Most Overrated Hotels in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is home to the ritziest hotels in the world, not all of them live up to expectations. In a city that received 39 million visitors in 2017, it’s no surprise that everyone’s experience varies. While only 5% of those visitors go to gamble, over 87% end up testing their luck at the casinos. While there are over 1,7001 legal gambling establishments, the number of hotels is absolutely staggering. Countless hotels provide 124,000 rooms to this constant influx of visitors.

Ever since gambling revenue dipped after the 2008 recession, casino’s have gotten creative. Instead of focusing purely on gaming, they started adding more hotel rooms and entertainment options. This proved to be a wise recovery move, and in 2014 Las Vegas’ resorts netted a total gross revenue of $23.9 billion. On top of helping sprawling establishments heal old wounds left by the recession, this influx of rooms gives visitors more options.

Unfortunately, not all hotel accommodations live up to the hype. Even though a resort has international recognition doesn’t mean that staying with them will be enjoyable. Recognized hotels routinely receive scathing reviews, while some of these are trolls or competitors, some popular resorts are famous. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most overrated hotels in Vegas. They have consistently disappointed visitors, so make sure to pick a better place on your next trip!

Overrated Hotels in Las Vegas

Hotels to Avoid in Las Vegas

1. Hotel #3: Tropicana Las Vegas

This hotel is due for a makeover.

While this is one of the most iconic hotels in Vegas, its glory days are no more. What used to dazzle tourists in the ’90s isn’t cutting it, and this dissent is especially apparent with the reviews. When browsing Trip Advisor, this hotel routinely fails to meet expectations.

One reviewer says he get a room that was not vacant. Another reviewer was moved to two rooms that didn’t have working electrical sockets. From there the stories go on, but outdated décor and poor service dominate most complaints. For those who want modern accommodations during their vacation, it’s best to pick a different hotel.

2. Hotel #2: Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

This attraction has been steadily becoming obsolete.

This is yet another tourist magnet in Vegas that most visitors wish they had missed. Even though they do have a bustling circus and casino, its charm wears off rather quickly. Trip Advisor is packed with negative reviews that blame lack of renovation and rude staff for ruining their stays. Considering that this is one of the oldest looking Sin City attractions, these customer reactions aren’t surprising. While it may be worth visiting their circus, it isn’t advisable to stay the night.

3. Hotel #1: Excalibur

This resort has been repeatedly bashed for their lackluster services.

While this resort looks like a fairy tale castle, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare when staying in this overrated Hotels in Las Vegas. Throughout multiple travel sites, this world-famous Las Vegas attraction sports a shocking amount of negative reviews. While some reviewers accuse the staff of being untrustworthy, most claim that the rooms are surprisingly unmaintained. From poor design choices to the dire need for refurbishing, there are plenty of excuses to stay away from this resort.

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