Will Betfair Turn on Its Players Again?

One of the most infamous casinos to turn bad.

When betting online, you are also taking a gamble when you choose an online casino to play at. Unfortunately the industry has many rogue casinos who are completely untrustworthy. They are notorious for luring in unsuspecting players with their flashy sites & cutting edge games. These malevolent companies sully the name of the many reputable online casinos every time they take advantage of players.

Fortunately, word travels fast in the online gaming community. Once a casino crosses the line, casino Meister & other regulatory agencies blacklist them. Even companies who have already established themselves sometimes go bad. The enormous amount of cash flowing through this industry has a way of corrupting even the most valiant organizations. The key to gambling safely is staying on top of what’s trending. For this reason, we are showcasing the most infamous online casino scammers. The featured companies, may shock you since they are still in business to this day.

Scammer Casino of the Week: Betfair

All these accretions hide a troubled past.

Betfair is the perfect example of a popular online casino that changed colours. Before they destroyed their credibility they were one of the most respected casinos online. The craziest part is their reputation went down the drain in a matter of hours. This shocking twist was the direct result of their terrible reaction to a poorly planned promotion.

Betfair is popular for its extravagant promotions. For years they had made good on a variety of enticing promotions that included happy hour bonuses & more. They were the delight of the industry, with players hailing from around the world. All that changed on November 13th, 2010.

The week before that fateful date Betfair was already the talk of the industry. They were offering an unlimited bonus that was unheard of. For a 3 hour window, they were offering a 50% Casino Happy Hour Bonus to anyone who deposited up to £200. The best part was players could deposit up to £200 as many times as they desired during the promotion window.

Amazing Bonus Window

This caused a frenzy amongst the online gaming community. Word spread across every major forum about this fantastic bonus window. It was even named the most generous bonus offered in the history of online gambling!

This captivated the attention of players around the world & by the time the 3 hour window closed Betfair had lost hundreds of thousands of pounds. This was a disaster for the company & heads were rolling. Multiple people lost their jobs but the most shocking was still to come.

So many games to choose from…

Betfair could have easily taken the loss but what they did next is disgraceful. Shortly after the bonus ended players began getting banned left & right. Betfair went on a ferocious manhunt & locked out every player who participated in the bonus on top of confiscating their winnings. This includes cash outs of pending bonus wins before the offer. Not one player get a refund for their losses, so many lost even more than what they attempted to deposit during the Happy Hour Bonus!

Promotions blocked

Betfair sends out an email to everyone stating that they are blocked for not honouring the “spirit” of the promotion. This was a blatant lie, they just weren’t ready to honour their outrageous promotion. To this day the casino avoids talking about the promotion like the plague & no one has been reimbursed their cash.

This situation could have easily been avoided. If Betfair had just taken out their anger against the architects of the promotion instead of their customers they would still be respected. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case & they proved that they will make up their own rules whenever it suites them best. For this reason they are still blacklisted & we would never recommend that you play with them. Even though they claim to have cleaned up their act the next scam could be right around the corner.

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