What is the Big Wheel at Crown Casino Melbourne all About?

Big Wheel game at Crown Casino
What is the Big Wheel at Crown Casino Melbourne all About?

Crown Melbourne Australia has introduced a wheel game called the Big Wheel. This game is fun, simple, and fast to play. The wheel has two parts, and each section has a symbol. The odds for the sections you can see on the wheel and table, ranging from even money to 47 to 1. Let’ find out what is the Big Wheel at Crown Casino Melbourne all about?

The aim is to place a bet on the symbol that you think will be lucky on the next spin.  The dealer spins the wheel and if the wheel finishes spinning and lands on the symbol you bet on, you win. You need to be 18 years of age and over to play this game at Crown Melbourne.

How to Play Big Wheel at Crown Casino?

How to play Big Wheel at Crown Casino Melbourne
How to Play Big Wheel at Crown Casino?

Visit Crown Casino and become a player member or get a Crown Reward card if you like to avail yourself of more of the benefits at the casino. You will have a dealer in this game who will operate the game. You can play the Big Wheel with a circular wheel that has 52 equal compartments marked with symbols.

At the gameplay, the Dealer will announce to the players that they may place their bets, spin the wheel so that it will complete at least three revolutions. And announce to the players that they cannot place any more bets. When the wheel stops and the indicator comes to rest in a compartment, announce the winning symbol and payable odds.

When there are no wagers on the layout, or players present at the table, the Dealer may casino may direct the dealer to spin the wheel one or more times. You can spin the wheel in alternate directions. During a round of play, no person other than a dealer who is responsible for the operation and integrity of the game may interfere with the wheel or its rotation.

Wagers for Big Wheel

How to play big wheel game
Wagers for Big Wheel

This game will accept chips only. Chips used for play on the game may be either: Cash chips marked with denominations of value; or Colour chips, which are non-value chips without denomination markings.  The color chips of a particular set will each bear the same distinguishing emblem or mark to differentiate them from the color chips of other sets in use at other tables. Each set will be subdivided into various colors. Color chips that you get for a particular Big Wheel table, you can use only for gaming at that table and cannot use for gaming at any other table in the casino.

In case the color chip(s) you get at a table that is now closed, Surveillance gets the notification and the value at which the color chip(s) was initially issued will where possible be determined.  If you cannot establish the inial value of the color chip(s), you can exchange it at the lowest table minimum offer by the casino for the particular game at the close table at the time you request redemption.

How to play

The Dealer will not issue color chips with the same color and design to more than one player at the same time. Unless the particular players issued with the chips agree. The purchaser specifies the value of each chip. If that value exceeds the table minimum; it denotes by a color chip and a related marker button; bearing a number on it to designate the value nominated by that person.

Until a decision and settlement have been made in respect of any wager; no wager may be handled, placed, changed, or withdrawn; after the dealer has announced that no more bets may be placed; except that a winning wager may be withdrawn before the next spin.

Orally declared wagers are not permissible

Wagers orally declared will only be accepted if they are accompanied by chips, authorized tokens, cash, or vouchers. Cash, vouchers, and authorized tokens must be converted to chips prior to being placed on the layout. You should place all wagers on the layout before the dealer announces that no more bets to place.

Players are responsible for the positioning of their wagers on the layout. Whether you get the help of the Dealer or not.  They must ensure that any instructions given to the Dealer are correctly carried out.  Wagers will be settled strictly in accordance with the position of the chips on the layout; when the wheel stops and the indicator comes to rest in a compartment of the wheel.

At the settlement of wagers for a spin, the Dealer must clear any losing wagers and pay any winning wagers.

Big Wheel Tournaments

How to play big wheel tournament
Big Wheel Tournaments

At Crown, you will find that they also may conduct Big Wheel tournaments. In which all tournament players have the opportunity to play any variation of Big Wheel offered with an equal chance. You need to make the entry before the state of the tournament. Then the dealer of the game tournament will brief the tournament players on the Terms and Conditions of the tournament; you should be happy and know understand how to play the game. 

This instruction may comprise a demonstration by the Dealer and/or participation in a number of ‘practice hands’. Also, you should know when the tournament will start. the amount of the entry fee, buy-in, re-buy, or add-on if any. Also, find the minimum and a maximum number of Tournament Players. The winners will win according to the prize pool mentioned in the tournament.

Crown Casino was first opened in 1997 and is one of the most popular casinos in Australia. It has a casino, three hotels, function rooms, award-winning restaurants, and shopping and entertainment facilities. At present, it has over 2,628 electronic gaming pokies machines and 540 table games; with a casino license that extends to 2050. The casino also includes award-winning VIP facilities.

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