Which Card Games Are Invading Parties?

Everyone knows about blackjack, but most adults are painfully unaware of other card games. This is because many punters get tunnel vision, often missing out on recreational card games. As we get older, noncompetitive games unintentionally start to go by the wayside. This is a shame because there are tons of games that can make any get-together more enjoyable. These don’t have to be child friendly, since some games pack enough controversy to entertain even the most jaded adult. Adult card games are the perfect way to get players to come out of their shells.

Card Games Are Invading Parties

There are plenty of fun party games for adults that are miles away from traditional casino games. These card games dare to be different, so they cater to a largely untapped niche. For those who are sick of political correctness, these games celebrate this beautiful rebellion. In a world full of repetition, it’s important to find new ways to unwind. For this reason, we have compiled a list of card games for adults. They will spice up any occasion, so start playing something new with your friends!

Card Games Every Adult Should Try

Card Game #3: Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Card Games
Put your ego on the back burner with this wild game!

What makes this party game unique is the fact that there are no winners, only losers. This unorthodox formula is surprisingly fun, since everyone gets an ego adjustment. The game revolves around picking cards that feature different outrageous themes. Within the group everyone decides who should be tagged with the card and why. This can be based off of past experiences or obvious personality traits.

One person is elected judge, which puts them in charge of determining who the card should go to. This role switches every round, so be careful about being biased. During the game everyone gets poked fun of, so no one is singled out. It’s always a laugh, and the first person who accrues 7 cards losses.

Card Game #2: Trumped Up Cards

Card Games
This game lets players enjoy a liberal laugh at politics!

Self-proclaimed as the World’s Biggest Deck, this 550-card game is full of comedic surprises. They all revolve around making light of the recent political upset in America. This party game combines reality with alternative facts, artfully pitting users against each other. A blue question card is drawn, and everyone has to respond with a white answer card. The best answer wins, and the person who accrues the most cards wins the game. While people are taking to the streets to protest, start your fun-filled rebellion at the next get-together!

Card Game #1: Cards Against Humanity

Card Games
See who can come up with the most outlandish statements!

This is one of the most enjoyable card games are invading parties, since it puts everyone’s wit to the test. Everything is random, so you have to make the best choice with what you have. Each round, one player becomes the judge and picks a black question or a fill in the blank answer.

All the players have to anonymously submit answer cards that they think are the most ridiculous to the card czar. This coveted position rotates every round and lets the person pick which answer is the most humorous. The person who submits the best answer wins an Awesome point, which can also be gambled to double up. This party game is taking adult get-togethers by storm, so join this time killing revolution!

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