What are Gamification Casinos?

What are Gamification casinos?

Gamification casinos are online casinos but a bit different than regular online casinos.  Gamification is the practice of using gaming elements usually associated with online video games such as strategy, adventure, and first-person short (FPS) games. In these types of games, players can enjoy immersive and interactive elements such as daily missions or tasks to be completed to win additional prizes, leaderboards, where players can go head to head to not only see who the best player is but also earn the bonus money, points, and other rewards.

What is Gamification?

What is Gamification?
What is Gamification?

The term gamification was first used at Casumo Casino back in 2012, and it used many gamification features in its casino platform.

Gamification is a new method to make an immediate impact in the virtual casino realm and a way to attract more players, particularly the new generation players.  With elements usually associated with video games, such as leaderboards, missions or quests, task completions, level-ups, hidden items, and gems, it adds a new component to an otherwise standard online casino experience. The fact that you don’t just log in to play a few slots and then log off, but are instead required to complete a particular task, defeat a level boss, or unlock a new game, while playing your favorite casino games, is a huge plus for many players.

As web technology evolved players became accustomed to faster games, high definition graphics, sophisticated platforms, the option to choose playing games on virtually any device, including smartphones and tablets. In turn, competition between online gaming operators increased as each sought to outdo the other, vying for maximum attention from potential players. Each operator sought to add more sophisticated games and options such as live streaming games and more.

The cycle of technology is increasing the quality of online games, and the demand for even better games is a never-ending one. The same can be said for the level of competition within a finite marketplace. Operators are always looking for the next big thing, as are players of online games. Today’s players are savvier than previous generations and will not be satisfied with anything humdrum or conventional. Innovation is vital in today’s environment, and the online casino operator that can offer something fresh and different will win over those that prefer to stick with old standards.

Gamification Features

Gamification can cover quite a lot of ground, making it one of the most useful additions to the look and feel of an online casino. However, while gamification does add an entirely new and fresh element to online casino brands, operators cannot lose focus on the core reason for their existence, offering the best casino games on the market.

To this end, the majority of online casinos that choose to add gamification elements to their platform, usually stick with three or four popular elements. Some casinos decide to use all of these elements, while others prefer to focus on just one or two. Ultimately the aim is to create the best possible user experience for the player, which includes game immersion and plenty of rewards to go along with it.

Here are some of the Gamification features you can find at Gamification online casinos:

Mission-Based Accomplishments

Leo Vegas Casino offers Mission-based accomplishments on its games

Mission-Based Accomplishments concept is closely similar to online role-player video games, first-person shooters, and other popular online gaming styles played on the web today. The mission-based platform can come in a variety of versions and can include straight-up missions that have a start and endpoint, in-game tasks, or adventure modes, where players are required to help a protagonist character complete a quest.

Adding missions and quests to a casino gaming platform can boost the intensity and the immersion factor considerably. At such online casinos, there are various missions that players can select to achieve or unlock additional bonuses and points. Some of these missions or tasks also take place within a pokies game where players need to complete a specific bonus round or reach a certain total score to unlock additional prizes and bonuses in their mission.


Rich Casino Australia offers Leaderboards Gamification Pokies Tournaments

Leaderboards are another big part of online video gaming platforms. And is a favorite feature in a wide assortment of gaming styles from shooters to multiplayer games. Leaderboards seem to be a natural fit for online casinos.
Since many are already running competitive tournaments with ranking systems in place. However, from a gamification point of view; online casinos like Rich Casino have revamped the leaderboard concept; and made it far more fun and funky for the online casino community.

Leaderboards are incredibly simple in structure, making them ideal for all levels of players to enjoy. Leaderboard gamification casinos may feature a series of select pokies; where players must play pokies in a particular order to begin climbing the leaderboard. The better you do, the more you score, and the faster you climb the leaderboard to win big prizes. Some leaderboards also allow players to share their progress on social media platforms; thus adding an extra element of fun and immersion.

Loyalty Program

Cashback program at online casinos
Cashback program at online casinos

Loyalty points also called player points; at some online casinos, reward players that choose to stick around and play games on a regular basis. The primary point system works on betting frequency; for example, you get one point for every ten bucks you wager at the tables or on pokies. However, online casinos like Rich Casino or Winward casino use gamification ideas to full effect. Instead of the standard loyalty points, they offer cashback offers and special VIP bonuses, free spins, and so forth.

Social Media

Social media games to play online
Social media games to play online

It is a significant feature in many people’s lives, and it seems like there is no escape from the influence. Social media can be great for gamification since it affords online casino operators some free publicity via their players. Players can ‘share’ their progress and success on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; and at the same time, create some much-needed exposure to online casinos.

Gamification in online casinos is still a relatively new concept. And there are only a handful of operators that use gamification principles within their platforms. However, having said that, the popularity of online casino gamification is definitely on the rise. If you are among those who enjoy a bit of added excitement and challenge; over and above the challenge of merely beating the house in a casino game; then gamification casinos are worth checking out.

Gamification at online casinos is a clear indication that one of these days; you will be playing every game on a single platform. Throw the potential of VR (Virtual Reality) into the mix, and the future starts to look incredible. Getting into gamification casinos now is a great way to start moving with the flow of the gaming industry; and where technology will be taking things.

Remember not all online casinos use gamification features. At present, the best gamification online casinos for Aussie punters are Rich Casino, Desert Nights Casino, Winward Casino, 7 reels casino to name a few.

Simply join these casinos as you do in any regular online casino; and make a real AUD or BTC deposit to start playing real money pokies.

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