What Is Stadium Gaming At Casino Canberra?

Stadium gaming at casino Canberra

Stadium gaming at casino Canberra in Australia is where you play wonderful table games with low limits on a gaming screen. All you need to do is visit casino Canberra and find out which games are being run.  Like their traditional tables, games are hosted by a live Dealer.  At Casino Canberra, the Stadium Terminals offer Roulette and Baccarat. Any or all of the games may be running simultaneously and the current games on offer will be indicated above the Dealer area.

How to get started at Stadium gaming at casino Canberra?

If you’d like to play one of the games, simply select an empty Player Terminal and insert the amount of money, using bank notes, that you’d like to begin with. This will establish your Player Chip Account and is how you buy-in to the games. Think of it like purchasing chips at a normal casino table.

  • Once you’ve inserted cash into your Terminal, the value will be automatically credited to your Player Chip account.
  • You can increase your account credits at any time by inserting extra money.
  • Now that you’ve set up an active Player Chip Account, it’s time to start playing.
  • For rules on specific games, you can click the Rule button on your screen.
  • If there is more than one Stadium Terminal game being run, choose which one you’d like to play by selecting it from the available games listed at the top right of your screen.
  • Once you’ve chosen a game, you will be presented with a digital representation of the game and can place bets in the same way as at a traditional table. Select what value of chip you’d like to use and touch the table to place your bets directly.
  • Multiple denominations of smaller chips will automatically be combined into larger chips when stacked together. e.g. Five $1 chips will automatically turn into a $5 chip when placed on the same section of the table.

Remember that a cancel button is available to remove any incorrectly placed chips.

While placing bets, your screen will clearly display a countdown of the time remaining before the next round of play.

Once the Wagering Period is up, your Dealer will reveal the result of the previous spin, roll, or deal (depending on the game being played) and the result will be displayed on your screen. Winning bets will be payed directly into your available credits and losing bets will be removed from the table. A new round will then begin.

When you’ve finished playing, and as long as you have no bets currently active, select the Cash Out option to print off your credit receipt. This is redeemable at the Casino Canberra Cash Desk for cash or cash equivalent.

Some of the navigations are:

1. Select Table Display the available games tables

2. Back To Last Betting Table Back to your previous table

3. Cash Out Stop playing and receive your current credits

4. Rule Current game rules and related information

5. Service Call a Casino Canberra attendant for service

6. Chip Selection Adjust value of chips

7. Cancel Remove ALL unconfirmed bets

8. Cancel Selected Remove unconfirmed bets optionally

9. Double Double ALL unconfirmed bets

10. Bet Amount Total amount of your current on-table wagers

11. Cashable Credit Your total available player credits

12. Wagering Period Time Remaining The time remaining on the current Wagering Period

13. Bet Limit Minimum and Maximum bets for the table

14. Game History Previous results from the game

15. Language Chinese or English language

16. Sound Turn on or off background sounds and music

Stadium gaming runs on Multi Terminals  and these Table Games are the newest and most exciting addition to offering  you unforgettable gaming experiences. Because every Multi Terminal can connect in real time to any of the games being hosted by a Multi Terminal Dealer, there’s no more waiting around for a spot at your favourite tables.

Games offered at Casino Canberra

1. Roulette

Roulette tables
Roulette tables

Roulette is a game of chance where players bet on a numbered wheel and ball. It’s simple to play and has lots of betting options with some great potential payouts. The aim of Roulette is to correctly guess which of the 37 numbered compartments the ball will land in by placing bets on sections of the table that contain that number.

How to play

When you buy-in to Roulette, the Dealer will give you uniquely coloured chips, which can only be used on that table and help to keep track of which bets are yours. When you’ve finished playing, simply trade in your colour chips for cash chips, which can be used elsewhere in the casino.

Before spinning the wheel, the Dealer will invite players to ‘place your bets’.

The Dealer will then spin the Roulette wheel and rapidly roll a ball into the wheel’s outer track.

Players may position any number of chips wherever they choose on the table before the Dealer calls ‘no more bets’.

When the ball comes to a rest, the Dealer will announce the winning number and place a marker on the corresponding location on the table.

Any bets placed that include this number will be paid out at the odds listed, and losing chips will be removed.

2. Pai Gow

Pai Gow poker game
Pai Gow poker game

Pai Gow is played with a set of 32 tiles resembling dominoes. The tiles are ranked in value based on Chinese mythology, and the order will likely seem arbitrary to many newcomers. However, once you’ve familiarised yourself with the value of different tiles the rest of the rules will quickly fall into place.

The goal of Pai Gow is to set your four tiles into two hands of two, and have each pair be worth more than the Dealer’s.

How to play

After placing their bets, each player, including the Dealer, receives four tiles.

Players arrange their tiles into two hands of two. This is your High Hand and Low Hand.

The strongest hands are Pairs. These are ranked from Gee Jun down to 5’s.

After the Pairs are Wongs, Gongs and High 9’s. These are made by a 12 or a 2 paired with any
9, 8 or 7 respectively.

If you can’t make the above, it is simply a matter of adding together the dots for the highest total.

The closer to 9 the better and you drop the 10 from your total (eg. 7 and 5 is 2, not 12).

  • If both of your hands are higher than the Dealer’s you win.
  • If both your hands are lower you lose.
  • If you have one higher and one lower you standoff and neither player wins.

All winning bets are paid at even odds, minus 5%.

3. Money Wheel

Money Wheel Casino Canberra
Money Wheel Casino Canberra

The Money Wheel is a dynamic and unmistakable game, visible from all corners of Casino Canberra. Its recognizable which is usually only topped by the cheers you’ll hear when the top payout strikes!

The Money Wheel is about as simple as casino games can get. Just place your bets on the symbols and watch the wheel spin!

How to play

  • Place a bet on the symbol on which you think the wheel will stop.
  • The Dealer will spin the wheel once all bets are placed.
  • Players can back several symbols on a spin to increase their chances of a payout.
  • The number of identical symbols on the wheel determines odds and payouts.
  • Odds range from 1 to 1, with payouts of up to 47 to 1!

4. Pontoon


Pontoon at Casino Canberra is played with 4 standard decks of cards with the 10s removed. Like Blackjack,  cards are worth their indicated value. Picture cards (King, Queen and Jack) count as 10. Aces count as 1 or 11.

Pontoon is a turn-based game with each player individually competing against the Dealer’s hand. The aim is to make a hand that is higher than the Dealer’s – without going over 21.

How to play

After making an initial wager each player receives two cards face up so you can see their value. The Dealer receives one card.

A Pontoon is achieved if your first two cards are an Ace and a picture card. The Dealer will immediately remove your cards and pay 3:2 on your bet!

If you are dealt any other combination you have several choices, depending on your hand:

  • Surrender
  • Draw extra cards
  • Keep your current total (stand)
  • Double
  • Split
  • Take insurance (if the dealer has an Ace)

Unlike Blackjack, player totals of 21 automatically win and will be paid out immediately, regardless of the Dealer’s hand.

You may surrender half your original wager and forfeit the round if the Dealer’s first card is a Jack, Queen, King or Ace.

A Surrender is indicated by knocking with a closed fist next to your wager. The Dealer will then place a surrender token on your cards.

  • If the Dealer achieves Pontoon, the Surrender is void and you lose your entire bet.
  • If the Dealer does not achieve Pontoon, they will claim only half your original bet.

The other interesting games to play at Casino Canberra are poker games, Baccarat, Ultimate texas holdem and others.

You can visit the casino at 21 Binara St, Canberra, ACT, 2601

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