Who Are the Richest Australians?

It’s no secret that Australia has a lot of wealth, but some Aussie entrepreneurs have stolen the show. They have risen to the top of the economic pyramid with a slew of interesting business ventures. From gambling hubs to mining, several industries made billions for their top executives. These CEO’s have become larger than life, amassing fortunes that exceed billion of dollars each. Even though their names might not be familiar, the entrepreneurial agility of these Richest Australians can’t be denied. They have successfully created empires that have withstood the tests of time.

Creating fortunes of this size isn’t easy, so there’s plenty to be learned from Australia’s billionaires. They created larger than life corporations, setting the standard for entrepreneurs around the country. It’s always inspiring hearing the success stories, since with the right connections and mindset anything is possible. To see Australia’s true economic potential, getting a glimpse of its biggest players in necessary. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the richest Australians. They are the epitome of success, so lets examine their rise to power!

Meet the Richest Australians

1. Australian Billionaire #3: Henry Triguboff

Richest Australians
This man built a big portion of Australia.

Hailing from China, this international traveller ended up building Australia from the ground up. Even though he was born in Asia, Triguboff is the son of Russian Jews. He is no stranger to traveling, since his life was filled with drastic transitions. The family first moved to Australia in 1947 and then to England. Henry received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Leeds, but he had a bigger calling than the traditional student.

Emboldened by a new vision, he moved back to Australia in 1960. He became a citizen in 1961 and founded Meriton Apartments. This humble company ended up transforming into Australia’s biggest residential property developer. To date they have built over 55,000 residential townhouses and apartments since 1963. The company ended up making history when it built the World Tower, Sydney’s tallest residential building. Henry Triguboff is currently worth $6.9 million, making him a true rags to riches success story.

2. Aussie Billionaire #2: Gina Rinehart

Richest Australians
Gina is the queen of mining.

Many children of powerful people end up being disappointments, but Gina managed to break the mold. She is the daughter of Lang Hancock, the high-profile pioneer of Hancock Prospecting. Lang made a name for himself as one of the bravest iron ore explorers, but his daughter stole the show.

By the time her father passed away, Hancock Prospecting was completely bankrupt. This left Gina with an inherited mess, but she managed to turn the company around. Through a series of shrewd investments, she successfully mounted a financial comeback.

She even tried her hand at poetry, writing Our Future in 2012. It was immediately rejected by critics, even being crowned “the universe’s worst poem”. Since literature wasn’t her gift, Gina stuck to dominating the mining industry. This proved to be her niche, and she has become the cornerstone of Australia’s mining. Today she is worth $8.5 billion dollars, so no one can doubt her prowess.

3. Australian Billionaire #1: Blair Parry-Okeden

Richest Australians
Meet the richest person in Australia!

This larger than life figure proves that nothing beats being at the right place at the right time. Unlike all the other billionaires in Australia, Blair didn’t create her own fortune. Her grandfather James M Cox founded the privately-owned media company Cox Enterprises in 1898.

This empire was enough to put the entire family on the Forbes list, and it was passed down to Blair. She inherited 25% of the company when her mother passed away, even though she has no role in the company. Blair is currently worth $8.8 billion, so there’s no hurry for her to dust off her resumé.

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