Which Are the Worst Online Casinos?

Worst casinos
Worst casinos

Plenty of online casinos keep rolling out every year, while others destroys their reputations. This wild disparity highlights some of the problems that plague the industry. Unfortunately, not all online casinos play by the rules. Despite attempts by multiple governments, there’s still little to no regulation in the online gambling industry. Since it’s such an untamed bonanza, literally anyone with enough cash can open an online casino.

Every year, these nefarious operators open up multiple online casinos. Since they don’t pay their clients, they have plenty of cash to create top-notch websites. On top of building spectacular sites, they can also purchase accreditation from shady governments to make their business seem legitimate. The only thing that puts these crooked casinos out of business is when they have worn out their welcome in the community.

Word travels fast, but by the time they get shut down hundreds of players have been ripped off. Sometimes these casinos manage to stay in business for years since most players don’t expect such well-masked frauds. As a responsible punter, it’s essential to protect your assets by staying informed. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the worst online casinos. Prepare to be blown away by the audacity of these crooked casinos!

Worst Online Casinos

Scammer Casino #1: Prism Casino

Worst Online Casinos
This beautiful casino has plenty of dark secrets.

On the surface, this is a great looking casino. They offer a slew of top-notch games, & their site is bursting at the seams with vibrant content. There’s also plenty of enticing bonuses to keep people playing. But behind this polished image lurks a dark secret. Their Facebook page is filled with customer complaints. Slow payouts, bad customer service & outright refusal to allow withdrawals are all part of the accusations. Many have been waiting for months to collect their winnings. Avoid this nightmare by picking a better casino!

Scammer Casino #2: Cool Cat Casino

Worst Online Casinos
These enticing bonuses are a lie!

This casino has made a name for itself with its larger than life deposit bonuses. Reaching up to 1000%, they are easily the most enticing offers on the web. Unfortunately, these deposit bonuses are a misleading fantasy. Cool Cat Casino puts enough small print obstacles to make collecting winnings made from these bonuses impossible.

On top of making phantom bonuses, they also vehemently oppose withdrawals. Even players who didn’t participate in their scandalous bonuses have to fight an uphill battle to withdraw their funds. They have already ripped off hundreds of bright eyed clients. Pick a better casino to avoid this trap!

Scammer Casino #3: Palace of Chance

Worst Online Casinos
Yet another well built casino that does’t respect its players.

When using this casino, you are taking one too many chances. They have a long history of not paying, which is compounded by other incongruences. Even though they are crooks, you wouldn’t know it by looking at their page. It’s well maintained & boasts 200% deposit bonuses. Even though the offer seems enticing, their long list of inconsistencies sours the deal.

Place of Chance doesn’t just fail to pay their players, they don’t appear to abide by any rules. They fail to have a valid license, their customer service is horrific & the flashy bonuses are rarely honored. Save yourself the headache by avoiding this casino at all costs!

How to find worst online casinos?

How to find worst casino
Search and find out more about the casino where you want to play
  • To find a worst online casino first you need to search its online presence and go to its website.
  • Find whether they mention or give information about their licenses or not. Find where they are registered and where they operate from.
  • Casino licenses are big stamps of approval, which means that if a casino isn’t stating information about which license they are using, something is off.
  • Operators are able to open and run casinos from poorly regulated locations, making them able to take advantage of you. So avoid them at all  cost.
  • Also you can reach out to their customer support and ask them about their licensing.
  • Always read the terms and conditions page of the casino where you will also get to know when the online casino with payout your wins and other conditions attached to your deposits and withdrawals as well as the playing of the casino games.
  • Contact the online casino customer support will also let you know how the staff team operates, which hour of the day or night they help and how much time they take to solve your queries.
  • The legit online casino offers 24/7 help support with email, live chat or phone number and are quick to response.
  • Remember the online casinos that try to hide who owns the brand might try to hide more than just their identity. This is a big red flag.
  • Reading casino reviews is another way to find about rogue online casinos in Australia. Many gaming sites offer true information and latest reviews of the online casinos in Australia and will you will find much information about the online casinos this way.
  • Getting actual proof from other players who have visited and played at the site is also a good way to spot a rogue casino. Sites such as Trustpilot, Google ratings, Quora, and even Glassdoor can expose casinos that don’t keep what they promise.
  • What’s more you can even trust and believe your intuition regarding legit and worst online casinos in Australia.

