What Are the Most Popular Asian Casino Games?

Pretty much every casino game imaginable is played in Asia, but only 3 games steal the show. This is due to the fact that they are so popular they provide a majority of income for some casinos. These games aren’t just loved by Asians, they are revered as part of the culture. In a continent that’s home to over 4 billion people, this popularity can’t be ignored. Millions of players routinely engage in these bonanzas, which generate more income than some countries. Find out What Are the Most Popular Asian Casino Games?

The wild amount of cash generated by these games isn’t just intriguing, it’s essential for any punter to know. Every year more Asian tourists travel to Australia, so venues need to know what to offer. Even if you aren’t a major executive at a casino, these games are still good to know.

They have won over a majority of the world, so don’t get left in the dark. It’s always good to try something new, since it could become your next favorite game. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most popular games in Asia. Be prepared to be surprised, these games are in a league of their own!

Biggest Casino Games in Asia

Asian Casino Game #3: Sic Bo

Asian Casino Games
This game has made its mark in the Philippines.

This game isn’t just popular in China, it has become part of their national identity. It has been played since ancient times, so it’s no surprise that it’s engrained in the culture. The name sic bo means “precious dice”, since it revolves around three dice. Punters bet on a series of possibilities, trying to predict what the dice will do.

The game is popular throughout Asia, but it also goes by different names. It’s known as “hi-lo” in the Philippines, & has taken the country by storm. No matter the name it goes by, it’s a wildly fun game to play. Try a few rounds of it the next time you are at the casino!

Asian Casino Game #2: Mahjong

Asian Casino Games
This domino game captivates millions of Asian players.

While saying this name will generate nothing but confused looks in Australia, it’s renowned in China & Japan. It can be spelt a few different ways, but the method of playing it is always the same. Each punter is given 13 dominos, which opens doors to a series of interesting combinations. One goal is to get four tiles in a row, creating a meld. Another is ahead, which is two tiles in a row. Local rules vary, but no one can argue that this game isn’t wildly popular in Asia.

Asian Casino Game #1: Baccarat

Asian Casino Games
This game has taken Macau hostage!

Out of all the games in Asia, high stakes baccarat is king. It’s nothing short of a bonanza since it has taken Macau by storm. In 2014 alone, casinos in Macau raked in $20 billion with this game alone. This staggering figure accounted for 91% of the total casino revenue in Asia’s gambling oasis.

It’s quickly exploded in popularity, since it caters to superstitious punters. Many believe that games shouldn’t be won by skill, but should be left completely up to chance. In baccarat, punters try to get cards to add up to nine points. There’s no possible strategy, since it depends entirely on which cards you draw.

Over the years it has become a favourite for Chinese high rollers since it allows them to beat cash restrictions when travelling to Macau. Instead of using actual money, the casino gave them VIP points that can be bought with money transfers. This opened up doors to rampant money laundering, so the Chinese government passed a slew of measures to crackdown. Now the game is more restricted, but it’s still the number one money generator in Macau. Discover what all the fuss is about by trying your luck at this interesting game!

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