What Are the Most Popular Pokies Games Ever Made?

Over the last few decades, some pokies machines managed to stand the test of time. While the flashy games of today blow the first games out of the water, some managed to survive. Their heyday may be over, but they are far from irrelevant. These iconic names are still enjoyed by millions of players around the world. On top of managing to keep hooking punters, they paved the way for the games that are enjoyed today.

By evolving into classics, these pokies themes have cemented themselves into gambling history. In a world where fads come and go, longevity is the best thing a game can garner. The most popular pokies games over achieved this. Their legacy lives on to this day, which makes them impossible for any respectable punter to ignore. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most popular pokies games of all time. They pioneered pokies as we know it, so prepare to be introduced to releases that rocked the industry!

Most Popular Pokies Games of All-Time

Popular Pokies

This game’s simplicity won people over.

Pokies Theme #3: Double Diamond – Back when three-reel mechanical machines were the norm, one game dominated the industry. IGT solidified their place as industry titans with the release of Double Diamond. Over the years, it has successfully made the transition into five-reel video and online formats. Defying its competitors, this game is still enjoyed by millions of punters around the world.

What made this game such a hit is the fact that its so simple. Instead of trying to blow users away with something complicated, IGT stuck to the basics. They created a game with an elegant look where the diamond symbols serve as multipliers. Each double diamond doubles the winnings of the spin, while one bar and two double diamonds pays four times more. If a punter manages to get the elusive three double diamonds, they just hit the jackpot. This surprisingly simple combination became a winning formula. Double Diamonds’ legacy lives on to this day in every major casino.

Popular Pokies

This game will never be forgotten.

Pokies Theme #2: Blazing 7s – Back in the 1970’s, Bally created the most iconic pokies game of all time. Blazing 7s took the industry by storm, and its triple 7 design is still automatically associated with pokies. What made this game so unique was the fact that it had the first quick-hit progressive. By giving modest yet frequent jackpots, Bally was able to reel in punters at an alarming rate. The game also featured progressive jackpots that start at $1,000 for $1 machines. This proved to be a winning combination, and the game is still revered to this day.

Popular Pokies

Meet the most popular pokies game of all time!

Pokies Theme #1: Wheel of Fortune – While Blazing 7’s may be the most iconic pokies game, its popularity pales in comparison with Wheel of Fortune. For two decades, this game took the industry by storm. To this day, it’s IGT’s most popular release.

By piggy-backing off the TV show’s popularity, Wheel of Fortune managed to take the casino industry by storm. Punters went wild for the familiar reels and chants that they enjoyed watching with their family. This game tapped into everyone’s childhood, which is something no other game achieved. It connected with people around the world and remains the most popular pokies game ever created.

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