What Are The Best 10 Tips For Sports Betting?

Tips for Sports betting

Tips for sports betting are necessary for first time sports bettors. Sports betting is most popular these days at online casinos and bookie sites. Most of the online casinos like Unibet offer sports betting to punters in real-time.

Before you find tips for sports betting, you should know that sports betting is a popular form of gambling in Australia, with a significant number of Australians participating in betting on various sports events. Here are some key points to know about sports betting in Australia:

  • Legality: Sports betting is legal and regulated in Australia. Each state and territory has its own regulatory authority responsible for overseeing gambling activities, including sports betting.
  • Licensed Operators: To operate legally in Australia, sports betting operators must hold a valid license issued by the relevant state or territory regulatory authority. Some well-known licensed operators in Australia include Tabcorp, Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, and Bet365, among others.
  • Sports Coverage: Australian sports betting covers a wide range of popular sports, including Australian Rules football (AFL), rugby, cricket, soccer, tennis, and horse racing. International sports events such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and major tennis tournaments also attract significant betting interest.
  • Betting Options: Sports betting in Australia offers a variety of betting options. These can include traditional bets such as win/lose, point spreads, totals, and futures, as well as more specific bets like player performance, individual team performances, and live in-play betting.
  • Online Betting: Online sports betting is highly prevalent in Australia, with many licensed operators offering online platforms and mobile applications for convenient access. Australians can place bets on sports events using their computers, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Responsible Gambling: Australia has regulations and initiatives in place to promote responsible gambling. Operators are required to provide responsible gambling tools, including self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and access to support services for problem gambling.
  • Advertising and Promotion: Sports betting operators in Australia are subject to regulations regarding advertising and promotion. These regulations aim to ensure responsible advertising practices and protect vulnerable individuals from excessive gambling exposure.

Best 10 Tips for Sports Betting

Be it the game of soccer or football, horse races, golf tennis, or cricket, there are hundreds of sports to bet upon. You need to but be careful in your journey to bet on various sports because like pokies and other casino games of chance your chances to lose is more than wins.  Therefore there are tips for sports betting and best advice for players by experts to use when joining any online bookie for sports.

Bovada casino and sports bet offers BTC deposits
Bovada casino and sports bet offers BTC deposits

1. Do not Chase your Losses

Like any other casino game experts do suggest that you must be disciplined enough not to lose control when you have a couple of losing bets. This tips for sports betting means do not seek to win your money back on the next available game. No one can win all the time. Wait for the right game, where you feel you know enough to get back on the winning path. Set out your bets for a day and accept the results. Remember there is always another day to win.

2. Manage your Bankroll

Manage your Bankroll
Manage your Bankroll

This tips for sports betting is also widely popular when playing pokies at online casinos. The same tip applies to sports betting too. Pick an amount you can afford to lose and have this as your bankroll. You certainly don’t plan to lose but it is always a possibility. Now set your bet amount, generally around 5 percent of your total bankroll. For example, if your budget is $1000, your standard bet could be $50. As your bank increases or decreases, adjust your 5 percent bet accordingly. You could over time double your bankroll to $2000, meaning your 5 percent bet becomes $100. Keep track of where you are up to. Only rarely should you stray from your standard bet; possibly if you think the bookies have it wrong when framing a particular market.

3. Learn to Walk Away

Learn to Walk Away
Learn to Walk Away

Often seen at sports bookies, players fret and fume if they lose a race or lose a game. Remember the saying “money lost, nothing lost. Confidence lost, everything lost.’’ It can be hard to keep faith in this theory when your funds are running dry, but you must play the long game in betting. You will have losing days but ultimately your success or failure will largely depend on how you respond to these days. So the best tips for sports betting, you need to be patient and learn to walk away if you are losing to save what you have in your pocket.

4. Don’t be Carried Away with Accumulators

Multiplying the odds on half a dozen “dead certs’’ and coming up with juicy odds, putting on your stake and expecting to cruise to easy Australian dollars. Only for the first contender to suffer a shock loss and then watch helplessly as the next five legs come up. You need to be more patient than this tips for sports betting. You can make multiple selections but also make sure you have a collection of the individual results you fancy.

5. Seek out Value

This tips for sports betting sounds simple but that is not always the case. This is where judgment plays a role. Consider an upcoming match and rate the chances of each team. With experience and practice, you will be able to express this information in odds form. Then check how the bookmakers and sportsbooks have rated the teams and look for the disparities.

