Virtual Casino Group: Biggest Mafia in the Industry

Virtual Casino Group
This beautiful site hides a dark past of ripping off players.

Unfortunately for unsuspecting players, not all online casinos are legitimate. While most online casinos do their best to give their clients the best experience possible, many rogue casinos could care less. These nefarious online casinos use the money they don’t pay their customers to create affiliate sites that accredit them. Also as new online casinos when the original one gets blacklisted. This never-ending cat & mouse game makes it extremely difficult to see a casino’s true colours.

To stay safe you need to keep informed. For this reason we are featuring scammer casinos every week. Even though they have ripped of players for years, these disgusting organizations are still in business to this day. So enjoy our list of scammer casinos & stay tuned for more surprising additions!

Scammer Casino of the Week: Virtual Casino Group

Virtual Casino Group
These generous bonuses attempt to mask the fact that you won’t get paid.

When it comes to ripping off players, few have done it longer than the Virtual Casino Group. Ever since they opened in 2002 they have pioneered the art of ensnaring unsuspecting players in their ever-revolving traps. This is one of the most prolific groups of rip-offs in the industry, & their web stretches across dozens of casinos & affiliate programs. They are one of the few online casino company’s to have their management team go to prison for conspiracy & mail fraud. Despite all these setbacks, Virtual Casino Group is still operating to this day.

Virtual Casino Group has gone to great lengths to shroud its company in secrecy. What we do know is that they are located in Panama City, Panama & operate out of Costa Rica. These strategic positions allow them to evade the authorities. Costa Rica is popular for having fewer restrictions & they give out online gambling licenses to anyone who can pay the fee. After having the license; there’s little to no government supervision as to how businesses use them. This lax environment has allowed rogue casinos to thrive in Costa Rica.

All these games were created with players’ hard-earned cash.

Virtual Casino Group
All these games were created with players’ hard earned cash.

The Virtual Group’s flagship casino is, but their web includes countless casinos. The list of their casinos is nothing sort of impressive, their casinos include Bet Royal Casino, Cirrus Casino, Club Player, Cool Cat Casino, Dreams Casino, Ladyluckscasino, Luckyacescasino (not, Palace of Chance, Party City Casino, Playersupportcenter, Prism Casino, Slots of Vegas, Vip Lounge Casino, The Virtual Casino & Wild Vegas Casino. They promote all these casinos relentlessly with their affiliate program GamblingWages. But don’t believe the hype; all these casinos are made with the money of countless players.

Ever since they opened Virtual Casino Group has been notorious for stealing their players’ money. In their first year; they were placed on Casinomeister’s rogue operation list for unethical business practices. To downplay all the bad press they met with a Casinomeister representative in London in 2004. They promised to change their business practices, & to players relief, they stayed out of trouble for a whole year. But the Reformation didn’t last long & by 2006 they were back on the rouge list where they have stayed to this day.

Delayed Payment and Rude Customers

Delayed Payment and Rude Customers
Delayed Payment and Rude Customers

Online casino watchdog sites continue to received many complaints about Virtual Casino Group. All of their casinos refuse to honour deposit bonuses & have closed users’ accounts when they win big. The clients who were lucky enough not to have their accounts closed have received outrageously delayed payments, rude customer service & random management fees deducted from their balances.

Despite all this madness these casinos are still get place in Virtual Casino Group’s numerous affiliate programs. This continues to give them a steady stream of new clients to abuse. The biggest voice advocating these scammer casinos is GamblingWages. They continue to cover up Virtual Casino Group’s crimes & have sacrificed their dignity for a paycheck.

Virtual Casino Group is a criminal organization that still commits fraud with impunity. Even though their management team has gone to prison in the United States, they have managed to keep their business afloat. Don’t let these flashy online casinos fool you, they only want to steal your money. Do yourself a favor & stay away from this sprawling empire of rip offs!

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