What Led to Loco Panda’s Downfall?

Everyone can agree that this has been a crazy year, & the online gambling industry hasn’t been immune to the madness. Plenty of online casinos has showcased their true intentions. These nefarious casinos have refused to honour payouts, leaving players high & dry. Fortunately, eventually, their actions end up catching up with them. In this series; we will explore Loco Panda which shuts down. Prepare to be blown away by the audacity of these notorious casinos!

Loco Panda Refused to Play by the Rules

loco panda
This casino cheated its way out of the community.

Unlike many fraudulent casinos, it managed to stay in business since 2010. Despite multiple complaints about their shenanigans, they continued to scam until their downfall. To protect players from similar tricks, it’s important to examine the casinos that went too far.

Loco Panda is the product of Realtime Gaming software & part of Revenue Jet Casinos. This is the same gaming group that includes OnBling, Classy Coin, Ruby Royal & Grand Parker. All of the aforementioned casinos have been riddled with fraud. The roots of their nefarious activity can be traced back to WinPalace Group, the granddaddy of online casino scams.

Unsurprisingly, it has many illegal activities that get its associates blacklisted. On top of slow-paying customers, they also lied about their jurisdiction. While it & their sister sites say to be officially registered in Curacao, the authorities disagree. The representatives of the gaming association from the Netherlands Antilles denies authorizing their operating license. Since they have no real license, it’s no surprise that it played by their own rules.

Spammed Clients – Loco Panda

It Spammed Clients
It Spammed Clients

On top of these questionable decisions, they also relentlessly spammed their clients. They would not have been bad if they would not have used their players’ email addresses to spam others. This circus of abusing unwitting customers landed them in the crosshairs of every major watchdog site. Here are a few examples of their outrageous activities:

In August an unwitting player made a shocking discovery. When he went to clean out his emails, he found a returned email. This email was spam from Loco Panda, but the email had the player’s address as the point of origin. This meant that the company wasn’t only spamming their customers, they also turned their clients into spammers.

Slow Payment by Loco Panda

Slow Payment
Slow Payment

In November Loco Panda pulled off yet another despicable act of slow-paying. When a loyal player managed to win $14,000, he tried to withdraw his winnings. Unfortunately, Loco Panda had other plans. Instead of paying the money immediately, they sent him $1,000 every two weeks. After a month the payment stops, and get an email. Loco Panda claimed that the player was using identical betting systems to cheat them. Instead of paying, they use this cheap excuse to not pay what was due.


These are just a few of the numerous complaints that this casino generated. Due to their horrible reputation, Loco Panda casino has finally closed. This was a huge victory for players since casinos that act like this shouldn’t be in business. As long as we work together & spread the word, these rogue casinos won’t have a place to hide. Do everyone a favour & report fraudulent casinos!

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