What are the Latest Rules that Casinos in Victoria Australia have to Follow?

Rules to play pokies
What are the Latest Rules that Casinos in Victoria Australia have to Follow?

In Victoria Australia, Victorian Commission for Gambling and  Liquor Regulation rules apply for casinos and the last updated rules came into force in April 2016. These rules are in addition to the requirements of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 the Casino. Let’s find out The Latest Rules that casinos in Victoria Australia have to follow?

There are various acts and sections that describe the rules in brief. Some of them are as follows which you should know as a player when you enter any land-based real casino to play pokies or any other table game. All these rules are mentioned under Section 3.5.23(3) of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 or section 78 of the Gaming Machine Control Act 1991.

Casino can prohibit the person who breaches rule

If a casino operator decides that a person has breached one of these Rules or the Act in relation to, or when playing, a gaming machine, a casino operator may prohibit the person from entering or remaining in the casino under section 72 of the Act.

You are entitled to receive a cash or cheque payment from a casino operator, in place of an equivalent value of gaming machine winnings or credits, only when you have verified the amount of payment and then acknowledged receipt of the correct payment by signing the appropriate form.

Rules to play pokies in Australia

Victorian gambling rules
Rules to play pokies in Australia

There are the Rules that Casinos in Victoria Australia have to follow. If a player does not want to play out any remaining credits on a gaming machine that amount to less than $1.00, the casino operator must not refuse to make a manual or ‘hand’ payment of the credits to the player.  It means a casino operator must pay, immediately upon request, monetary prizes, coin issues, token issues, and coin or token redemption in the form requested by the player, except where it requires payment in a specific form.

Like if a casino operator has a  concern  about  a person’s entitlement to receive a prize, coin issue, or token issue, including for reasons that the person may have acted fraudulently or used a prohibited device, or a gaming machine or gaming equipment may have malfunctioned, the casino operator may:

  • request appropriate forms of personal identification from the player
  • withhold the payment of any prize; coin issue or token issue or demand the return of any prize; coin issue or token issue from the player; until the casino operator has completed an investigation and made a determination
  • confiscate a prohibited device in the possession of a person in accordance with section 80(3) of the Act
  • cause the person who was in possession of a prohibited device; to be detained in accordance with section 81 of the Act.

In these Rules, “prohibited device” means any equipment, device, or thing that permits or facilitates cheating or stealing.

1. Coins and tokens are property of the casino

All coins or tokens in gaming machines remain the property of the casino operator; until won by or refunded to a player in accordance with the Act; the correct operation of the machine; and the approved rules of the game and these Rules.

2. Malfunction of a gaming machine voids all gamplays

Malfunction of a gaming machine voids all gamplays
Malfunction of a gaming machine voids all gamplays

The malfunction of a gaming machine or gaming equipment; including a jackpot display meter or jackpot controller; voids all gaming machine gameplays, winning of jackpots, prizes, and payments. All prizes won or monies paid from a gaming machine or gaming machine equipment that has malfunctioned remain the property of the casino operator. The casino operator may adjust the value of the jackpot prize in accordance with approved procedures.

3. Players should abide by the directions of casino employees

You, as a player, must comply with any directions given by casino employees regarding participation in gaming on electronic gaming machines at the casino. Also must clear credits from the gaming machine when the casino operator broadcasts a “close of play” warning or notification. You must not tilt, rock, or in any way damage or interfere with a gaming machine; or attempt to operate a gaming machine with any object or device other than legal tender; valid gaming tokens, or authorized casino’s issued card.

4. Without playing you cannot occupy a machine

Without playing you cannot occupy a machine
Without playing you cannot occupy a machine

You must not occupy a gaming machine without actively playing it; or occupy an area adjacent to it; so that you restrict another player from gaining access to play that gaming machine.

Where a gaming machine does not provide a ‘reserve button’ to reserve a gaming machine; an employee of the casino operator may; at the request of the gaming machine player; reserve or hold a particular gaming machine for a reasonable period; so as to allow that player to obtain more coin or to attend to any personal matter. Unless this request occurs, a player does not have any reservation rights over any particular gaming machine.

5. You cannot interfere, hinder, harass other players

You must not interfere with any part of a gaming machine if someone is playing it. Also must not hinder, harass, intimidate or interfere in any way; with another person’s playing of a gaming machine or with any employee of the casino operator; performing duties related to a gaming machine.

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6 . Syndicate play is not allowed

A player must not solicit or accept an inducement to engage in Syndicate Play. “Syndicate Play” occurs when two or more persons act in concert to affect the chance of any person or persons winning a linked jackpot arrangement. Where a casino operator suspects on reasonable grounds about it – that two or more persons are planning for Syndicate Play, the casino may restrict the play of those persons. Also, you must not induce a gaming machine player to vacate a gaming machine; or to engage in Syndicate Play, whether by threats, unpleasant behavior, financial offer, or any other method.

7. You can reach the appointed inspector for any complaint

You may complain to a casino operator about your experience of playing a gaming machine; or the operation of a gaming machine.  Where a player complaint remains unresolved or the player is dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint; the player must be advised of the presence of; and their right to refer the complaint to; an inspector appointed by the Executive Commissioner of the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Finally, note these rules apply to all the Crown Casinos as well as other land casinos you play at. For more information, you can visit here.

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