Will African Palace Keep Eluding Justice?

African Palace
One of the biggest band of online thieves.

When choosing an online casino you need to remember that not all casinos treat their customers equally. There are a handful of rogue casinos that are notorious for ripping off gamers. Education is key to avoid becoming the next victim.

Malevolent casinos thrive on the fact that it’s not easy to spot a scam casino. As the money goes back to them they have ample funds to create breathtaking websites & games. These tantalizing features are there to distract you from the fact that you are playing. They create the perfect trap that many unsuspecting gamers fall into.

Luckily for us a casino can only cheat so many players before the word gets out. We are featuring different casinos that are illegal as per the online community. This week we will cover the infamous African Palace Casino, enjoy!

Scammer Casino of the Week: African Palace Casino

African Palace
Don’t let their gorgeous web design fool you, this is a trap!

African Palace Casino is one of the most notorious online casinos in the world. They made headlines in South Africa after refusing to pat an 8.5 million Rand jackpot. Even after all this bad press they still managed to escape criminal charges & continue to operate to this day. They use a blatant system where they make up unique rules to get out of paying players.

Vertin Ltd owns African Palace Casino. Their headquarters are in London, England & has served as a strategic location to elude authorities in South Africa. Vestfin Ltd also owns Indio Casino & which affiliates with Commission365. Avoid all of these casinos like the plague.

Ever since being founded in 2003, African Palace Casino has been the centre of controversy. Within a year of their creation, they were already in hot water for not paying a 5 figure payment. African Palace customer support is nonexistent. They are known for being incredibly hostile to people who want to collect their winnings. Once the person becomes upset, they use it as an excuse to not pay them. Many people are still waiting to be paid from bets they won years ago.

Refuse to pay 8.5 Million Rand Jackpot

Hands down their worst offence were the refusal to pay out an 8.5 million Rand jackpot to 66-year-old Marie Van Wyk. This scandal made headlines across South Africa & embroiled the company in a heated battle with the winner. After becoming upset about their late payments Mrs Van Wyk was told this by the casino executive Denver Chetty:
“Listen, I don’t like your attitude. You’re not going to get a cent of your money anymore. And you can go the papers, and you can go to your lawyers because we’re an overseas company and they can’t do anything to us.”

African Palace
The new face of an international group of scammers.

Unfortunately, he was right. When this horrifying turn of events hit the news African Palace’s Durban office was flooded with reporters. The casino’s security guards attacked the reporters, broke their cameras & the story was swept under the rug. To this day the company has remained untouchable. They gave no justification for not paying Mrs Van Wyk.

The company tried to save face in 2011 by being bought out by Commission365. They tried to hide behind Commission365’s spotless public image. But many reports state that the same criminals are running the company.

While the number of complaints against this casino has cut down recently, they still are not reliable. They do not have respect for their customers & still owe massive payouts that they win years ago. Do yourself a favour & steer clear of African Palace & its affiliates!

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