What are the Ways to Play All Pays Pokies Games?

All Pays Pokies games
What are the Ways to Play All Pays Pokies Games?

In the earlier pokies machines, you simply clicked on the spin button and discover when the reels stopped spinning whether you had won or not in your gameplay. But now as the online pokies come with more advanced features like the different playing structures and formats and tell you the rules to play the pokies machines. One such type of advanced pokies machine is called the All Pays pokies.

When you play an All Pays pokies game the number of reels on that pokies and the number of reel symbols you can see on each reel will ultimately determine just how many ways you will have of forming a winning combination.

You simply have to multiply the number of in view reel symbols on the first reel then on the next reel and the next and so on and the final answer you get is the number of pay lines you will have in play.

How to Play

Let us say that a pokies machine offers 5 reels and 3 visible reel symbols and have 243 ways on offer for you to form a winning combination when you spin its reels. As long as you have at least the minimum required number of matching reel symbols on the first reel and the adjoining reels as listed on the pay table of that pokies you will have those winning combinations covered by your ways to win.

One major benefit of playing All Pays pokies is that you only have to place a small number of coins on each spin and not have to individually have a stake one each possible way of forming a winning combination so they are very cost effective pokies to play offering you the maximum winning opportunities!

Where to Play

All Pays Pokies
Where to Play

These All Pays pokies games are the product of many casino software like RTG or Microgaming or any such other brand gaming developers. As those pokies games will offer different playing structures and will also let you adjust and alter the stake levels you are playing them for you will find you can play them for tiny stake amounts or play them for higher than average stake amounts, but with high jackpots and high RTP’s no matter at what stake you do play them for you will always have the maximum winning opportunities and chances.

Types of All Pays Pokies Games

All Pays Pokies games
Types of All Pays Pokies games

There are many different types of All Pays pokies game which you can play at online or mobile casinos. Keep in mind the increment of coins you will be forced to play on each of these types of pokies can and will vary depending on which pokies game designer has supplied the pokies at the casino site you have chosen to play at.

1. 243 Ways to Win

The biggest selection of All Pays pokies currently available are those on which you will have 243 ways of forming a winning combination. These types of pokies games have five video reels and you will see three reel symbols in view on each of those five reels.

2. 720 Ways to Win

You will find a rather unusual looking screen when you play pokies offering a playing format on which you have 720 ways to win, for the first reel of those pokies games have three visible reel symbols, the second reels have four visible reel symbols and one reel number three there will be five in view reel symbols. The last two reels, those being reels number four and five, will have four and three visible reel symbols in vying won them respectively. However, every single permutation of winning payout will be covered via your set number of credits wagered on each base game spin you play off on these types of pokies.

3. 1024 Ways to Win

If you see a pokies on which you have 1024 ways of forming a winning combination then those types of pokies games will have the standard five video reels however there will be four reel symbols in view on each of those reels.

4. 3125 Ways to Win

One of the rarer pokies games offering an All Pays playing structure and format are the pokies on which you have an enormous 3125 ways to win on each spin you play off. The main difference in regards to the design of those types of pokies are that on their five reels you will find you have five visible reel symbols that will spin in on each spin you play off.

Note that every now and then a pokies game developer may design a completely unique All Pays pokies which could have a different number of ways of forming a winning combination. However, those listed above are the most commonly and most readily available pokies in this category, so you should have no problems locating a casino sites offering any of them.


You can play such pokies games for free at online casinos and be familiar with them without any risk before you indulge in real money play. As you are always going to have the chance of forming multiple winning combinations when you do start playing All Pays pokies games and will often find when the bonus games trigger on those pokies you could win some huge amounts of cash if you try them for real money. Also even if you play for free you have the fun and excitement no matter whether you make a real bet or not.

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