What Are the Best Casinos in Panama?

When it comes to winter getaways for adventurous punters, Panama steals the show. Their summer starts at the end of December, which makes it the perfect place to escape cold weather. From the climate to the people, Panama is extremely inviting to any visitor. They have bustling cities, gorgeous beaches and plenty of pristine nature to enjoy. All these factors make Panama irresistible to any serious traveler.

On top of being a jaw dropping country to explore, Panama’s gambling industry is just as vibrant. Even though it’s a small country, it’s still bursting at the seams with options. Ever since casinos were authorized in 1997, three main operators took control. Today over 46 legal gambling facilities operate in 11 cities that are within the country.

Out of all the casinos, most you will find in the capital, Panama City. With 28 facilities open in this city alone, finding the best casinos in Panama can be a daunting task. There are too many options for most tourists to try, but fortunately a few stand out from the pack. Even though the international spotlight has eluded them, these casinos can’t be missed. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best casinos in Panama. They have won over countless punters with their quality service and breathtaking presentations, so don’t miss out on these attractions!

Best Casinos in Panama

Casino #3: Panama Princess Casino

Enjoy a plush gaming experience!

When it comes to location, nothing can beat this venue. It’s nestled in the heart of Panama City, right next to the Multiplaza Pacific Mall & Multicentro Panama. You will get the welcome of a 5-star hotel that offers 128 guest rooms. These range from plush suites to enormous penthouses, & they also boast a spa, fitness center and massive conference room. There’s something for everyone, which makes this casino perfect for corporate gatherings.

Even though it’s easy to get distracted, the real action is on the game floor. Panama Princess Casino has a large 27,000sq/ft. casino floor with plenty of games. Punters can choose between 400 gaming machines and 19 live table games. The pokies machines have multi-level jackpot systems that award $200,000 when triggered. They also host daily poker tournaments with $100 minimum buy-ins. All these features are irresistible, so don’t miss out on the action!

Casino #2: Ocean Club Casino

Play you favorite games on a luxurious penthouse floor!

Sun Internationla is the owner of this casino, but you will find this inside one of the biggest hotels in Panama City. Ever since it opened in 2014, this casino has taken the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower by storm. What started as a small project evolved into a thriving casino that takes up the top three floors of the Trump tower.

Technically, this is the biggest casino in Panama. Their 75,000 square foot casino floor offers 600 pokies machines and 32 live gaming tables. These allow visitors to indulge in every imaginable casino game in a gorgeous penthouse setting. The view alone will take your breath away, so don’t miss this casino!

Casino #1: Veneto Wyndham Grand Hotel & Casino

This casino is bursting at the seams with games!

The Ocean Club Casino best casinos in Panama may have the biggest casino floor, but this venue has the most games. Their 40,000 square foot casino floor is packed with a shocking amount of games and tables. Over 600 pokies machines illuminate the building while 40 table games provide even more entertainment.

There are also 15 tables in a private poker room that provide an intimate setting for hidden showdowns. They host live music every night of the week that’s accompanied by dance shows. All these features are too enticing to ignore, so stop by this casino while in Panama!

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