Why Players Want To Play Pokies?

playing pokies
Playing pokies is fun

Almost all the players in Australia love pokies and they want to either play for entertainment or to make some wins. Many responsible players want to play pokies more for fun and do not chase it for wins. This means you play pokies responsibly and do not go crazy for pokies games. Why players want to play pokies have various reasons which you can find below.

1. Pokies are easy to play

First and foremost the pokies games are games of chance and do not require any skill to play which means gamers find this easy to play games. Whether you play at online casino or land casinos pokies work same way and only you need to spin the reels and let the RNG do the rest of the task to bring your winning combinations where either you win or lose.

2. Pokies machines installed at casinos are glamorous

Second reason is they are flash and glamorous like a sexy girl and you are attracted to its outer appearance. You want to feel the game and sit and play to know the game and then you are tempted by its winning wings and awesome graphics and sound that you get so engrossed in the game that you forget about the time wasted on the pokies game as well as losing your money.

3. Female love more pokies

The other reason that many experts believe is that gamers love the challenge and  to boost their “alpha” credentials, and ego among other players you go crazy for pokies. This is just as common for female players as it is for male players. No money could be involved, or millions may be at stake. Either way, the chance of proving yourself the better player to those you perceive to be your equals, is one of the greatest motivations to players.

4. Thrill to win

Then when seeing other player win the Mega Moolah or any other progressive pokie you are thrilled as how the pokies machine paid so much and made the gamer a millionaire overnight. You get excited and in that wave to win you continue pumping money on to the pokies game and lose what you had.

5. Want to get entertained

Many players want to play pokies game purely for the pleasure and social aspect. These players are unfazed by either winning or losing. Pokies is a fun game after all. Once you get through the adrenaline, the thrill and the tension, mounts when you play at land casino as well and the people gather around your pokies machine and looking at your game play and you feel pleasure in the cheers you receive when you play pokies. That social element of humanity comes into play again. For these players, pokies is no different from communal video games or a night in with wine and a movie.

6. Some go for money

Most players go crazy just to win. Though odds are not favourable in pokies game but still many players want only pokies to play and do all to win. These people play to supplement their income in a small way, but do not make or expect to make lots of money from the game.

Why people play pokies
Pokies offer great jackpots to win

7. Want to try something new

Few players go crazy over pokies to try out all the gaming machines whether it is pokies, bingo or even any table game at casino. Among these few players there are those that wish to learn the game and practice to play for real money in future.

8. Pokies are tax free in Australia

Australian pokies winners or lottery winners are luckier than a lot of other players around the world. Gambling taxation in Australia does not affect the average Australian winner directly as gambling taxation is effected on a corporate level, not an individual one. This is very different from many places around the world, As an example in the United States the winner pays the taxes on the winning prize

9. Want to make name and fame

There are few pokies fans that want to make their name and fame and want to become a pokies pro player. It’s because of the glamour of the game, the excitement of playing or spectating and because of the large amounts of jackpot money that are often involved, these gamers soon name themselves as professional pokies players and even makes few wins by regular playing a particular pokies game. They have a habit to visit the casino often and sit at pokies machines for some time and spin the reels.

In Australia playing pokies games and playing at Casinos is quite a popular trend. On an average Australian spends nearly eight thousand dollars a year on betting– including online sites, in casinos and on sporting events such as horse races or greyhound races or football games.

10. At online casinos pokies can even be played with mobile

Online casinos pokies are available instantly to play. Even with any kind of mobile smartphone. All you need is get a speedy internet and get going to play pokies whenever and wherever you want. Pokies at online casinos offer better odds to win and players are just fans of online casinos. Easily accessible at the comfort of your home pokies at online casinos come with loads of bonus offers. Even if you don’t have the own currency deposit at the site you can make friendly deposit in many other currencies including cryptocurrencies. Many online sites with pokies even allow you to play anonymously and no one can know that you play pokies.

11. Pokies have lots of variety

Pokies come from top notch gaming developers and popular being Microgaming, Betsoft, RTG, NetEnt, Evolution and others. These pokies come in video format and great themes such as adventure, movies, action and horror.

So you see there are many reasons why pokies games make such crazy players. But it is always advised to play pokies for fun, stick to your bankroll and set a time limit to spend spinning the reels on pokies games at casinos be it online or real casinos and play responsibly. Remember pokie addiction is dangerous to your mental, physical as well as financial health.

Three Ways to Play Pokies Now

There are three different ways that you can play pokies at an online casino or with your mobile. Note that some of the casinos can have two modes of play also and not necessarily all the three.

  1. Download mode of play: This is the most basic, and the most varied option. When you download the safe casino software, you get a client which grants you access to every available game for your country. In most cases, this means more than 400 games, with more than half of them being pokies. The casino download software is usually safe and perfectly secure, so you can perform transactions safely.
  2. Instant play casino mode of play: In the earlier years of online gambling, Flash casinos were the alpha and omega of online gambling. Flash is now dead and a thing of the past. Nowadays, the HTML-5 games rule the industry, slowly taking over the throne. The instant casinos are easy to access, and you can play them quite easily without having too many problems. When you log in to the browser-based casino lobby, you can see every important option, such as banking, support, licensed and helping articles. Also, these browser casinos work with chrome, safari, on your mobile or PC too.
  3. Mobile casino mode of play:  There are casinos offering fully equipped mobile apps, which you could download from the Google Play Store on Android, or from the App Store on Apple devices. Some these apps have more than a hundred games, and there are even more in the mobile-browser lobby. Google play pokies app are all free to play and you don’t need to worry to play pokies and lose money.

Remember real money pokies are only available at land and online or mobile casinos.

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