Where Can I Play Charity Housie In Australia?

Where can I play charity Housie in Australia

Housie is the other name for Bingo in Australia. The well known place to play housie in Australia is charity housie. Charity Housie is also called Cash Housie and is played with electronic or printed tickets bearing numbered squares.

In Australia, Charity Housie can only be conducted for the purpose of raising money for a charity. The benefiting charity must receive at least 12.5% of the proceeds raised from the sale of the Housie books. Charity Housie has many regular and devoted players who enjoy it as a social outing as well as the chance of winning.

Where can I play charity Housie in Australia?

Charity Housie In Australia
Charity Housie In Australia

Learning Links is the leading provider of Charity Housie in NSW offering prize and cash games to a large number of loyal players in over 35 venues throughout Sydney, the Central Coast, the Illawarra and Wagga Wagga.

You can play charity housie at the following venues:

  • Ashfield RSL
  • Bargo Sports Club
  • Bellambi Bowling Club
  • Berkeley Sports Club
  • Bexley RSL
  • Blacktown Workers Club
  • Campbelltown Catholic Club
  • Campbelltown Golf Club
  • Canley Heights RSL
  • Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club
  • Club Wyong
  • Collegians Wollongong
  • Cronulla RSL
  • Dapto Showgrounds
  • Dooleys Regents Park Sports Club
  • Helensburgh Tradies
  • Hornsby RSL Club
  • Ingleburn Bowling Club
  • Ingleburn RSL
  • Lantern Club
  • Magpie Sports Club
  • Merrylands RSL Club
  • Moorebank Sports Club
  • Penrith Panthers
  • Penrith RSL
  • Pittwater RSL Club
  • Ramsgate RSL
  • Richmond Club
  • Rules Club Wagga Wagga
  • Springwood Sports Club
  • St Johns Park Bowling Club
  • St Marys Rugby League Club
  • Tradies Gymea
  • Wenty Leagues
  • Windsor Leagues club

You can visit any of the above centers and clubs to play Charity housie from Monday to Sunday. Join any Session Morning, Afternoon and Night. Players buy ticket books to play at the start of each session.

Charity Housie In Australia Ingleburn Bowling Club
Charity Housie In Australia Ingleburn Bowling Club

A Housie Caller selects numbers at random which are then announced to the players. Each player marks off the numbers on their ticket as they are called. A player wins if they can mark off all the numbers on their ticket first. This is called a Full House. The main difference to Bingo is that in Charity Housie prizes can be cash, whereas in Bingo prizes can only be non-cash. Charity Housie prizes can range from less than $50 to $5,000. The prize values depend on the amount of money raised at the session from ticket sales.

You are offered when promotional and bonus offers when you play housie at the above venues.

How to play Housie?

How to play Housie
Housie marker

The game of Housie is similar to American Bingo. While in the United Kingdom it is known as Bingo or Housey Housey, the friends to the south in New Zealand and Australia know the game as Housie. In the same way Bingo is often used in America as a fundraiser, in Australia and New Zealand Housie is commonly used to raise funds for sports teams and churches. The rules of Housie are simple and the game is fast-paced.

Purchase your tickets. If you can choose the amount of your ticket, start out small to minimize potential losses.

Look at your Housie ticket. In the first column you will see numbers from 1 to 9, in the second the numbers 10 to 19 appear, the third contains 20 to 29. This pattern continues until the final column (the eighth) which contains the numbers 80 to 90.

Listen to the caller. She will call out numbers. When you have those numbers, mark them with a highlighter, bingo marker or similar instrument.

Make a row. If the numbers called fill a row on your Housie card, you can win if you are the first to call out.

Signify your win by calling out “Housie!” or “Whooo!”

Strategize. If you are feeling lucky, bet more on your Housie ticket to win bigger, or wait to see if you can fill more than one row before someone else does.

Play by the rules. Don’t criticize the game strategy of your opponents, and don’t try to distract them. Most of all, make sure you pay attention and really have a win before you call out Housie!

Types of housie in Australia

1. Charity Housie

Remmeber that Charity housie can only be conducted to raise funds by, or on behalf of, a charitable organisation. The total prize value must not exceed $10,000.

The total prize value must also not exceed 75% of the gross proceeds from the gaming activity. A maximum of 48 tickets can be sold to a single participant. At least 12.5% of the gross proceeds of a charity housie must be paid to the benefiting organisation.

2. Social Housie

Social housie can only be played for social purposes and can’t be conducted on licensed premises.

The total prize value for one session of social housie must not exceed $40. The value of a jackpot prize must not exceed $200.

The total proceeds of a session of social housie must be returned to participants, after costs of prizes and permitted expenses.

3. Club Bingo

Club bingo can only be conducted by, or on authority of, a registered club for the purpose of attracting patrons

The total prize value for a single game of club bingo can’t exceed $70.

If a bonus prize is offered at the end of a session, only 1 prize valued at no more than $70 may be awarded.

A club bingo prize mustn’t consist of or include money.

How to play housie online?

There are many online sites and casinos that offer housie online. Also there are several mobile apps where you can play housie for free on your mobile.

Recently Chairty housie in Australia offers live housie online three times a week at their lounge room cash housie at Ingleburn RSL Club. They also have $300 raffle prizes to be won at each session.

This live online housie takes place on

Mondays 7.30PM

Wednesdays 11.30AM

Fridays 11.30AM

 The ticket sales end half an hour before the session starts so buy your tickets well in advance.

  • Monday – $10 for 10 games (6 tickets per game. Maximum purchase is $80)
  • Wednesday & Friday – $15 for 15 games (6 tickets per game. Maximum purchase is $120)
  • Raffle tickets – $5 each (10 x $30 in Woolworths eGift Cards to be won!)

You can purchase your tickets by clicking here.

  • Games can be played exclusive on a device or you can print your tickets and mark off the numbers manually. If you choose to play on a device you can only play 2 sets per device.
  • If you wish to play more than 2 sets we they recommend printing out the tickets and marking them off manually. You will need a printer to do this.
  • Tickets are purchased using PayPal or credit card. If you wish to use credit card just follow the payment prompts and select credit card.
  • Once you have purchased your tickets they will be emailed to you.
  • You will play the same page of 6 tickets in every game.
  • If you choose to play on a device you can play 2 tickets per device. After each game you will press Clear Sheet to clear
  • The ticket for the next game.

If you decide to print your tickets and mark off the numbers manually, you will need to print 1 sheet for each game.

Then join Nelson for the LIVE stream of the games via Ingleburn RSL’s Facebook page .

When you win  you can’t actually call out BINGO during the session, but you can write it in the Comments on the Facebook page to celebrate! But this isn’t necessary because they will know when a player has won (so the game will end and Nelson will announce the winner! The club will then be in touch with you after the session to grab your bank details and your prize money will be transferred to you!

If you are ever concerned with any messages or correspondence sent to you via social media from someone asking for your details, you can call Ingleburn RSL Club on (02) 9765 7700 and leave a message. The Club will then call you back to confirm. Alternately, please email the club at info@ingleburnrsl.com.au to verify any requests you may receive.

If you have any issues before or during the session, you can also contact the lovely people at Ingleburn RSL on (02) 9765 7700 and leave a message and someone will get back to you.

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