddsmaker.

Even if the amount you win is relatively small, you can expect to never see it with Oddsmaker. One player joined a blackjack free-roll tournament and won $2,900. His joy quickly turned into anger when Oddsmaker refused to pay, telling him that he didn’t meet the minimum hand requirements. This was a bald-faced lie, but it didn’t stop them from keeping all the cash.

Actions like these are being repeated by Oddsmaker to this day. They use their 50% Affiliate program to bring new victims into their web. While you will be paid punctually while on the plan, as soon as you deposit you will become another statistic. They even use this system to pay off people to give them positive reviews across the web. So do yourself a favour & never play with Oddsmaker or FutureBet!

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