What are Multiplayer Community Casino Games?

Multiplayer casino games
What are multi-player Community Casino Games?

Have you tried playing multiplayer community casino games? Casinos are fast advancing their games according to the needs and changes in technology. As more and more players got interested in pokies and machines, gradually so did the casinos with the onset of digital online technology developed multi-player games in the casino.

The origin of Multiplayer Community Casino Games

The origin of Multi-Player Pokies
The origin of Multi-Player Pokies

Earlier you must have seen that pokies were one-player games. So many popular pokies games that were played by a single player being unaware of how other players were doing.

The first change towards a more community spirit started with the development of the first progressive jackpot games. Here multiple machines were linked together for the first time with each wager was taken contributing towards a small jackpot. Players could now play the same game, but essentially, they were competing against each other for the win.

Progressive pokies proved hugely popular due to the size of the jackpots they offered but it strictly wasn’t community pokies play. Players didn’t share in another players fortune and essentially they were competitors vying for the big jackpot prize.

The Social Element

The Social Element
The Social Element

Soon community games ideas were formed when pokies were linked together and played by groups of players in the casino. However, these pokies play was a bit different. As players were playing the same game, they are encouraged to talk to each other and when one player hits a bonus, all players playing the game would share in the bonus.

It is this addition of the social element which is fundamental to the success of multi-player community pokies. By encouraging players to play together, communicate and share in each other’s successes, groups of players build up a fellowship that cannot be found by playing alone.

In Las Vegas, multi-player community pokies like The Price Is Right, have proven extremely popular and to this day attract plenty of players willing to play, cheer and win alongside each other.

Multi-Player Community Games Online

Multi-Player Community Games Online
Multi-Player Community Games Online

The change from single-player pokies online to many players was quite a smooth transformation. Earlier when the programming template was established there were considerably more logistical problems to deal with when it came to multi-player pokies games.

However, companies like Microgaming who have developed five outstanding multi-player pokies available to play have succeeded in translating these popular pokies from the arcades of Vegas to your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The result has been a complete shift in how online users perceive pokies machines. No longer are pokies machines necessarily a solitary pursuit.  Players can now join up a Microgaming casino and start playing with teammates.

How do these Multiplayer Community Games work?

How do these Multiplayer Community Games work
How do these Multiplayer Community Games work

Multi-Player Community games work online by allocating players to a ‘group’ of players that all play on a single machine. When you log into one of these machines, you are randomly allocated a position in one of these groups.

Once the game has loaded up; you then get to see all of the other players playing the same game as you on screen; so you can see when one player has managed to land a winning spin.

Also, you can actively participate in the group by taking part in chats with other members. This feature, which is normally associated with online bingo games; is what brings the community element of these games to life. You can cheer on other users as they hit a big win; sympathize with them if they lose a gamble and of course; if one of you hits a bonus round; then you all get to share in the good fortune and play the bonus round together, sharing in the; winnings.

Play online with friends

As you get to know players for quite some time; you can then add them as friends and when you log in; you can search to see which of your friends are online and playing and joining them. The chat facility also lets you chat with everybody in the room, or just in private with one person.

Important to note is that bonus rounds are hit more often in these types of games; because you have more players playing the game at once. So if you are a player who wants to maximise your potential winnings, play as many free spins rounds as possible.

Multi-Player Community games have now become so much popular; that other community-based games such as roulette and a fantastic arcade-style game; have also been developed by the giants at Microgaming.

Best five Microgaming multi-player community pokies and games

1. Playboy Multi-Player

Playboy Multi-Player

Featuring Join Jillian, Ashley, Sofia and Kimi; as your four delectable hostesses in this multi-player version of the hugely popular Playboy pokies.  If you hit a free spin bonus round you can share in the good fortune; as this could result in a big win for all players at the table; and also you can chat and view how each player are performing.

2. Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth

Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth

This game is considered the first true multi-player online pokies game to bring the community feel to the game. Once you are allocated to a room; you can interact with all the players in that room on a 5-reel; 25-line pokies and if one player in your room triggers the bonus; all players will gain the benefit.

3. Multi-Player Avalon Pokies

Multi-Player Avalon Pokies

This game introduced a new feature in Multiplayer Community Casino Games; the bonus thermometer which increases with each spin a player makes. Increase the thermometer to increase the number of free spins you can trigger; when one of your playing teams hits a bonus.

4. Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition

Multiplayer roulette
Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition

Microgaming has now introduced a multi-player version of roulette. Play as you would in the casino; and chat to other players at the table; as you place your bets on the layout and watch the wheel spin before landing on one of the pokies. Spin every 20, 40 or 60 seconds and view the wheel in glorious 3D in this pioneering multi-player online game.

5. Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Max Damage and the Alien Attack
Max Damage and the Alien Attack

An incredible multi-player arcade-style game that plays out like a pokies game and offers a unique gaming experience. Each player has six lives and wagers; as they fend off wave after wave of aliens; with bonuses and wins awarded as the player destroys the ships. It is one of the most innovative and original multi-player games to play online. Now try your hand in multiplayer community games and feel the difference and the say.

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