What Were the Biggest Australian Lottery Wins?

Over the years, Australian Lottery Wins have steadily reached epic proportions. Faced with stiff competition from other forms of gambling, many lottery companies are upping the ante. What were once normal prizes have transformed into staggering sums of money that are absolutely life-changing. Now that prize pools routinely exceed $100 million, the public’s interest in lotteries is continuing to grow. Last year Australia’s lotteries generated $7.2 billion in revenue, and the industry is expected to grow by 1.2% in 2018. In an environment that’s filled with enticing gaming options, these figures are especially impressive.

As Australia’s lotteries scramble to keep up with the market, their impact on the economy is slowly growing. Currently, lotteries employ over 2,000 Australians and are the main focus of 288 businesses. With a five-year annual growth of 0.9% and even more aggressive predictions, the future looks bright for this massive industry. Unsurprisingly, the larger prize pools being offered are directly responsible for keeping lotteries relevant in Australia.

To truly understand the resilience of this established gaming industry, it’s essential to examine the biggest lottery winners in Australia. These drastic financial transformations are motivating more people to try their luck at lotteries. From accidental bets to last-minute decisions that proved to be life-changing, there’s no shortage of inspiring stories revolving around the lottery. To highlight the astounding economic potential of these games, we compiled a list of Australia’s biggest lottery wins. The amount of cash that these players won is hard to fathom, so prepare to be shocked by these entries!

Biggest Lottery Wins in Australia

Australian Lottery Wins
Every year millions of Aussies try their luck with lotteries.

1. Lottery Win #3: $70 Million (2013)

Lottery Win 3 $70 Million (2013)
Lottery Win 3 $70 Million (2013)

In December 2013, three girls had a wild idea when having lunch. Instead of leaving a tip, they pooled together their chance to purchase a lottery ticket. This proved to be a wise investment since they ended up winning the $70 million Ozlotto jackpot. Clocking in at $23.3 million per player, at the time this was the largest lotto pay-out in a single ticket. With winnings this lucrative, the girls’ inspiring lack of courtesy towards waiters was understandable.

2. Lottery Win #2: $106 Million (2009)

Lottery Win 2 $106 Million
Lottery Win 2 $106 Million

When the OzLotto jackpot reached its current biggest ever jackpot, it managed to change three lives. This larger-than-life prize ended up being split by one diehard player from Adelaide and an innocent couple from the Gold Coast. While all three contestants received an equal portion of the prize, their approaches to winning couldn’t have been more different. The Adelaide player spent 20-years buying tickets before hitting it big, and the couple had just purchased their first lottery ticket. This wild disparity showcases the futility of trying to predict who wins the lottery.

3. Lottery Win #1: $111.9 Million (2012)

Lottery Win 1 $111.9 Million
Lottery Win 1 $111.9 Million

In November 2012, an unprecedented amount of ticket sales pushed the OzLotto jackpot to new heights. Fueled by the sale of over 8 million tickets, the prize pool reached a staggering $111,972,151. This epic jackpot was won by four different contestants. While three were humble families from ACT, Victoria, and Townsville, the fourth was part of an 80-member syndicate in Victoria. Each lucky winner took home $27.99 million, which made taking on the masses well worth it.

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