Will Anyone Outdo These Epic Casino Scams

Casino Scam
Will Anyone Outdo These Epic Casino Scams

Ever since the introduction of casinos there have been people who were hell bent on scamming them out of loads of cash. The methods used to swindle casinos have evolved at an amazing rate, with incredibly complicated scams getting pulled off even to this day. Now that casinos are becoming more dependent on technology, they are unintentionally opening up doors to a whole new breed of criminals. With untold millions at stake, the allure of stealing money from casinos has attracted all sorts of well thought out tricks. Even though most of these adventures ended terribly for the scammers, there are still a handful of thieves who managed to pull off spectacular casino scams & got away with it. We compiled a list of the 3 most infamous casino scams that will forever live in infamy due to the fact that they got away with it.

3 most Infamous Casino Scams

3 most Infamous Casino Scams
3 most Infamous Casino Scams

Scam #3: The Cutter Gang

The Cutter Gang
The Cutter Gang

This infamous gang raked in millions of dollars by taking advantage of the standard dealer offer to “cut” the deck on the baccarat table. While cutting the deck one member would drag the “cutting card” across the deck while simultaneously separating the cards & artfully placing the card where they wanted it. They recorded the value & placement of the card with tiny cameras in their cuff links.

The member who cut would then excuse himself, go to the bathroom & then pass the info on to another member so they could hit winning hands. This worked like a charm until they got detained in Las Vegas in 2011 after suspiciously winning $1 million in one night. However, the authorities couldn’t find any wrongdoing so the group was released. They were later arrested for cheating casinos in the Philippines, but escaped prison & haven’t been heard from since.

Scam #2: Australia’s Ocean’s 11

Australia's Ocean’s 11
Australia’s Ocean’s 11

In 2013 one high roller pulled a stunt straight out of the famous film; when he walked away with $32 million in winnings from the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. It’s speculated that he pulled off this amazing feat by having an accomplice hack the security system. They used the powerful zooming capabilities of the casino cameras; to tell the high roller which hands to bet through a wireless ear piece. To this day the high roller still hasn’t been caught; & the Crown Casino is awash in allegations that it was an inside job.

Scam #1: The Roselli Brothers

A pair of scam artist calling themselves the Roselli Brothers; teamed up with a genius hacker to pull off one of the most intricate casino scam in history. From 1995 to 2000 the trio used a brilliant combo of identity theft; & perfect timing to scam casinos out of over $37 million. They achieved this incredible feat by stealing the identities of people; with amazing credit, opening up accounts in their names; depositing $50,000 into each account & getting casino credit with them.

From there they offset betting procedures & perfectly timed out betting schedules; to trick gambling officials into thinking that they were occasionally losing money; while the other accounts won big. For years they juggled these credit accounts until their accounts had casino credit lines that were worth millions each. They had their grand finale on New Year’s 2000 in Las Vegas; where they went through and made massive bets of over $100,000 on each hand.

They made off with millions in one night. It was such a well-planned out scheme; that it took the FBI 6 months to figure out that it even happened. But when they investigated they found out that the real Roselli brothers had died years before the scam took place. The trio disappeared with over $37 million, making this the most notorious casino scam of all time.

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