Where Are the Best New Casinos?

There’s plenty to be excited about in 2018, and a few casinos debuts are making this year even more epic. While all the existing casinos are still booming, a few newcomers are trying to steal the show. They are going to give established venues a run for their money, so it’s no surprise that they are spectacular. From Asia to the United States, there’s plenty of new casinos that are worth getting excited about. They all debuted within the last month, which allows them to highlight where the industry is going.

On top of showcasing the gambling industry’s progression, these new casinos are giving punters more options. It’s always fun returning to your favourite casino, but experimenting with a new one is great. With so many options, it’s easy for even the smartest punter. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most exciting casino debuts of 2018. These casinos are adding a welcome surprise for those who crave something new. They are already generating rave reviews, so don’t miss out on the action!

Best New Casinos

New Casino #3: Spokane Tribe Casino

New Casinos
This casino is cementing the Spokane Tribe’s legacy in Washington.

Out of all the tribes in Washington, none are more active in the gaming industry than the Spokane Tribe. They already operated two massive casinos, and their third instalment is just as impressive. The Spokane Tribe Casino takes up a staggering 145 acres of trust land that’s in Airway Heights. They held their grand opening on January 8th, 2018, and the casino has already managed to shake up the local gaming industry.

The first phase of this multi-million development is already complete, but the transformation has just begun. Over the next ten years, an investment of over $400 million is due for investment in this sprawling complex. Right now they have 450 gaming machines, 12 table games, a deli, a restaurant & a full-service bar. More restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping centres & a tribal cultural centre are all being constructed. It’s a gorgeous transformation to witness, so come see how quickly this casino evolves!

New Casino #2: Tiger Palace Resort Casino Nepal

New Casinos
Indian punters now have a decent gaming option close to their border.

While Nepal is renowned for diehard hikers and backpackers, it’s starting to cater to punters. The Tiger Palace Resort gives luxury travellers a haven that’s just 12 kilometres south of the Nepal-India border. Technically this casino opened in November of 2017, but it was so recent that we included it in the list. This five-star resort and casino have 100 rooms, 2 posh villas, a buffet, 3 restaurants, 3 bars & a water slide.

Even though these amenities are impressive, it’s about to get even more luxurious. By the time this entertainment centre is completed, it will be a 400 room luxury hotel. They plan to open two more casinos along the border with India to cater to punters crossing the border. Each one boasts 200 table games and 1,000 gaming machines, so there’s no excuse not to visit!

New Casino #1: Naga2 Casino & Resort

New Casinos
Cambodia is soaring through the ranks with this top notch casino!

For years, Cambodia has been an oasis for adventurous punters in South East Asia. Now the country’s biggest casino NagaWorld has opened a new venue to celebrate the new year. It’s only 200 meters from the original casino in Phnom Penh, but they are worlds apart. This new casino covers 1.2 million square feet with a 1,000 room luxury hotel that’s 24 stories tall.

The casino is set to feature 2,500 gaming machines, 200 live tables & 100 VIP tables, and it’s still being developed. Even though it isn’t 100% complete, they currently have 200 table games and 500 gaming machines. This casino is set to become one of the most robust casinos in Southeast Asia, so keep an eye on this budding giant!

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