Don’t be afraid to back your judgment but also consider that those setting the odds for the sportsbooks are usually experienced operators, though many would argue many bookies simply feed off what others have put up. You need to learn which bookies are first up with the odds to get the first crack at any perceived value.

6. Stick to What you Know

Avoid the temptation to, for example, gamble on an NHL match just because it is the next thing on the TV at your favorite bar. If you don’t know much about a sport, then take care of this tips for sports betting o either leave it and don’t bet on that game. Sure, it feels good to have a live bet to add an edge to your viewing but that is not how successful sports punters operate. They have second-to-none knowledge of the product and know all the last-minute details of a game. Don’t give up whatever edge you may have in one sport by squandering funds on another.

Free bets in sports betting add value to your bankroll
Bonus bets and free bets are awesome promos at online bookies

7. Have Multiple Sports Betting Accounts

By multiple sports betting accounts, experts believe that at online bookies site the free bets offer are useful to increase your bankroll and beat the odds. So you can open up your accounts with various online sportsbooks. These small percentages of free bonuses can make all the difference, particularly as your bankroll and turnover grow. Also, you will be able to take advantage of more promotional offers if you are signed up at all the best bookies.

8. Learn to Deal with a Cold Streak

While the tip to stay patient and think more about the long-term status of your bankroll, there are times when you feel as though the great Bernie Lootz (William H. Macy from The Cooler movie) is sitting on your shoulder. If you hit a rough streak, consider taking a break. Dust off the golf clubs or tennis racquet or dig out the darts. Some time away can clear your mind for the task at hand: beating the bookies.

Sports betting apps in Australia
Study about the sports game you are about to bet

9. Don’t Neglect the X Factors

In professional sports, little is left to chance. Pro Punters prepare rigorously, game plans are employed and discarded and the opposition is studied in great detail. Form, head-to-head records, and so on are great references for the sports gambler, but sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, particularly when you are betting at the line. You need to clear your doubts on the team or match you want to bet, their past wins and losses.

10. Formulate your Own Method

Keep a close watch on your results over time and play to your strengths. If you are consistently winning on the English Premier League even though you feel you know more about the NBA, you need to run with it for a while. It may be that your intuition is less clouded on a sport in which you are not as emotionally invested. Also if you can’t be detached and clinical when assessing games involving your favorite team or teams, maybe you should leave those games out of your betting mix. When it comes to winning on sports betting, it’s head over heart every time.

Popular Sports Bookies in Australia

There are several popular sports bookmakers in Australia. Here are some well-known and widely used sports bookies in the country:

  1. Sportsbet: Sportsbet is one of the largest and most popular online bookmakers in Australia. They offer a wide range of sports betting markets, competitive odds, and various promotions and features for their customers.
  2. TAB (Tabcorp): TAB is a prominent sports betting brand in Australia and is operated by Tabcorp Holdings, one of the country’s largest gambling companies. TAB offers a comprehensive range of sports betting options, including horse racing, greyhound racing, and major sports events.
  3. Bet365: Bet365 is a well-known international bookmaker that operates in Australia. They offer a wide range of sports betting markets, live streaming of various sports events, and a user-friendly platform.
  4. Ladbrokes: Ladbrokes is a prominent sports betting brand with a strong presence in Australia. They provide an extensive selection of sports betting options, including horse racing, football, tennis, and more.
  5. Neds: Neds is a relatively newer entrant in the Australian sports betting market. They offer a user-friendly platform, competitive odds, and various betting features and promotions.
  6. PointsBet: PointsBet is a unique bookmaker in Australia, known for its innovative spread betting and points betting options. They provide a different betting experience compared to traditional fixed-odds betting.

It’s important to note that the popularity and reputation of bookmakers can change over time. It’s recommended to do your own research, compare odds and promotions, and read reviews to determine which bookmaker aligns with your preferences and betting needs.

Also remember to note that sports betting can carry risks, and it’s crucial to gamble responsibly. If you choose to engage in sports betting, set limits on your spending, be aware of the odds and probabilities, and avoid chasing losses. If you or someone you know is experiencing gambling-related issues, seek help from support services such as Gambling Help Online or Lifeline Australia.

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