Where are the Oddest Casinos in the World?

Where are the Oddest Casinos in the World
Where are the Oddest Casinos in the World

Even though most people automatically think of glitz & glamour, not all casinos fit the stereotype. Everyone has seen so many movies about the Venetian that they forget that many casinos are barely getting by. Not all of them enjoy the robust revenue of the major venues on the Strip. Many casinos have to think outside the box just to break even. To boost sales, they have resorted to using less than traditional tactics. These vary from defying safety to embracing unexpected designs to beat the heat. There are some Oddest Casinos also to know!

Even though these changes help mask their shortcomings, these casinos can’t help but be odd. There’s only so much they can cover up before their true colours get exposed. Visiting these casinos won’t offer any of them over the top amenities, but they do offer a unique experience. This is worth more than the easily found extravagance that has become a staple in the industry. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the oldest casinos in the world. They are unapologetically puzzling, so get ready to rethink your perception of casinos!

Oddest Casinos Ever Created

Weird Casino #3: Desert Cave Hotel (South Australia)

Oddest Casinos
Escape Mother Nature & gamble underground.

This area has some of the most extreme temperatures on the globe, so locals had to get creative. To beat the unforgiving heat of the desert, settlers dug out underground spaces to live in. These allowed them to survive, & it also paved the way for one of the most unique casinos ever created.

Even though locals have been living in dugouts for generations, this hotel has only been around for half a century. It took a visionary entrepreneur named Umberto Coro to build the first underground hotel in Coober Pedy, Australia. When it was finally complete, visitors were able to tour the old opal mines. On top of getting epic tours, there’s also a robust game floor inside the hotel. This allows visitors to play their favorite games while beating the desert heat!

Weird Casino #2: Resort World (Genting, Malaysia)

Oddest Casinos
Everything about this casino is wild!

Getting a bird’s eye view has never been more entertaining with this casino. Perched on the side of a mountain top, this casino gives breathtaking views of the jungle. It provides the perfect mix of a tropical escape & a high end getaway. Since it’s up so high, it’s impossible to visit it in a car.

No roads are leading to this casino, only a skyway. Visitors can take the trip from Kuala Lumpur. On the way, they pass several mountains that are nestled in the jungle. You would be hard-pressed to find a more interesting casino to get to. It’s so remote that it’s not unheard of for guests to throw themselves over the cliff after losing too much money!

Weird Casino #1: Prairie Knights Casino and Resort (North Dakota, USA)

Oddest Casinos
This casino is in the middle of nowhere!

Out of all the casinos in the world, none are more remote than this oddly placed venue. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere, which makes its grand appearance completely odd. Instead of boasting lackluster décor, this is a hidden gambling oasis.

The casino is so big that it looks like it was dropped from outer space. There’s literally nothing around it for miles. The closest airport is a 2 & a half hour drive away if you are travelling 75 miles per hour. This shocking distance from civilization has made it the weirdest entry on our list!

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