What are Arcade Games and Where can I Play them in Australia?

What are Arcade games and where can I play them in Australia
What are Arcade games and where can I play them in Australia

Arcade games are interesting games that are found to play both at online casinos as well as land casinos. Basically, these games are like any other video game and at land venues, these are coin-operated machines. If you remember a bit then many of you must be knowing that games like Pinball and other electromechanical games of such kind were very popular in the 80s when such games were very much popular. Lately when other games became dominant in the gaming industry like pokies games or now the VR console and other PC games became prominent Arcade games are lesser-played at online casinos.

What are Arcade Games

According to Wikipedia Arcade games often have short levels, simple and intuitive control schemes, and rapidly increasing difficulty. This is due to the environment of the Arcade, where the player is essentially renting the game for as long as their in-game avatar can stay alive (or until they run out of tokens). Games on consoles or PCs can be referred to as “arcade games” if they share these qualities or are direct ports of arcade titles.

Many independent developers are now producing games in the arcade genre that are designed specifically to play online. These games are usually designed with Flash/Java/DHTML and run directly in web-browsers. Arcade racing games have a simplified physics engine and do not require much learning time when compared with racing simulators. Cars can turn sharply without braking or understeer, and the AI rivals are sometimes programmed so they are always near the player.

Arcade flight games also use simplified physics and controls in comparison to flight simulators. These are meant to have an easy learning curve, in order to preserve their action component. Increasing numbers of console flight video games, from Crimson Skies to Ace Combat and Secret Weapons Over Normandy indicate the falling of manual-heavy flight sim popularity in favor of instant arcade flight action

Other types of arcade-style games include fighting games, beat ’em up games,  light gun rail shooters, and “bullet hell” shooters music games and mobile/casual games (intuitive controls and often played in short sessions).

Where can you play Arcade games in Australia?

Where can you play Arcade games in Australia
Where can you play Arcade games in Australia?

You will find arcade games mostly in public places like malls, restaurants, and amusement arcades, and even online casinos. In Australia, you can enjoy these games at very popular amusement arcades known as PlayTime.

PlayTime has numerous venues across Australia and is fast becoming one of Australia’s favorite arcade brands. Enticing guests of all ages, you’ll find the latest release games as well as some of the old favorites. Such venues not only provide space to enjoy games but also offers team-building exercises and are the perfect venue for kids’ birthday parties.

With impressive redemption rooms in each location, you are able to trade in your points won to redeem prizes. These include everything from family favorite toys and games to high-end prizes such as the latest release of home gaming devices. Also at PlayTime centers, you will enjoy food and a wonderful beverage menu as well.

Also there are many types of Arcade themed video games to play at online casinos, mobile casinos or iMAC casinos.

List of Venues of PlayTime across Australia where you can enjoy Arcade games

1. Arcade game venues in NSW

AMF Penrith 62-72 Batt St Penrith NSW 2750 Ph: 1300 421 567 with over 60 arcade games, Laser Tag, the legendary Winners Vault, and of course AMF Bowling and Café!

Kingpin N Strathfield, 3-5 George St North Strathfield NSW 2173 Ph: 1300 421 567 here not only will you find Kingpin bowling, but a huge medieval laser arena, table tennis tables, 100 arcade games, Room 300 event space, Playtime, and a Karaoke Room.

AMF Revesby Level 2 Revesby Village Centre 2b Brett st Revesby Ph:1300 421 567 where you will find over 60 arcade games, Laser Tag, a redemption counter, and of course AMF Bowling and Café!

Kingpin Harbourside Harbourside Shopping Centre, 2-10 Darling Harbour Sydney NSW 2000 Ph: 1300 421 567 having ver 60 arcade games, a prize hub redemption machine, table tennis tables, Laser Tag and of course the core of Kingpin, bowling.

Playtime Miranda 600 Kingsway Miranda NSW 2228 Ph: 1300 421 567 and offers 80 arcade games and an awesome café.

AMF Villawood 850 Woodville Rd, Villawood NSW 2163. Ph: 1300 421 567 with over 60 arcade games, Laser Tag, a redemption counter, and of course AMF Bowling and Café!

Kingpin Macarthur Macarthur Square, Kellicar Rd Campbelltown NSW 2560; Ph: 1300 421 567 with over 60 arcade games; a redemption counter, Laser Tag, and of course the core of Kingpin, bowling.

