Which Crimes Stole the Show in Las Vegas?

Which Crimes Stole the Show in Las Vegas
Which Crimes Stole the Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is notorious for being an epic tourist attraction with a dark history. Its numerous high end casinos & luxury resorts have put the city on the map for thrill seeking tourists. With a wild past & a vibrant future, Las Vegas continues to be a haven for gambling & debauchery.

For decades it has blown away visitors with the bustling casino strip & non-stop entertainment. To this day the city has enough mystique & glamour to seduce even the most hesitant tourist. However, this beauty hides a troubled past.

From mobsters teaming up with Mormon bankers to bold entrepreneurs creating fortunes, Las Vegas embodies the dark side of the American dream. Even after corporations wrestled control of the casinos from mob bosses, the city continues to rebel.

It has been home to some of the world’s most notorious criminals. So it’s no surprise that Las Vegas is popular for some of America’s most shocking crimes. We have compiled a list of a few of the most infamous incidents in the city’s history. Prepare to be blown away by this decadent cutthroat city!

2 Notorious Las Vegas Crimes

Crime #1: Tupac Shakur Assassination

Las Vegas Crime 1
This legendary rapper is one of the many people who lost their life in Sin City.

Revered as one of the most legendary rappers of all time, Tupac’s career came to a brutal end in Las Vegas. After attending a Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand Hotel, Tupac got into his own altercation with Orlando Anderson in the MGM lobby. After the fight he accompanied Suge Knight to his home to prepare for a performance at Club 662.

Unfortunately, he never made it to the club. On the way to the event his car was boxed in by 3 cars while a 4th car sprayed his vehicle with gunfire. Out of the 13 shots fired, Tupac received 3 bullet wounds that ended up taking his life. To this day the crime hasn’t been solved. There are many theories about this, and the only person willing to testify was murdered 2 months later in New Jersey.

So the real motives behind this historic killing is a mystery.

Crime #2: Al Bramlet Murder

Las Vegas Crime 2
Catering unions got out of control in Las Vegas.

Unions have a long history of crime, & the Las Vegas Culinary Worker Local 226 union is no exception. Headed by Al Bramlet, this organization wrestled control of the city’s booming service industry with intimidation & violence.

However, a failed bombing lead to the downfall of the union’s leader. In 1977, police discovered two bombs that had failed to go off outside of a pair of non-union restaurants. The father & son duo responsible for this botched bombing was none other than Thomas Hanley and Gramby Hanley.

They were furious when Bramlet refused to pay them since the bombs didn’t detonate. The father & son hitman team vowed to get revenge. Knowing that Al Bramlet is dangerous, the only place they could catch him without his pistol was at the airport. On February 22nd, they kidnapped Bramlet as he was leaving McCarran International Airport. After extorting money from him, they shot Bramlet 6 times & dumped his body in the desert. Hikers stumbled upon the body & the case came to light.

One of their associates ended up snitching & now the father son hit man duo are serving life in prison. To this day the Culinary Workers Local 226 is one of the most powerful unions in the country.

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