Gamble Feature in Pokies and Strategy to Play

What is gamble feature
What is the Gamble feature in Pokies and the Best Strategy to Play it?

Gamble feature is a feature in pokies games where you can play to either increase your wins or unfortunately to lose it all. Many gaming developers continue to release new pokies games with the gamble feature, because it complicates the strategy of the game and gives an opportunity to win so much more. The option to gamble makes a pokies more like a casino game too and many players like that.

Basically, a gamble feature lets you increase your winnings – or lose it all. It’s usually activated after every successful spin, at which point you can either take what you just scored or gamble to increase this amount. Usually, this allows you to double the amount, although sometimes you can gain as much as 20x times your original winnings.

Types of gamble feature found in pokies games

There are many types of gamble feature in pokies game and there are more than one. Here are the popular types of gambler features to play at online pokies games:

1. Guess the card

Guess the card- Gamble feature
Guess the card

The most common gamble feature in online pokies looks like a casino mini-game. When you choose to gamble, you have to guess the colour of the next card in the classic deck. Sometimes you’re presented with a few cards that were already revealed, giving you a chance to calculate the most probable result. If you manage to answer correctly, you double your winnings. If you fail, you lose it all. This is a 50/50 situation to win this gamble feature.

Sometimes you can be more precise and choose a single suit. If you‘re correct, you quadruple your winnings, however, the chance to lose is much higher too. In many cases, the gamble feature combines both of these options and lets you guess either a colour or a suit. Yet another variant of guess the card is when you have to tell whether the next card revealed will be higher or lower than the current one.

2. Flip the coin

Flip the coin- gamble feature
Flip the coin

This gamble feature is known as Heads or Tails, and is very similar to the above said example.  The difference is that instead of a colour of the card, you have to guess which side is the flipped coin going to reveal – either heads or tails. Again, the chances here are 50/50 and you can either lose it all or double your winnings.

3. Roll the dice

Roll the dice- gamble feature
Roll the dice

Similar to the above two mentioned gamble features is a game dice or two or even more of them. Here before you roll, you have to guess whether the die’s total score will equal an odd or even number. The chances and reward are the same as in previous examples. Alternatively, some games allow you to gamble on a single number. Though winning chances here are much smaller but the rewards are much better too.

4. Bonus games

Bonus games in pokies
Bonus games

There is another type of gambling features you can say found nowadays in some of the newest online pokies specially developed by Microgaming. That is called bonus games. Playing some of these games you might be presented with a circle divided into green and red areas. It also has an arrow which you have to spin, so the mechanic is basically that of a wheel of fortune. If the arrow stops in the green area – you win. If it‘s the red area then it is understood to you to have better luck next time.

What‘s so unique about this gamble feature is the fact that you can choose your odds of winning and your multiplier. By default, the odds are 50/50, because each area colours half of the circle and the reward is 2x. However, you can increase or decrease them almost without limits. You can expand the green area to encompass almost the whole circle, but your winnings will increase only by 5%. On the other hand, you can increase the red area in the same way and win 20x your wager, if successful.

 What is the best strategy to play gamble feature in pokies?

What is best strategy to play gamble feature in pokies games
 What is the best strategy to play gamble feature in pokies?

So if you are interested in playing this gamble feature then you should use it wisely. The best strategy is as follows:

Play on those pokies that allow you to bank a portion of your winnings and gamble with the remaining amount. Although rare are these pokies games to find but by saving at least some of your winnings you make sure that you won’t end up empty-handed.

Another thing you should always keep in mind is that most of the games have a certain cap of money you can win using gamble feature. This is especially important in online pokies where you can gamble many times at once. These games allow you to continue gambling as long as your previous gambles are successful.

This way, you can double your winnings many times, resulting in colossal payouts. However, developers set a certain limit so that your winnings couldn’t get out of hand. That’s why you should never press your luck too much. If you’re close to the limit, you have nothing to win anymore – and everything to lose.

The best way to use the gamble feature to your advantage is by restricting yourself to low payouts. Since it’s usually a 50/50 chance, you can frequently increase your low bets, resulting in a decent amount of extra winnings in the long run. At the same time, you won’t suffer too much if you lose these petty winnings.

Note that gambling with large amounts of money can yield huge increases in your credit, but each case of failure is much more devastating too. If you risk a lot very often, you will easily burn through your bankroll without even noticing it. Also, you need these bigger wins to keep your balance while playing online pokies, especially those with a higher variance.

Finally, the best strategy is that you can always choose not to bank anything and not to gamble at all on the safer side.

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