When you visit any online casino its looks, homepage information and other pages on the web of that casino speak a lot about the gaminess of that casino. Websites that look outdated have poor resolution, or very long loading times should be avoided. All of the things mentioned suggests that the site might not only have security flaws but that it’s not going to be able to give you a good gaming experience.

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What will happen if you choose worst online casino to play games?

Choosing the worst casino
Customer support at worst casinos online will take long time to answer

Signing up and playing at worst casino will make you risk much more than just getting a bad player experience at the tables. The truth is, a bad casino can destroy your experience completely, as well as make you lose money in the process. Not to mention that you’re putting sensitive information, as well as your health, at great risk.

The worst casino online don’t payout your wins on time or never payout at all. You’ve played, you’ve won, and you’re requesting a withdrawal. All of a sudden, the casino starts delaying things.

Not answering your emails, taking awfully long to process your cashout, or even stating you can’t cash out for some reason are few things that rogue casinos online will speak about.

Customer support at worst casinos online will take long time to answer. Generally, long response times or even inexperienced or wrong answers that won’t help are other signs of bad support.

State-of-the-art firewalls, SSL encryption, and secure servers aren’t cheap, but they are essential for a secure site. Small, odd-looking worst sites will cut corners, and they might just do so by gambling with the security of your personal and financial details. Also worst online casinos will have fewer games to play.

Thus Fraud, Identity theft, and hacking aren’t signs of a good gambling experience!

What to do if you land up playing at a worst online casino?

Gambling commissions
Players are able to turn to casino watchdogs with their complaints.

If by ignorance or mistake you have landed up playing at a worst online casino or if you end up at a dead-end with the operator, you might want to file a complaint to resolve it.

When the fraud casinos doesn’t listen to your issued and you have no way left then there are casino watchdogs that try to resolve your issue.

Casino watchdogs are not actual government agencies (although some are government certified). They have no legal authority. In essence, they are an iGaming union for players. A watchdog organization is a group with a massive community behind them. When this group finds a casino operation for fraudulent behavior, it gets the word out quickly and to a mass audience; sometimes enough to put that operation out of business. Thus, operators fear these watchdogs.

Players are able to turn to casino watchdogs with their complaints. The watchdog will take up the issue with the casino and try to get it resolved. Sometimes the player gets paid, and other times the casino proves its case, so again make sure you’re in the right.

The industry’s most reputable casino watchdogs include:

  • Casinomeister: Online since 1998; accepting ‘PAB’ complaints since 2001; received official Arbitrator certification in the UK and EU in 2016. Please review PAB Policies and Procedures before submitting a complaint.
  • AskGamblers: Online since 2006; accepting watchdog complaints since 2010; 95% satisfaction rating.
  • The Pogg: Originated as a global forum in 2011; exhibits 100% transparency in its complaints process.
The Pogg
The Pogg Site for casino complaints

When this also doesn’t resolve your issue then you can file a complaint with the gambling commission under which the casino is licensed. Remember that you cannot receive regulatory help if the casino is not regulated by a reputable jurisdiction. If you join a casino that’s licensed in a lax jurisdiction like Costa Rica, Panama, anywhere in South America for that matter, you will not have a leg to stand on. They don’t do arbitration. Their operators are not required to comply with strict player protections, like those licensed in the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney, and most other European countries.

To contact the regulatory authority, you need to scroll to the bottom of the website (as said above) and see where it is licensed. It’s usually listed in image form, and the image should be clickable to take you to the regulator’s licensing page. If not, you’ll need to look it up on a search engine and go from there.

Though this process could take months, if not longer as most regulators do not look into a case unless they receive an abundance of similar complaints.

Online Casino Complaint Links by Jurisdiction

United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Gibraltar Remote Gambling Licensing Authority

Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC)

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC).

eCOGRA – Applies to gambling transaction disputes with Microgaming casinos only.

Also  account verification is actually a sign of a legitimate casino. Casinos have to verify their players to ensure no fraud is being made on their site. This includes requesting documents from those playing to confirm their identity. This is why a responsible and trustworthy casino will make sure that you play in a healthy manner.

They’ll offer responsible gambling tools and options to unsubscribe from promotional communication. Legit casinos are running proper businesses and therefore will showcase their profile on social media platforms as well and at various gambling directories for transparent auditing and reviews.

Finally note that online casinos that are registered with gambling commissions are legit to play in Australia. These online casinos are trustworthy casinos offering great games and also payout on time. Both licenses require license-holders to adhere to stringent requirements for security, responsible gambling, and fairness.

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