Some other venues at NSW

Playtime Blacktown Westpoint Shopping Centre; 4011/17 Patrick St Blacktown NSW. 2148 Ph: 1300 421 567 and this venue has over 75 arcade games and a Laser Tag arena. They also boast a party room if you wanted to host a next-level birthday party!

Playtime Chatswood Shop 605, Level 6 Chatswood Westfield Chatswood, NSW 2067 Ph: 1300 421 567  and this place have over 130 arcade games, the vibe in here is perfect, grab your mates, grab some popcorn chicken from the café and just chill.  Also, you can use their karaoke system and take over the stage or play table tennis.

Playtime Haymarket Market City Shopping Centre, R307/9-13 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000 Ph: 1300 421 567, and offers 125 arcade games.

Kingpin Darwin, Cnr McMillans Rd & Neale St Darwin City NT 0820 Ph: 1300 421 567 and has over 60 arcade games, a redemption counter, Laser Tag, and of course the core of Kingpin, bowling.

2. Arcade game venues in Queensland

Playtime Kingpin Townsville, 16 High Range Dr, Thuringowa Central QLD 4817 Ph: 1300 421 567, and you will find over 90 arcade games, a redemption counter, Laser Tag, and of course the core of Kingpin, bowling.

Playtime Chermside, Shop MM33, Level 2 Westfield Chermside, 949 Gympie Rd, Chermside QLD 4032 Ph: 1300 421 567 and offers 100 arcade games.

3. Arcade game venues in Victoria

Playtime Crown, Ground Crown Entertainment Complex 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006 Ph: 1300 421 567, and offers 150 arcade games.

Playtime Eastland, Shop MM12 Eastland Shopping Centre, 175 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC 3134 Ph: 1300 421 567 and offers 100 arcade games.

Playtime Highpoint Level 1, 200 Rosamond Rd Maribyrnong VIC 3032 Ph: 1300 421 567 and offers 80 arcade games.

Arcade games that you can enjoy at these venues

Arcade games to play
Arcade games that you can enjoy at these venues

You can enjoy popular Arcade games like Batman, Daytona, Jurassic Park, Minion Madness, Star Wars Battle Pod, Tekken7, and various others. Also, there are Arcade camps where you can take part and enjoy such games.

There are Escape rooms that will have you sharpening your wits and putting your teamwork to the test. All you do is form a team between 2 & 6 people (over 14 years old). You will get the briefing from your game master; and then it’s over to you to piece together the clues that unlock each part of the puzzle; and open the door within 60 minutes.

VR Arcade games to play

Then there are six table tennis tables for you to grab the title of Top Spin champ. The Top Spin Table Tennis tables are available for $10 for half an hour of play or $15 for the full hour.

You can enter and take on the Laser Battlefield; and step into the arena and battle it out to claim ultimate laser tag bragging rights. Each mission, should you choose to accept; is 7.5 minutes and the price is 3 missions for $20 and 5 missions for $30.

Also, there is the Omni VR game that is set to launch at their Kingpin & Playtime venues in Melbourne. The system has Omni-directional treadmills that allow the players to walk, run, and rotate in 360 degrees. This allows the players to experience full freedom of movement in the virtual worlds; and as a result that experience full immersion.

The setup will come with 3 immersive missions; which not only allow you to find your feet in the virtual world; but will test your limits in a first-person shooter format. Visit here to play VR games.

How can you start at Playtime arcade venues?

Visit the venue and book yourself or even book online. You need to register yourself for a playing card. Playcard is a simple solution that allows you to top up credits; and check the number of points you have earned whilst playing your chosen skill tester or arcade game. It’s a simple case of scanning your card at the teller to find out how much credit you have; and how many points you have earned.

There are no entry fees to enter the venue; but note that you will require a Playcard to use games machines.

When you swipe your Playcard in the card-reader on your arcade game to start; it gets all the information it needs to:

  • deduct the correct amount of credit to play the game
  • add on any points you win, automatically after you finish

There are different types of games depicted by color. Red are adult-only games, such as those with an MA15+ rating, or an adult theme such as horseracing. Blue is big prize games such as Claw machines. Green is everything else. With a normal Playcard, you can play everything – swipe at will, until the money runs out!

You can register your Playcard via this form. You can check your Playcard either in the venue or online.
In-venue, you can use the automatic reload (teller) machine or you can ask one of our helpful team, and they can check the balance for you.

Online, you can use a super easy Playcard balance checker Just make sure you have your card handy – you’ll need the number on the back.

Also, grab bonus offers prizes and rewards as you play and win.

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